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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rocky and Jimmu asking everyone to play a game with them, they are getting bored, why are they tensed, its just a game, not a fight, be brave. Sooraj tells Sandhya about the way to go out, there is a secret tunnel going from the shop’s backside, the door at the other end did not open since years, maybe its jammed, if we try, it will open.

The terrorists say no one is ready to play, they don’t have courage. Arzoo says I m ready. Bhabho asks Arzoo to be quiet. Arzoo asks why, if we stay quiet, they will scare us more. Rocky asks are you in your senses. Arzoo says yes, you remember your bet, if I win, you have to do what I say. Jimmy says if you lose, we will shoot you. Arzoo challenges them. Meenakshi asks Arzoo not to be mad.

Sooraj asks Sandhya to decide fast. Sandhya says I will go. Sooraj says no, you stay here, I will go, if you go from here, they will get a doubt. Ved says I can go through the tunnel, no one will know, I will go and call police. Sandhya says no, this has much danger, you won’t go. Ved says we are still in danger, they killed Ankur and Ankita, Vansh is in shock, I can do this for Vansh, I will call police. Sooraj says we know you can do it, you are our son, but there is a risk, I will go, just take care of Sandhya.

Arzoo and Jimmy play the game of showing power, and pulling the cloth. Sandhya asks Sooraj to be careful. Arzoo tries hard. Sooraj goes. Everyone look on worried. Sooraj goes inside the tunnel and takes a firetorch. Meenakshi asks Arzoo not to lose. Arzoo steps on the doll kept as margin. Rocky comes to hold the rope from Arzoo’s side, which shocks everyone.

Sooraj tries to reach other end of the tunnel. Jimmy asks Rocky did you go mad. Rocky pulls Jimmy and makes you lose. Jimmy says you saw a girl and slipped, you did not see me. Rocky says see this girl, she is just daring, think of my heart. Jimmy says now ask her the condition and fulfill it. Bhabho apologizes to Rocky and says forgive Arzoo. Sandhya thinks did Sooraj reach out, Lord protect him. Sooraj tries to push the door. The terrorist asks Sandhya did she make plan for their exit. Sandhya says I m thinking, its not easy, I want some time. The terrorist says just half an hour is remaining.

Arpita is patrolling. Rocky tells Arzoo that she has won and asks her to say her wish, she will fulfill it. Arzoo says I want phone, I want to talk to my husband. Jimmy starts laughing. Arzoo says I was going to my husband and could not go because of you all, if I tell him once, he will not be worried. Rocky aims gun at Jimmy and stops his laugh. Jimmy says you can’t call. Arzoo asks how, you said if I win, you will make me talk. Jimmy asks shall I kill her. Rocky takes her.

Rocky says look, no one is allowed to make a call, but I m allowing you, your husband should not know anything, you will talk normal. She nods and thinks give me a phone once, I will call police, not my husband. She says thanks, you value love a lot. He says yes, I know life is incomplete without love, I fell in love when I was in class 9th and my teacher got to know of it, teacher broke us apart, then I fell in love in college, I did not have a job, so my parents did not allow me to marry, I got broken up. She asks for phone to call her husband. He gives phone and says you will talk on speaker. Arzoo calls Chotu and gets phone switched off. She says he will be in office, he said he keeps phone off in office, I will message him, can I message? He nods. She thinks today urdu will help me, Dadi said learnt thing does not go waste.

Sooraj tries to push the door. Arzoo types message in urdu. Rocky asks in which message are you writing this? She gets tensed and says urdu, I just know writing urdu, I m Pakistani, I have written that I missed flight, I will come by other flight and asked him not to worry, shall I send message. Rocky nods. She writes message to Arpita that four terrorists are in Hanuman Gali, Sandhya is also caught here, don’t call on this number, its number of one of the four terrorists.

Arpita asks control room to inform her if they know anything about the terrorists. Sooraj pushes the door and gets shocked seeing the light. He turns and sees PP coming. PP throws the knife and stops Sooraj. PP says this knife’s aim could have been your head too.

The terrorist say we have to give a dose to Sandhya and Sooraj to make them scared. Sandhya asks what did you do with kids.

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