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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho showing sugar, ghee and the long spoon important for a halwai, its Guru mantra which I gave to my 14 year old son, now you have to work hard. She gives the Karchi/frying spoon in Sandhya’s hand. Sandhya recalls Sooraj’s words. Bhabho says your training will start from today, I will not tell Sooraj and teach you, we have less time, learn quickly. Bhabho heats the ghee. Sandhya gets Sooraj’s call and tells Bhabho. Bhabho worries. Sooraj asks Sandhya where are you. Sandhya says I…… He asks why is she hesitant to say. She says don’t worry, I m around here. He says I was joking, I thought to ask you as police, you got scared like a thief, come to me fast, I m waiting. She says I m coming and ends call. She asks Bhabho what to do now. Bhabho asks her to go, we will do this later. Bhabho worries how will Sandhya learn in few days. Sandhya goes to Sooraj.

Sooraj asks her about the stars and badges missing on her uniform. She recalls how she left her job. She makes excuse. He talks indirectly and she gets tensed. He asks why does she look worried. She thinks how to tell him what she is hiding, its such a big thing. He asks about the smell, were you making anything sweet, its desi ghee and sugary smell coming from you, you know I can catch any food/sweets smell, what were you making early morning.

She says actually…… Bhabho comes there and says I was making sweets, badam sheera, I told Sandhya to help me, you know she can’t do any work right, she made ghee fall over her. Sooraj smiles. Sandhya says yes, I was saying that. Sooraj asks Bhabho not to get angry, Sandhya can’t have any relation with kitchen, she is not made for this work, she is getting late for her work, I think Sandhya should go on her police officer duty, keep stars and badge carefully.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to go to her room and change, Sooraj’s ayurvedic doctor is going to come. Chavi meets Dipen and tells him that Sandhya did not go for her duty till now, but she will go, she can’t learn to make Prasad in 15 days. He says I heard she does every task she takes. Chavi says yes, this challenge is to make Prasad, I have seen Sandhya’s love for her duty, she won’t leave that, she can’t make Prasad ever.

Sandhya dressed in her uniform, sees Sooraj’s shop. She thinks she can’t stop here, I have to go to show Sooraj, if anyone sees me here, it will be problem. Bhabho holds her hand and asks her to come with her, I did arrangements for your training. Sandhya asks where. Bhabho asks her to come.

They go to Maasa’s house and see Maasa sitting ready with stove, utensils and ingredients. Maasa asks them what are they seeing, come. Sandhya smiles. They greet Maasa. Maasa says your training will start secretly here, Emily is busy in parlor, Chandni is sleeping, Om and Ritu went for shopping. They act as Gandhi ji’s three monkeys and laugh. Maasa says seeing this, I can’t say who is diya and who is baati. Sandhya goes to change. Maasa tells Bhabho that you did not teach anything to Sandhya, see how I teach her, you also learn. Bhabho asks Maasa to teach Sandhya.

Maasa asks Sandhya to be careful and work. Chavi is at Emily’s parlor and tells the entire story. She says I made one mistake and all my work was unseen, Sandhya scolded me and they made me away from family. Emily says if elders scold us for mistake, we should not take on heart, elders scold us so that we don’t repeat that mistake. Sandhya does big mistake and all the flour falls over Maasa. Sandhya gets scolding by Maasa. Maasa tells her that you had training for police duty for 11 months, and you reached the top, but cooking is not easy, and time is very less, just few days are there and this way its not possible to learn making sweets.

Precap will be added later

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