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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th October 2015 Written Update

Meenakshi going to Bhabho and Babasa Meenakshi says letter did not come on own, it was made, all because of Sandhya. They all look at Sandhya. Meenakshi says Sandhya wants to win Bhabho’s heart by using kids. Sandhya says you are misunderstanding Meenakshi. They hear Misri screaming and rush to her. Misri is hurt as she fell. Meenakshi asks who will marry you, if your knee breaks. Mohit taunts Meenakshi and asks her to see her children first. He shows Misri learning dance online, even when Bhabho stopped her, Misri will get hurt if she dances. Meenakshi scolds Misri. Misri says dance is my passion. Mohit taunts Meenakshi for giving such values to daughter to argue. Sandhya says its not Misri’s mistake, I got her registered in online dance classes, I will call doctor.

The doctor checks Misri. Meenakshi asks doctor is Misri fine, she has to get her daughter married too. He asks what are you saying, its small fracture, she will be fine in few days and leaves. Bhabho stops Sandhya and takes the prescription. She asks Mohit to get medicines. Bhabho returns money to Sandhya with interest of 2 days, which she has spent on Pari and Misri. Sandhya cries as Bhabho handsover the money to her. She asks why, money and interest, don’t I have right on Pari and Misri. Bhabho says no, just family has rights, if outsiders do something, its called help or favor, stay away from my family.

Sandhya asks if you say this, will the 14 years I have spent here get erased, this family will be mine, and about kids, you would have done the same for their dreams and happiness. Bhabho says you did wrong, you felt you will win my heart doing all this, will your crime get less, never Sandhya, you fell more in my eyes….. Lalima smiles and thinks Sandhya won every fight with Sooraj’s support, today Sooraj is not here, I will see how Sandhya saves herself from breaking… Sandhya says I did not do this to win your heart, I did not express or show anyone, I learnt this from you, to be selfless in doing things for family. I will keep this money as shagun from a mum, I will get your love and also your blessings on this Karwachauth. Bhabho gets teary eyed and goes.

Meenakshi asks Lalima what will happen if Sandhya gets Bhabho’s blessings, you have talent too to win heart, Karwachauth is for Suhaagan and Suhaag, can you win Sooraj’s heart? She goes. Lalima thinks she will celebrate Karwachauth with Sooraj ji, she has to do something big.

Its night, Sooraj comes to room and says you should know when husband comes home tired. He asks how is she seeing the money. She smiles and gets up. He holds her hand and gets her close. She says Bhabho gave me this money as blessing, I won’t give you, she scolded me, but I felt glad. He says so you knew Bhabho’s heart, tell me whats in your husband’s heart. She turns and strikes her hair on his face. Diya aur baati hum………..plays…….. She asks him to fix gajra. He asks how did you know. She says even if you hide, the good smell comes. He fixes gajra in her hair and says how can I forget you are an police officer too.

Mohit comes to the room. Emily sees him and thinks he has got drunk again today. She says Pari, you studied enough, go to your room. Pari says just one more sum. Emily sends Pari and shuts the door. Emily tells Mohit that this will affect Pari badly. He asks who is she to stop him, he will do what he wants. She says I know what all you do, if Bhabho knows this, you don’t know what she will do. He asks is she threatening about Bhabho, he is not afraid and falls on the bed. She says she is explaining him, as this way will ruin him. She cries.

Its morning, Bhabho prays. She asks Mohit did he come home late yesterday. He says yes, I got late, I went out for work. Bhabho talks to him. Mohit signs money to Lalima. Lalima thinks Mohit is demanding money again. He leaves. Sooraj and Sandhya come downstairs. Bhabho gets shocked seeing Sandhya in police uniform.

Meenakshi claims these kinds of major mahabarat in your own home, and he or she will probably do her obligation, she could have celebrated Karwachauth, gained Bhabho’s coronary heart then remaining. Sooraj recalls… FB reveals… Sooraj has persuaded her to resume her obligation, as her police Office requirements her. She says this tends to elevate several concerns in the home, Bhabho will likely not like this. He suggests you stated you have got viewed concealed really like in Bhabho’s scolding, one day she will recognize you as her bahu plus a courageous police officer. Sooraj claims I m going for my operate and asks Bhabho for blessings. Sandhya will take Bhabho’s blessings. Bhabho blesses her that she does much progress and helps make region’s name shine. She taunts her and Lalima smiles. Meenakshi suggests is Bhabho blessing or taunting Sandhya…

Lalima tells Lokesh that its Karwachauth tomorrow, it will be previous working day for Sandhya in Rathi property. She gets shocked looking at Sooraj standing at one other side with the glass.

Sandhya retains her gun in cupboard and goes to vary. Lalima takes the gun and states this gun will adjust everything.

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