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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya Mastering Bengali by a Instructor. Zakir appears on. She states she enjoys Sooraj in Bengali and he asks her never to do mistake. She says Sure, he is my strength. He claims He’s maintaining a tally of Himanshu, so this time they’ll entice him in his plan, he isn’t scaring her, but warning her given that the one particular who may have gone to him didn’t return to their family and friends, I have confidence in you who did unattainable achievable, You need to do this mission finish, so we have selected you. She states this time it is going to full. She performs a phrase activity with him and asks who is in his brain right now. He says Emily. She gets stunned and he leaves.

Bhabho gives the bangles to Chavi sent by Zakir’s mum. Chavi says its not opening. Bhabho opens the hook and assists her. Meenakshi states it seems significant. Emily suggests pandit ji is coming to have mahurat. Chavi asks will she not miss her. Emily asks How about you obtaining Zakir’s identify tattooed. Bhabho seems to be on. Meenakshi claims the bangles are very good, Chavi’s fate is sweet, you might be marrying twice and getting anything double. She claims sorry Bhabho, I m pleased for Chavi.

Pari asks Bhabho about Emily’s second marriage. Bhabho claims she may even remarry. Chavi states she’s going to pray for her, that she will get an individual like Zakir. Sandhya concerns her locality and the kids give her flowers. Soraj fulfills her and states he will do regardless of what she says. She asks genuinely, then devote time with me, let me do procuring. He agrees for everything. She asks for just a daughter and he says he agrees if she desires. She laughs. He asks did he get any present for his lover. He states he has performed every one of the arrangements and exhibits her gold bangles.

He claims where ever she goes, his signal will be with him, she will get irritated however the bangles can get her again to him. Zakir involves Dargah and prays. He asks Lord to help him arrive out of the confusion. He ties the thread towards the thread wall. He sees Emily to the both aspect and thinks whats happening with him, why is he observing Emily repeatedly.

Everyone in your own home take a look at Sooraj’s marriage. Ved states my pic will not be there, I did not dance in his relationship. They all laugh. He says That is dishonest and asks Sooraj to marry all over again. Meenakshi states now Sooraj will marry to agree Ved, and asks will he get new a person or not. Vikram states if Sandhya hears this, she will not go away her. Sandhya hears them and will get unfortunate. Vikram says every time a man receives a chance to remarry, the bride really should be new, whats There’s outdated 1. Meenakshi says I’ll phone Prema for you personally. Vikram suggests she terrified me by Prema’s identify.

Meenakshi claims Sooraj’s night passes whilst watching for Sandhya, this time bring someone who anticipate you. Sooraj states Sandhya. Sandhya goes to kitchen and cries. Sooraj talks to Sandhya and she or he asks him to assure he is not going to marry any individual. He says the family members can’t be without her. She suggests assure me. Bhabho calls her and he goes. She claims I’ll return to him. Zakir phone calls her and asks exactly where is she. She suggests she is at your house, where by is he, everyone seems to be waiting, pandit is coming to acquire engagement mahurat. He says he has to speak to her, its incredibly imp. Zakir arrives home and sees the pandit. Sandhya asks him what took place. He suggests I don’t know how to tell you every thing, you’ll fully grasp my coronary heart. She asks whats the make a difference. He states he can’t marry Chavi, It will probably be Completely wrong with Chavi and Emily. He suggests he doesn’t have emotions for Chavi and stated Indeed for Chavi’s contentment, he felt he can get emotions for her, but currently I felt it could by no means materialize, I noticed I have emotions for Emily. She gets stunned.

Sandhya talks to Bharat and says she’s going to find out anything in eight days. Bharat says sadly we don’t have enough time, Himanshu is coming tomorrow to discover you. She receives stunned and asks tomorrow……?

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