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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Emily leaving from Komal’s house. Sandhya and Satya get inside Komal’s house. The staff looks for any clue. Satya sees Komal’s pic. Sandhya sees wall and says whats this. She reads… Komal did not kill Mohit, she met him and was leaving, when she has seen someone has come to meet Mohit and was fighting. Sandhya thinks it means someone else has also come there. Satya asks officer to send Komal’s pic to everyone, and check at every checkpoints. Sandhya thinks who can be this murderer. Satya says maybe Komal, she is doing this to confuse us, else why would she run away like this.

He asks her to see the message, Mohit Ki… means a woman related to woman, whom Komal knew, it can be Mohit’s family member, Mohit’s sister, wife or mother. She says stop this nonsense. He says its family matter, I feel its Mohit’s wife behind this. He says come, we will talk to Emily. Satya shows Komal’s sketch to Rathi family members. Vikram, Babasa and Bhabho say they don’t know her. He says fine, but your family looks short, did anyone run, where is Emily, did she go to apply glycerin in eyes taking my words seriously. Sandhya says she is in room, we will go there and ask, come. Emily is with Pari. She rushes to check her phone and sees Mohit and Komal’s pic.

She recalls Mohit coming home drunk and sleeping. She checked his phone and has seen that pic. She had forwarded that pic so that it becomes a reason for her divorce. FB ends. She deletes the pic from her phone. Sandhya and Satya come there. Satya shows her Komal’s sketch and asks does she know her. She says she does not know her. He asks her to see well. She denies knowing Komal. He says fine, can I check your phone. She handover her phone. He checks her phone and looks at her.

He gives it back and thanks her. She thinks she has to be careful, they should not get any proof. Sandhya asks Satya about serving him food. He says I will dine here after getting Mohit’s culprit punished. They come downstairs. He asks the family to call him if they know about this girl, see her for the final time. Meenakshi comes and says this girl…. She says its same girl who has stolen sarees from my shop, I caught her in market and asked her, she threatened me of police and run away, it means Mohit has stolen sarees and sold to her. Sandhya thinks it means Mohit and Komal had a relation.

Satya says Mohit has gifted Komal the sarees, husband can forget to gift his wife, not his girlfriend. Vikram asks what are you saying. Meenakshi says Emily and this girl. Bhabho cries and sits. Emily rushes to her room. Satya says Mohit was interesting, till we get this girl, Mohit Rathi’s story will not be completed.

Its night, Bhabho asks Meenakshi to give medicine to Pari on time. Sandhya thinks Satyadev’s doubt was not wrong, Komal and Mohit had relation, so is he also right that my family member is behind his murder. She thinks and holds hot milk vessel. She screams and leaves it. Bhabho takes care of her hand and asks where is her focus. Sandhya says I forgot to take cloth. Meenakshi says Sandhya is thinking to catch Mohit’s culprit. Bhabho says this is home, no work here. Meenakshi says I will get medicines. Sandhya hugs Bhabho and cries, saying I love you a lot.

Meenakshi gives tea to Vikram. Sooraj tells Bhabho that he spoke to doctor, he said Pari is better, he told about your operation next week. Bhabho says no need, I m fine. Meenakshi says since Mohit and Komal’s relation is known, Bhabho is worried. Sandhya thinks what happened to Sooraj. Satya shows Komal’s pic and says just this girl can tell us the third person present with her and Mohit. Officer says we are keeping an eye on her bank transactions too. Satya says this girl knew we will come there, so she switched off her phone, she will not use any debit/credit card that police finds her, but when she gets less of money, she will come out, till when will she run, tap her phone. Just Komal can say whose name she wrote on wall, which was erased.

Sooraj says doctor said operation is necessary, he is big doctor and coming from far. Bhabho says she will not get operation done, she knows her health, nothing will happen. Vikram asks Bhabho why is she adamant, Sooraj is right. Sooraj says you have just one kidney Bhabho, health is important. Bhabho says I m fine. Sooraj holds the Chakki, and asks what is she saying, he is also stubborn, till she says yes, he will not have food and water. He goes. Bhabho says she will not agree. She sits working. Sandhya stops Bhabho from grinding grains. Bhabho goes. Sandhya says what happened to Sooraj, he never did emotional blackmail, and thinks is he hiding something.

The senior says he wants results. Satya says result will come soon. He asks Rathi family and Lalima to come police lab for giving finger prints.

Written Update By Amena


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