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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj working in his shop. Sandhya goes to him and asks what is the matter. She helps him in work, seeing his lack of focus. She says you have added sweetness in everyone’s life, why this bitterness now, I know operation is necessary for Bhabho, is this way right, Bhabho is sad, is it good to force her, sometimes elders become kids, we have to convince her with love. He says she won’t agree if I say by love, I know she refused for operation for some other reason, she loves her son a lot, I mean she loved Mohit.

The people see Mohit’s pic in paper and reads news. Vikram tells Sooraj that news has spread in the city, I can’t answer them, see this. Sandhya sees Mohit and Komal’s pic in newspaper, written about their affair. Sooraj checks it. Sandhya goes to her senior and says case is getting affected by giving news in police. Satya says yes, I agree with her, we lost important link Komal, when news of their affair is printed, the culprit will get time, Komal left an imp clue, but it was erased, media is not helping us, they are making case complex. The senior says I will see to it the case details are not leaked in media, sorry to say, I have pressure from officials to get this case solved soon. Satya says we will solve it soon, I got this paper there, I m sure it will have murderer’s fingerprints. The senior/commissioner wishes them all the best.

Sandhya talks to Satya and reminds she is also part of investigation team. He asks her to come along. Bhabho takes food for Sooraj and finds him annoyed. She says you know I can’t have food, if you don’t eat. She asks him to have food. He says I will eat when you agree to go for operation. She asks why does he want to send her to hospital, she has to face all this. Kakisa taunts Bhabho telling about Mohit’s extra marital affair, he did not do this right, he has beautiful wife, what was the need to have two homes, he could have thought about Pari, he has sunk Rathi family name. Sooraj asks Kakisa to stop it, what is the need to taunt like this, go from here. The ladies think what happened to Sooraj, he was not like this before. Bhabho pacifies Sooraj.

Satya and Sandhya go to lab to collect fingerprints on the paper. The man says its dusty and fingerprints are not firm. Sandhya asks him to read the text on it. Satya says we did not get fingerprints, footprints and Komal, its like world is trying to save the culprit, if we get Komal, we will know about whom was she saying. Sandhya says you are believing the woman who has run away, why my family, it can be anyone, Mohit Ki Dushman etc. He says yes, it can be your family member too, that’s why I did not wish you help me in this case, relations come between duty. She says stop it, I know my duty, if it was about other family, I would have told the same. He argues. She says I have an idea, to lay a trap for the culprit. She tells her plan. She says this will cleat you doubt. He says great idea, it will surely work. She thanks him and leaves. He sings Gumnaam hai koi……………… and smiles.

Sandhya relaxes. Sooraj massages her head. She says they understand each other well, and share everything, thanks. He says yes and asks about the case. She says she will not leave the culprit. He says I can understand, but do you have any doubt on anyone. She says we are trying our best, but we can’t tell details related to case. He says right, but did you get any solid evidence. She says you never asked about my work till now, why are you asking now. He says you said its about our family, Mohit is my brother, so I was asking, nothing else. She says she did not get any solid proof, they are investigating, she is sure she will catch culprit soon, she won’t leave the murderer. He worries.

Satya tells Rathi family about a fingerprint test. He says they got fingerprints on Mohit’s body and they will match it to get the culprit. Meenakshi says she will be glad if culprit is found soon. Satya asks them to give fingerprints in police lab. Sandhya feels sorry as she is making them part of this lie, to prove her family members are not involved in this murder. Sandhya asks them not to worry, its just formality. Meenakshi says yes, but Bhabho in this state. Satya says you all have to come, including parents, we will send Bhabho home soon, reach lab till 3. He asks where is Emily. Meenakshi says she went to parlor. Satya says it seems her love for husband got less, come Sandhya, we will give personal invitation to Emily, you all come there on time, I will be waiting. Sooraj, Bhabho and Lalima worry.

Satya says great news, we got a big proof, and also murderer. Sandhya asks who is it. They go to see the culprit.

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