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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Chandu speaking to Sagarika. Chandu tells Sandhya that she assisted him a good deal in drama and thanks her. Sandhya thinks she now wants to know Garjana’s system. Officer Singh thinks there is something Incorrect right here, she has to discover Garjana’s prepare but to start with tell Sandhya about my presence listed here. She throws her wallet and hides as the truck leaves. Sandhya hears the cash falling sound and turns to see the purse. She states these types of purse isn’t observed listed here in village and checks it. She sees Officer Singh’s ID card and claims it means she is near. She thinks if Garjana gets her, she’s going to be at risk.

Meenakshi asks Lalima what recreation is she twiddling with Sooraj, why did she say Sandhya is alive. Mohit asks whats their difficulty. Lokesh came to threaten us at night and now you’ve arrive at our house holding Sooraj’s residence. Vikram asks you would like to get revenge from us by supplying false hope to Sooraj. Babasa asks her to state the reason to include Sooraj. Ved will come there. Lalima says good, I will respond to you, but initial response my query. She asks who may have published the letter to her, if Sooraj did not publish it. She shows the letter to Bhabho.

Bhabho states what letter. Mohit and Meenakshi worry that they wrote the letter. Meenakshi blames Emily. Emily states I did not publish something, and remembers Meenakshi’s phrases. She states I wrote the letter on Meenakshi’s stating, as she instructed about some ayurvedic centre about Sooraj’s remedy, she produced me create Sooraj’s disease. Meenakshi denies it. Emily asks her not to lie.

Mohit thinks his name is covered in their fight. Babasa claims but this letter has another thing published than his ailment, he wrote about his anger on thread tying, he is apologizing and asking for one probability. Meenakshi says we did not create this, its changed. Emily checks it an says This can be Mohit’s handwriting. Meenakshi claims so Mohit did this, so I was pondering why is Lalima dying to marry Sooraj, and scolds him. Mohit states yes, I agree, I look after Sooraj, Bhabho was certain Sooraj can get good, And that i trusted her, so I did this, she has published about his disease.

She claims Meenakshi has altered sticks in havan kund, what was her selfishness On this I don’t know. Meenakshi claims you wanted the motor cycle Lalima was bringing. Mohit claims This really is lie. Meenakshi sais I listened to him. Mohit suggests wonderful, I wanted the bike, what was your selfishness. Meenakshi states almost nothing. Bhabho asks them to prevent it. She says if Lord states Meenakshi did not do by any egocentric motive, I don’t believe it and asks her to state the truth.

Vikram says I’ll inform you, Meenakshi didn’t wish Sooraj to marry, as she might have not bought Sandhya’s pension. All of them get stunned. Lalima cries and asks Bhabho how is her home and household, the place brother is just not of brother, and Meenakshi is participating in terrible game on useless Sandhya’s identify, they did not give thought to Sooraj, they risked his lifestyle and pleasure, now I experience my conclusion was right to come In this particular home, I comprehended Shiv ji’s indication, to become with Sooraj and save him from his have family members.

Bhabho cries and states I m ashamed, and scolds them. She states Rathi family is powerful by Sooraj’s hardwork, now he requires you all and also you all did this. She receives angry on them. Sooraj will come there and tells Ved which the bandage bought unfastened, He’s emotion hurt. Bhabho goes to deal with his wound and he refuses to consider her support. He says he is not getting any soreness, he is okay. Lalima says wound should not be remaining open up, and asks him to forward his hand.

Bhabho cries observing Lalima implementing the ointment to Sooraj and executing bandage. Vikram asks Meenakshi to handle the situation which she made. Sandhya talks to Manjari and asks about meals, she is very hungry. She commences crying and apologizes to her. Manjari asks her to go. Sandhya comes out of home and cries. She suggests I forgot to consider money, she snatched my food stuff. Sajni and Yashoda see her and Believe Manjari has scolded her.

Manjari arrives out and scolds her. Sandhya sits crying, and states connect with Garjana individuals, they received me below which transpired, they are going to do justice now. She asks them to contact Garjana men and women. The man suggests will Garjana clear up saas bahu fight. An additional person claims does Garjana has no other get the job done. Manjari asks Sandhya to come back within. Sandhya argues with Manjari and asks the boy to assist her, just take me to Garjana, you brought me listed here, you understand wherever they keep. Manjari says Sure get out. Sandhya claims they’ll do justice and goes Using the boy.

Officer Singh sees Garjana and thinks her question was proper, its Garjana’s chief, Sandhya is on massive mission and being below as Sagarika, I will never Enable her id arrive out and save myself from their sight also. Chandu concerns fulfill commander and brings the chip. The commander welcomes him and hugs him. Officer Singh sees them. Chandu gives him the chip. The commander states you manufactured Garjana be successful, this was our dream, our one male has broken their stability. Officer Singh thinks Here is the chip they have got stolen on 15th august, what do they would like to do, I can’t let them realize success and get some motion in opposition to them.

Sandhya will come operating in the jungle though Officer Singh is caught by Garjana.

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