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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with judge hearing Priya’s scream. He gets shocked seeing someone molesting Priya. He asks the guy to leave his daughter. Sandhya comes and asks him to calm down, security will come. He says I can’t wait and breaks the glass door. He gets inside and was hitting the guy with a metal rod. Sandhya holds the rod and stops him. The guy turns out to be Meenakshi. The judge realizes it was a mock attempt to explain him the truth. He asks Priya was this any drama. Priya says yes, this drama was done to make you realize Santosh Rathi is not a criminal.

Sandhya apologizes and asks him to think, how he reacted seeing his daughter in danger, if he did not stop him, he would have killed that guy, as he lost his senses seeing his daughter in danger, you know laws very well and even then you did this, then my Bhabho can do this too, why is she punished, she saved a girl and killed her own son, I know taking laws in hand is wrong, but see the situation, what was the option for her. Priya asks him to think as a father and human, not as a judge. He gets thinking and goes throwing the rod. Meenakshi tells Sandhya that their doings went waste, what will we do, what will happen of Bhabho. Bhabho is taken to the jail. The lady constables take her thumb impression by forcing her and ask her to remove her jewelry/ornaments. Bhabho cries. The judge brings the petition papers. Sandhya takes it and checks it. She says its request for reopening the case, we got the permission. Sandhya thanks and apologizes to him. Meenakshi also apologizes. He says no need, maybe this was the only way to explain me, my old decision is null now, I permit you to reopen the case, this case will be presented in court with new judge, all the best.

Sandhya tells Meenaksho that they have to go jail and tell them that this case will reopen, Bhabho is not criminal, she is just accused, they will treat her badly, come fast. The lady constable asks Bhabho to wear the white saree provided by the jail for female criminals. Sandhya and Meenakshi are on the way. Sandhya calls Sooraj and tells him that judge permitted them to reopen the case, and she ends call. Meenakshi worries and asks will we reach on time. Bhabho cries seeing the place and asks how to change clothes there.

Sandhya asks driver to drive fast, don’t know how is Bhabho. Meenakshi says Bhabho has gone court direct from operation. Sandhya says yes, she did not take rest. Bhabho removes her jewelry and cries. The lady constable asks is she ashamed, and holds her pallu on the head. Sandhya comes and holds the lady’s hand. Bhabho cries seeing Sandhya and hugs her.

Sandhya says you can’t treat her like criminal, she is just an accused, court permitted to reopen the case, check this file. She says Bhabho, you saved a girl’s respect, how can we let your respect break, we will fight and get justice. Few days pass. The judgement day comes. People protest in Bhabho’s favor and seek justice for her. Everyone is present in the court. Sooraj looks at Bhabho. The prosecution lawyer says we don’t have any new witness or evidence, why are we reopening this case. Shukla says objection, I would like to present something. He says there are lakhs of pleas, the country feels Santosh Rathi did not get justice. The lawyer asks are these blogs and mails above the court’s decision. The judge agrees and says social pressure will not affect the court’s decision.

The lawyer says crime is crime, we have to punish criminals, else its like encouraging crime and criminals. Sandhya, Meenakshi, Emily, Lalima and the crowd come open the court’s door. Sandhya is hiding her face by a cloth. Everyone look at the group. Sandhya and the women come inside. They have holdings with shame written on it. the lawyer asks who are they and how did they come like this. The judge says this is court’s insult to hurdle the proceedings. Sandhya says we did not come to insult court. The judge asks her to come in witness box and speak. She thanks him.

The lawyer asks them to show their faces, who are they. Sandhya reveals her face. The lawyer says you are an IPS officer. Sandhya says I m also a woman, I want to say… the power goes…. Everyone look around.

They all wonder how did the power failure happened. Sandhya is upto something.

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