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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with media reporter asking Sandhya is India scared of Pakistan’s growing powers. Sandhya looks on. She answers them saying our tolerance is to give equality to everyone, we have to make sure of peace and security, we also mean we take step after understanding everything, we are not weak, we are not scared, we know to answer our enemy right, if there is attack, we know to answer it, swear on Bharat Mata, the hands wearing bangles there has enough power too. The reporter gets silent. Everyone look on. @@

Sooraj bends to pick the coins, and hears Arzoo scolding the bangle seller. Arzoo says this is wrong. The man says you are angry on our people for others, it seems you don’t love Pakistan. She says I love my country, I m doing this to save our country name, will you sell our name and respect for some money, how will you feel if anyone remarks us. Sooraj thinks she is patriotic like Sandhya, she is talking like Sandhya, I should thank her, who is this girl. She says he is our guest, return his money, so that he talks about our contry with pride. The man apologizes and gives set for 30rs. Sooraj smiles and gives money. He gives chocolates to that man and says give to your kids, and say Sooraj uncle for this for them. The man thanks them. Sooraj goes to meet Arzoo. Sandhya asks the reporter not to get serious, its filmy dialogue. Everyone star laughing.

Sandhya says we want peace and unity, Vasudev Kumtubh, entire world is like our family, if we stay with love, fights can end. The media and everyone clap for Sandhya.

Sooraj greets Arzoo, while she is behind the umbrella. He says everyone is scared of you, I mean they listen to you. She says yes, I m Robinhood. Her sleeve gets stuck in umbrella and she tries to remove it. He asks shall I help you. She says you are Indian right. He says yes. She asks do you know tulsi. He says yes, tulsi is plant, my Bhabho does tulsi puja every morning. She thinks he can help her. She asks his help. He says why not, its my duty to help you, afterall you helped me, tell me. The umbrella gets removed and hurts Sooraj. She says sorry, I did not see you, and gives him rose water in kerchief. He says its fine, you did not hit me intentionally, you helped me, what were you asking. She asks him about marriage rasam Chandh. He says yes, how can I help. She says my marriage is fixed in India, can you tell me some Chandh, so that they praise me. He says fine, and tells her the lines. She does not see his face as he holds the kerchief to cover his eyes. He asks her to repeat the lines, and she repeats. She takes Chotu’s name and thanks him. He says fine, you did not say groom’s name. Her friend comes and says we will miss bus, Resham will scold us, your inlaws are coming. Arzoo asks him to take care and goes. He removes kerchief to give her and sees she has gone. He leaves from the market.

Meenakshi thinks once this marriage ends, we will go Hyderabad tomorrow to meet Arzoo. Vikram comes crying. She asks which car he got. He says stop it, we got ruined. She asks what. He says that bride is fraud, she took everything and ran away, even with your jewelry and clothes. She asks what, she took my jewelry too? He says go and see, we don’t have anything now, we can’t go Hyderabad now, we will go home and fall in Bhabho’s feet. They get worried. Resham waits for Meenakshi and Vikram. Aunty says I think they changed minds, they won’t make Arzoo their bahu. Resham scolds her and asks her to be quiet. Aunty asks why did they not come.

Sandhya gives the gifts to Indian embassy staff and says you are doing great work here to represent our country here. They ask her to become part of republic day. She says I would consider myself fortunate, we will celebrate republic day here. Someone throws stoned note there and she turns to see.

Meenakshi and Vikram are at her mum’s house. He says I m fool to agree to you. She says you wanted the car, if good happens, you take marks, if wrong happens, you blame me. She cries. Her mum asks her not to cry, forget this, think what to do now. Vikram asks her the same. He says its time for train, if we don’t reach there, Resham will call Bhabho, you know Bhabho, she will find you, then game end.

Resham says I will call Santosh ji. She gets a call from Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Vikram got unwell and having bed rest, I m sorry, we can’t come. Resham says fine, take care of your husband, show him to doctor, I was worried that you did not come, I was calling your home now. Meenakshi says no, landline is dead, call on this mobile number anytime. Resham says fine. Meenakshi says doctor has come, I will attend him, and ends call. Vikram says you lied to Resham, what will you answer Bhabho. Meenakshi worries and says lies are coming in my mind, we have to lie something else Bhabho won’t leave me.

Sandhya sees the broken glass and checks the note. The man writes we don’t want peace from enemies, this stone is answer to your tries, forget to celebrate republic day here, we won’t let you celebrate it. Commando says that man has run away. Sandhya says that man wants to scare us and stop our try, we will not stop. Another man says we should inform police. She asks them not to be scared, we will give them answer by celebrating republic day well, I will see who will stop us, we will raise our flag. Someone informs that guy about no effect of their warning. That guy says I think these Indians don’t understand warning, but attacks, she has to pay for this daring mistake, lets see the power in these bangle wearing hands, tomorrow will show, will IPS Sandhya Rathi be able to raise her flag in our country.

Sandhya calls out Sooraj and worries. She tries calling him and runs downstairs. Someone pulls her. 

Written Update By Amena


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