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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying department has many qualified officers to manage this post, you can get anyone, but where I m needed, there is no one to manage that place. Ved asks Sooraj about Sandhya’s pics. Sooraj tells about Sandhya’s training, she used to fail in every test initially. Ved asks really, even then she became big police officer.

Sooraj says yes, the secret is she did not lose to her failures, and did honest attempts again and again, she was dedicated towards her dreams and learnt by her mistakes. Ved says then mumma got best cadet trophy. Sooraj says yes, its not wrong to fall in the path, but not getting up and walking is wrong, Sandhya was a bad cadet, but she worked hard with determination, she struggled and became the best cadet, one day she won this trophy, that’s why her name is taken by much respect, this trophy was her dream.

Sandhya says Sir, this is my last decision. She recalls her journey of becoming an IPS officer. She keeps the gun and removes her badges. Her hands shake as she removes her cap. Bhabho and Sandhya cry. Sandhya recalls Sooraj making her wear her duty cap. Bhabho recalls taking a promise from Sandhya that whenever her family needs her, she will do her duties towards family and her job will not come in between her bahu’s duties. Bhabho cries seeing Sandhya. Sandhya cries and keeps a smile on her face.

Bhabho recalls how she misunderstood Sandhya after her marriage and scolded her many times. Bhabho says Sandhya, when I got to know about your dream for the first time, I was against it, when I saw you wearing this uniform, my soul got shaken, that’s why I took a promise from you, when you have to choose between your police duty and duty towards house, you will choose bahu’s duties first and then police job, then I understood you are made for this work, when I saw you getting away from this uniform, my soul got shaken, like customers lost trust on Sooraj’s shop, I don’t understand, I can’t see this, I never wanted to see you keeping duty first and house second, but you proved that there is nothing imp to you than your family, for the first time I m seeing my Sooraj in you, Sooraj never thinks of himself, even the sun in the sky burns and gives light to others, my Sooraj is selfless and sacrifices a lot, I did not see anyone better than him, but by seeing your big sacrifice, I feel there is another Sooraj in my family, there can’t be anything comparable with your sacrifice. She cries.

Meenakshi asks Emily about her anklet, its beautiful, did Om give this. Emily recalls Mahen. Meenakshi asks her about Ritu’s inlaws, why are you silent, what happened. Emily says I don’t understand, I m thinking right or wrong. Meenakshi asks her to take advice if she can’t take decision, tell me what happened. Emily tells Meenakshi the way Mahen touched her feet, it was very bad, I felt his intentions were bad. Meenakshi asks did you tell this to Om. Emily says I m not sure, how to tell Om, Ritu got proposal by much difficulty. Meenakshi says maybe you are mistaken, he is rich and can’t do such thing and why will he do this if he is getting related in your house, you are not able to trust anyone, after Purvi’s incident, forget it, don’t overthink. Emily says maybe you are right.

Bhabho and Sandhya are on the way. Bhabho asks the man to stop the car. She tells Sandhya that Sooraj brings you to this place when there are big problems, ups and downs in life, you get peace here, so I got you here. Sandhya says yes, I have deep connection with this place, I get inspiration here. Bhabho asks her to go and get her strength. Sandhya looks at Mahatma Gandhi’s statue. She recalls her father taking her to this place and saying some people are like this, who always make others’ lives shine. She cries.

Sandhya says this is the biggest Tapasya of my life, I will be completing Sooraj’s dream, its my dream now, I will fulfill Sooraj’s dream.

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