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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya crying and saying Riddhi you will be fine, I m sure Mukeshwari is not any Lord, no Lord can hurt devotees this way, there is some big secret, I will take Riddhi to hospital. Sooraj asks Vikram to come. Sandhya thanks Vikram for coming on one call and asks him to take Riddhi to big hospital and get her treated. Sooraj says think again, if Binny knows, she will be angry, this is Devi Maa’s curse and just Devi Maa can cure her. Sandhya says Riddhi will go from here, Vikram, don’t tell this to Bhabho and Meenakshi. Vikram asks Sandhya not to worry, just we know this. Sooraj says everyone would know Riddhi got neelvish disease.

Sandhya says yes, Riddhi will be infront of them, I will cover my face and lie down in her place, we have just 24 hours, villagers will take Riddhi tomorrow to Mukeshwari, till then Vikram will get her tests done and get all details and truth, he will get Riddhi back. She asks Riddhi not to worry. Sooraj says if Bhabho asks about you, what will I say. She says you tell her I had urgent meeting and left, we have to lie to Bhabho, will you lie…. Vikram says you are lying for good cause, don’t worry, lie for right thing is not wrong. Sooraj says Vikram, we are giving you big responsibility, you take care of her and come back tomorrow. Vikram says it will happen as you said, I will find real cause of neelvish and return. She thanks Vikram.

Its morning, Villagers talk about Riddhi’s neelvish disease, its result as she did not give chadava, its because of Nastik Sandhya. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Sandhya spoiled things here and went for her meeting. Sandhya comes there in Riddhi’s place, covering her place. Everyone talk to her. Bhabho looks at her. Binny asks her to lie down. She covers Sandhya, and says Riddhi, I m sitting near you, tell me if you need anything. Sooraj says Meenakshi will sit, you go and rest. Meenakshi says no, I have to feed food to Golu. Bhabho stops her and says Riddhi is bearing this because of our family. Meenakshi says Sandhya did this. Sooraj and everyone go.

Meenakshi sits away. Sandhya thinks Meenakshi will be away for her life, being afraid of this disease, and hopes Vikram reached Mumbai. Meenakshi goes away and is phone. Sandhya sees her and calls Vikram. Vikram is at hospital. Sandhya asks her where did he reach. He says I m in Mumbai hospital and showed Riddhi to doctor, I m waiting for reports, don’t worry. Bhabho gets milk for Riddhi and tries to move sheet. Sooraj stops Bhabho. Sandhya hides phone.

Sooraj asks what are you doing Bhabho, Riddhi has neelvish, let her rest. Bhabho keeps the milk glass. She goes. Vikram messages Sooraj to give update. Nurse asks him to silent his phone. Vikram says I have to keep phone on silent now. Meenakshi worries and thinks to call Vikram. She calls Vikram, and he answers call by mistake. He tells doctor to give reports soon, its urgent. Meenakshi asks what reports, what happened to you. Doctor asks what’s your relation with patient. Vikram says she is my wife’s sister. Meenakshi worries and says I will tell everything to Bhabho. Vikram thinks to call Sooraj and sees Meenakshi’s call. He says it means she heard everything and worries. He says I have to call Sooraj and tell everything so that he manages there.

Ved tells Bhabho that Riddhi’s money will go away when they take her to temple, Sandhya says Lord does not take money to cure people. Bhabho pacifies him. Bhabho worries for Riddhi and even Ved. Sooraj fools Meenakshi and makes her hear. Sooraj says Vikram, you fooled Meenakshi by doing report drama, when she knows your report drama to call her back home, her heart will break, its wrong. He goes. Meenakshi says Vikram was fooling me, he lied to call me home, I will not come in his words, I won’t go home till he buys necklace for me.

Binny asks Riddhi to wear this dress and get ready, villagers will come and take you to Mukeshwari’s temple, you look weak, shall I make you ready. Sandhya signs no. Binny says fine and goes. Sandhya waits for result. Sooraj comes to Sandhya and shuts door. She asks what happened. Sooraj says Vikram called, he said Riddhi’s reports came, there is nothing in reports, doctor said there is nothing to worry. She asks what, all reports are normal, how can this happen, we have seen Riddhi’s health, she is not able to walk, does doctor not know neelvish, will Riddhi get fine. They worry. Sooraj says Riddhi did not come till now, villagers can take you to temple. Ladies ask Riddhi to come fast. Sooraj calls Vikram. Vikram comes there with Riddhi. He says don’t worry, I will not tell this to Babasa and family, take care.

Binny tells Bhabho that Riddhi is getting ready, then we all will go to temple. Sandhya comes to them. Binny asks why did you come here, you don’t interfere in our work, we are taking Riddhi to temple, she will get fine by Devi Maa’s blessings, you have seen Devi Maa’s power come, its all because of you, even if you believe it or not. Sandhya says I believe it now, its some miracle, actually, I did not see or hear anything like that before, and this sin happened, forgive me. Binny says we have to take Riddhi to temple soon. Binny goes. Bhabho thinks I can’t believe Sandhya can believe all this so soon, there is something fishy. Sandhya thinks everyone believes Mukeshwari, there is no use to explain them, I have to find some evidence, I will follow Riddhi, I will be with Riddhi in that temple at night, I will find out the real story behind this miracle.

Riddhi sits in doli and leaves for temple. Sandhya looks on and says villagers will leave Riddhi at mountain and come back, Sooraj ji we can follow Riddhi from there, I have to know this neelvish secret.

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