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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya hiding inside the secret passage she made for hiding in emergency. She recalls Shekhar’s words and thinks to inform Bharat about the nuclear bomb. Bharat thinks he has sent Sooraj and has to contact Sandhya, she maybe meeting him tomorrow. He calls the officer. The man sees Sooraj lying unconscious in the jeep’s backseat. He says he will make Sooraj go back to Pushkar. Sooraj gets up and thinks he won’t go back home like this, he will find Sandhya. He holds the man’s neck and the jeep goes out of control. Sooraj stops the jeep and runs. The man stops him. Sooraj pushes the man down and leaves.

Sooraj suggests I m coming Sandhya, no you can end us from Assembly. Lokesh comes to Bhabho and Babasa to speak to them. Meenakshi thinks to listen to the discussion and attempts seeing from the window. She says she could not see just about anything and will get down. She attempts to listen to and Bhabho opens the doorway. Meenakshi falls on Bhabho. Bhabho claims you gained’t change. Meenakshi says she wanted to check with Lokesh about tea and snacks. She asks Lokesh to wait, she’ll pack Lalima’s possessions, whats her work now, as Sooraj obtained fine. Bhabho states you will be ideal. Meenakshi thinks to discover the things they conversed.

Sajni recalls commander’s text to get rid of Sandhya, and serves him food stuff and h2o. He suggests he will get necklace for her this time and likes the food stuff. She seems on teary eyed. He asks what happened. She suggests very little, and asks about Sagarika. He says Shekhar has dropped her to Kolkata, I’ll acquire you there to cause you to satisfy her, you are able to do shopping perfectly there. Sajni thinks why are they killing Sagarika, she is police officer but she saved my son.

The Gentlemen check out locating Sandhya. Several villagers go by visiting the market to sell their merchandise. The Garjana Gentlemen check All people. The females surprise why are they checking a great deal today. The man asks the lady to elevate ghunghat and doubt on her. They intention guns and lift ghunghat to find out some other person. Sandhya hides and sees the checking. She thinks This can be the only way to achieve market and pass info to Bharat, I must Assume another thing.

The men allow the team to carry on. Sandhya screams and they all rush Listening to the voice. She states she is acquiring extreme pain. The Woman says she is owning labor agony and find out her. The person asks who’s she. Sandhya suggests can’t he see she’s in ache. The man says check her. The women claims she is pregnant, go away her. The person asks about her partner. Sandhya says her husband is terrible, and left her to die. The women asks Garjana Guys to aid her, else she will die. Sandhya suggests acquire me, I’ll die by soreness. The man claims they can send out her to Daima. Sandhya suggests no, drop me to current market, my husband will meet me there. The Males concur and get a bed for making her lie and acquire her. She hides her experience and screams. She thinks there won’t be checking once again.

They bring about her to the marketplace region and girls enable her. They talk to her who’s her spouse. She thinks what to reply now and appears all around. She claims my husband uncertainties a lot, if I take Adult males’s help, He’ll question on me and get offended, and goes With all the Girl. The Males say bad female, bearing much agony and meeting her undesirable partner.

The man sells sindoor there in market. Sooraj hopes to get Sandhya here. Sooraj and Sandhya pass by and do not see. Bharat in disguise looks for Sandhya thinking its imp to meet her today. Sandhya collides with Sooraj and goes. Diya aur baati………..plays……………

Sooraj asks Shekhar if he could help him in finding someone. He says he has pic in his phone and is about to show him. Bharat holds Sooraj’s arm and takes him away. The phone with pic on the screen falls from his pocket and someone picks it.

Written Update By Sahir


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