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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th October 2015 Written Update

Lalima saying one day Sandhya will be gone and then he will see my love for sure. She tears Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic. Sandhya recalls Bhabho’s words and cries. Sooraj comes to her and gives the small idol. He asks her to keep the idol there. He says real thing is devotion, I know no one can erase the Bal Gopal image from your heart. They place the idol there. Lalima says I truly love Sooraj, I will celebrate coming Karwachauth with Sooraj ji…..Sooraj says I won’t let Sandhya break, I promise, you will celebrate Karwachauth as my wife and Bhabho’s bahu. Sandhya hugs him and cries.

Its morning, Sooraj asks Sandhya to come and put the wet clothes on the rope. She says yes, I will do. She dries the kurta and water falls on his face. They smile and recall the old moment. Diya aur baati hum…………. Plays…………. They hold hands and smile. She hugs him. He says every moment is imp which brings smile on your face, please keep smiling. He reminds her the early time, which were very tough and she has solved all the troubles. She says yes, you were with me.

He says you have won everyone’s heart, and you have to do this again. She says your thoughts are so innocent, you easily find solution. She cries and asks what is he gifting her this time Karwachauth. He says Bhabho’s love is the best gift. She says Bhabho is my mum and saas, we have to think something special. Lalima makes Bhabho ready. Sandhya asks Babasa will he have tea, Meenakshi comes there and shows her smartphone. Sooraj asks Bhabho for blessings, he is going for new work. Bhabho thinks what will Sooraj work now and blesses him.

She asks Babasa what will Sooraj work now, we have sold hotel land for his treatment. Sandhya thinks Bhabho will be happy knowing it. Babasa says now you have blessed him, leave it on Lord. Sandhya gives tea to Babasa. He says I don’t want. Sandhya keeps it there and asks him to have it. She goes to Bhabho. Bhabho gets ache and slips. Lalima holds her. Babasa asks Bhabho why did she bath with cold water. Bhabho says don’t worry, I will ask my bahu to get some herbal leaves. Sandhya thinks to get the leaves and goes.

Sandhya goes to get leaves and checks on internet to see the texture and shape of leaves for identification. She gets the leaves and says she will boil it, to get its extract, Bhabho’s knee pain will go. She comes back to lane and sees Mohit and Emily near the parlor. Emily talks about Pari’s school expenses. They have an argument. Sandhya looks on. Mohit says Pari has dreamt to become doctor, lakhs are needed for it, how will we get such big amount, its easy to spend money, you have to work hard. Emily says I told you to let me work in parlor, and you are saying this to me. Mohit taunts her for coming out of home, and asks her to go back home. Sandhya holds Emily.

She asks Emily whats the reason that she left parlor. Emily says you, and moves her hand away. She cries and leaves. Sandhya cries and says me… this family changed because of me, and thinks to get the family happiness back. Sooraj meets a man and asks about his work. The man asks what name to write. Sooraj smiles….

Sooraj calls out all family members. They all come and ask what happened. Sooraj says I want to show something.

Written Update By Amna


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