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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking why is Sooraj apologizing. Sooraj says because you are going through dilemma because of us. Satya comes and says sorry I had work. Sooraj leaves. Satya asks why did Emily not come, we have set this for her. Sandhya thinks why did Emily not come, Satya’s doubt was right. Satya gets a call and says great news. He tells Sandhya that he got the biggest evidence, and culprit too. She asks what. He says the document we got was checked in lab, it was Mohit and Emily’s divorce papers made on 30th october.

He asks what was on that date. She says Karwachauth. He says that day wives pray for husband’s life, and Emily made plan for divorce, she is great. He says case is straight now, Emily has killed Mohit, she lied about Komal, her divorce papers were there on crime spot, and she did not come here to give fingerprints, it means she killed Mohit, I will release her arrest warrant. Sandhya stops him and says you hurried to decide, you don’t have proof, maybe Emily has given divorce papers before, Mohit would have taken it to fields and it fell while fighting with culprit, Emily may come, there is still time. Satya says if she does not come in 1.5 hours, you won’t stop me. A man comes and says senior has come, he is very angry. Satya says we are coming.

Meenakshi tells Vikram that there is no other option. He says I don’t have courage to lie. She says we have to tell them. He refuses and asks her to promise not to lie, and tell everything truth. She says fine, but support me, I m scared of Bhabho.

Satya and Sandhya talk to Deputy Inspector General and say we are working on the case. The senior says we will be ashamed if we fail to solve the case, how will common man hope justice from us, I will help but can’t give time. The officer calls Sandhya and says 25 people came here and gave fingerprints but one of them has applied something on hand and cheated. She asks Awasthi to tell the names. Awasthi names Emily too. Satya says see. Sandhya says the one who cheated, keep him busy, we will come and see. Satya says come, we will catch the culprit.

Satya and Sandhya go to see that cheater. Awasthi moves, and Sandhya sees Lokesh. Awasthi asks them to come. He tells them that Lokesh has applied some chemical on hand, which failed us to get his finerprint, don’t know how he manage to get the chemical which is not easily available in market. Sandhya says its not tough for him, he is chemical engg student. Satya asks did Emily give her fingerprints. Awasthi says yes, she gave fingerprints without any issue. Satya says great, this case is having many twists.

Bhabho recalls Sooraj’s words and is sad. Sooraj looks at her and thinks he has to send Bhabho soon before anything happens, she can’t stay here. Sooraj tries convincing her. She says she remembers everything, she is scared to go and feel her hands can get empty. Sooraj says everything will be fine and peaceful, please agree, see my pain, don’t refuse. Bhabho cries and says just for your sake. He holds her hands and cries. He says I knew, we will prepare for operation. Meenakshi and Vikram come there and say its good Bhabho agreed, Sooraj started his work now, Vikram and I will take care of Bhabho.

Bhabho says but there is much work at home, how will you come with me to Jaipur hospital, when did you start worrying for me. Meenakshi says I love you a lot, I forgot to say something, Misri has gone to dance program, tv people have seen her, they asked Misri to come for shooting, its in Jaipur, I told Vikram to take Misri there, I will be with Bhabho in hospital. Bhabho says now I understood, I don’t like this dancing infront of world, I won’t permit for this. Meenakshi says but Misri wants to.. Bhabho says Sooraj, take me to temple.

Satya and Sandhya question Lokesh about Mohit. Lokesh says I went to take jewelry for Lalima, I have seen Mohit, he has burn our shop, we did not have any fight before. My sister got love from that family, Mohit is Rathi family son, Sooraj saved our shop from burning, matter ended there, I m saying true, I m not involved in Mohit’s murder. Satya asks did he take lying classes, why did he apply chemical on hand when he did not do anything. Sandhya asks him to answer. Satya shouts. Lokesh says sorry, I will say everything. He says he has killed Mohit. Sandhya gets shocked. Lokesh cries.

Sooraj calls out Bhabho. Meenakshi says Bhabho has gone out. Sooraj shouts on her, asking how did she let Bhabho go out. Sooraj goes to find Bhabho. He talks to Sandhya and asks is Bhabho there. She says yes, she told me the truth.

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