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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with a man selling sindoor in the market and saying its significance. Sooraj buys the sindoor box and pays money, giving him extra 50rs. Sandhya passes by and sees Garjana men. She thinks to get saved by their sight and meet Bharat. Sooraj thinks he is sure and have high hope that he will get Sandhya here. Diya aur baati…………..plays……………. Bharat wishes to meet Sandhya and looks for her. Sooraj feels her presence and says Sandhya… this air is making me feel your presence, I know you are near me.

Bharat thinks to seek out Sandhya, as she needed to give some information, it could be something incredibly imp. Sooraj doesn’t see Sandhya. The trio roam available in the market without having coming head to head. Sandhya sees commander and thinks he shouldn’t see me, I’ve to tell Bharat shortly. She hides her encounter. Commander thinks Sandhya will check out to come below today, I won’t leave her. Sandhya collides with Sooraj and goes ahead. Sooraj doesn’t determine her. She sees Bharat there and rushes. Shekhar holds her hand and pulls her. He gives her injection and she faints.

Shekhar addresses her confront with ghunghat and can take her. Sooraj asks a lot of people about Sandhya. He stops Shekhar and asks in regards to the girl. Shekhar says she’s my wife, she is pregnant, I instructed her not to come back in this article and now she bought dizzy. Sooraj asks him to help you to find someone, he has pic also. Shekhar claims inquire any individual else, I need to just take my spouse. Sooraj says just one min… and sees Shekhar leaving. He thinks why is he getting restless suddenly. He turns and asks Bharat about his spouse Sandhya. Bharat holds him and usually takes absent. Sooraj’s cellular phone falls.

Bharat asks Sooraj exactly what is he carrying out, Sandhya has done so much and risked all the things, your just one error can destroy every little thing. An individual picks Sooraj’s telephone. Sooraj asks him about Sandhya, did you say about mission, you reported Sandhya is alive. He suggests I do know you knew all the things, when did you satisfy her final time. Bharat suggests come with me, this is very harmful spot. Sooraj states just inform me as soon as, that my Sandhya is alive, remember to… and folds arms acquiring teary eyed. Bharat suggests Of course, your Sandhya, Officer Sandhya Rathi is alive. Diya aur baati…………..performs………… Sandhya sighs relief. A person walks to them with the mobile phone.

Sooraj says I’d this perception that Sandhya is alive, diya and Baati does not split like this, I will notify Bhabho. Bharat suggests no, you received’t explain to this to family, listen to me meticulously, Anyone in this article hates law enforcement and govt, Sandhya is in this article as commoner, quit demonstrating Sandhya’s pic, whenever they doubt her real truth along with your relation with her, her lifetime is going to be in peril, so I had been sending you back to Pushkar. Sooraj claims I understood, I was Placing her at risk unknowingly. They get stunned looking at Sajni. Bharat thinks this girl is aware of Sandhya as Sagarika, the folks here Stay twin lifetime, is she with Garjana. Sajni sees Sandhya, Sooraj and Ved’s pic. Sajni asks Sooraj is he Sagarika’s spouse, Is that this their son? Sooraj takes the cellular phone and claims this cellular phone… Bharat nods no. Sooraj does not say its his cell phone. Sajni suggests I m Sajni, I m Sagarika’s friend, she has saved my son, I will likely not tell any person.

She says Sagarika’s life is in peril. Sooraj appears to be at Bharat. Sajni states Garjana caught her understanding she is police officer, but Sagarika is very brave and it has operate absent, if Sagarika is hearth, then Garjana is volcano. She tells them all the things. Sooraj thinks her and asks her to perform a favor on him, he desires to meet up with Sandhya, she is in peril and wishes him. Sajni claims she will be able to’t assistance him specifically, but there is a way. She tells about Garjana using some Adult men Within the village and asks Sooraj to come within village, then it’s possible she may also help him.

Bharat tells Sooraj to keep this camera with him, they will see his location by this. Sooraj reaches Garjana village and steps in there. Sandhya is held captive at some dark place.

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