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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Sandhya doubting Sooraj. She does not tell Satya and leaves. Sooraj is working at shop. His assistant asks why are you teaching him everything as if you are going, you are with me, you can explain me on time. Sooraj says I may need to go somewhere, then this will be of use. Ved comes and asks did he get message. Sooraj says yes, he made it. Ved says message is important and goes, leaving tiffin there. Sooraj sees the box and thinks of Sandhya, that they both used to send message via tiffin. He checks tiffin and gets a note.

Sandhya writes that they have family, but Sooraj loves Bhabho a lot, Bhabho is going for operation and she will need you the most. I will manage everything, you will go with Bhabho after 3 days, yours Sandhya. He cries and gets tensed. He says she is right, I should have been with my Bhabho, this time I m helpless and can’t go with Bhabho.

Sandhya goes to that area and asks for dustbin. The man says they empty it in 7 days. She looks in the bin and gets a piece of paper. She gets shocked seeing Sooraj’s writing. She recalls Sandhya and Sooraj were packing gifts for Lalima’s engagement. Her phone rings and she gets a call. The man says her personal line is running now, and asks her to note new number. She asks Sooraj to note that number. He notes the number on that paper. She asks him to save this number in her phone. He says it should be saved in his phone, as he will call her. He says batter is gone, I will save later. She asks him to keep paper safe. He keeps the paper in his pocket. FB ends. She cries seeing that paper. She thinks Sooraj informed police about Mohit’s death, why did he keep quiet in engagement, he did not tell me. She stumbles and wonders why did he not tell her, he is hiding something.

She recalls Sooraj and cries. She recalls seeing the price tag on his kurti, and his panicking behavior for Bhabho. She leaves in her car and asks driver to take her to readymade garments shop. Bhabho lifts Pari and brings her to room. Emily asks why did she get Pari, she is unwell. Bhabho says I m fine, I can’t lessen your sorrow, but I will always stand with you. Emily cries and hugs her. Emily thinks whatever the wounds you got, I m the reason for this. Bhabho thinks this is the reason of Emily’s tears and cries.

There are many customers at Sooraj’s sweet shop. Sooraj hears people bothering Vikram to recover the money Mohit took. Vikram asks them to leave. Sooraj makes jalebis and hears them, getting sad. Vikram says you will ask any amount, will I pay for Mohit. The man says Mohit got a bad death, for his bad deeds, we want our money in 7 days. Sooraj drops the Karchi angrily in hot oil and leaves.

Sandhya comes to the garment shop, and thinks what is she doing, she can’t doubt Sooraj, even Lord can’t doubt on him, Sooraj can never do anything with Mohit, she will go to answer her trust. She shows the pic to the man and asks for the bill. The man says you bought this kurta, see this bill, your name Sandhya Rathi is written. She gets glad and asks did anyone else not buy this. He says same day, same size and color kurta, Sooraj Rathi has bought. He shows the bill. She checks time and thinks why did Sooraj buy same kurta again. She recalls him. She thinks why did Sooraj not tell her, where did the kurta which I bought go.

Sandhya cries. Satya calls her and asks where did she go. He taunts her and reminds he is also part of this case, her silence shows she got imp info about the case, which she does not want to share.

Sandhya walks to home and thinks to ask Sooraj. Meenakshi tells her that something worse happened today, Sooraj………..

Written Update By Amena


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