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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with judge asking Bhabho what did she see there in the field. Bhabho recalls. FB shows Mohit asking money from Lalima. Lalima says I don’t have a penny to give you. He pushes her down and goes near her. Bhabho calls out Mohit. Mohit forces Lalima. His phone falls there. She sees the phone and pushes him. she takes the phone and calls Lokesh, asking him to come to fields soon, she is in big problem. Mohit snatches the phone and pushes Lalima to the well. She gets hurt and faints. Bhabho holds her aching stomach and goes to them.

Mohit drags unconscious Lalima. Bhabho stops Mohit and asks him did he get mad. Mohit pushes her and goes ahead. Bhabho cries seeing Lalima and holds Mohit, begging him not to do this. Mohit pushes Bhabho on the ground. She falls down and shouts Mohit, stop. Mohit does not stop. Bhabho says stop Mohit, for my sake. Mohit gets close to Lalima. Bhabho sees a stone there and shouts Mohit. She goes and hits on Mohit’s head. Sooraj comes there and gets shocked seeing this.

Sooraj goes and holds Mohit. Mohit holds his wound and blood gets on his hand. He pushes Sooraj and rotates. He falls on the cart. Sooraj moves him and asks him to open eyes. Bhabho stands in shock holding that stone. Sooraj shouts Mohit…. And looks at Bhabho. He throws the stone from Bhabho’s hand and holds her. They cry. FB ends. Everyone in the court cry. Bhabho says yes, I have killed my son, I m not regretting for this thing. The prosecution lawyer says you accept that you did this in your total senses. Bhabho says yes. The lawyer says you don’t regret for this? Bhabho says no, I have no sorrow or regret, I want to answer few questions more.

She says many people here asked me whether a mother’s heart did not shake, did the mother was not ashamed to do this, the answer is one, no, I did not feel ashamed, I was ashamed when I saw my son ruining someone’s respect, when I have seen my values getting torn, I have not killed my son, I have killed that man who was trying to ruin a woman’s respect, my hands did not shake at that time, my heart did not shake, I will ask you all, when a mother gives birth to a child, does she know what the child does in future, every parent want to give good values to a son, even I wanted this, I want to give him good values and make him a good man, but if that son burn the values, what option is left for parents, I don’t regret for my doing, even if I see any woman’s respect getting ruined, I will do the same. Emily, Babasa, Meenakshi, Vikram, Sooraj and Sandhya cry. Bhabho says someone made me realize this and sees Sandhya. She says Lalima and I should not be ashamed, Mohit and such men should be ashamed, who try to ruin a woman’s respect.

Sooraj takes permission from judge and says Bhabho wanted to tell the truth the same day, but I stopped her thinking about Lalima, we all know woman is blamed in such situation in our society, I want to ask who is the criminal, the one who was going to do the crime, or the one who stopped the crime. Bhabho cries. The lawyer says I value your sentiments Sooraj Rathi, but court will decide who is the criminal. She says Santosh Rathi told us the motive and situation. The judge says the investigation should be done afresh, and hearing will be after 3 days, police is given 3 days time to evaluate her statement.

Sandhya thanks Bhabho for telling the truth and apologizes for being bitter. Bhabho says no, its fine, I m worried for Lalima, a girl’s respect is like glass, hit of small stone can also break the glass, you have to support Lalima. Sandhya says you took this big step for Lalima, I promise I will support her. Sooraj says now Bhabho has told the truth, justice should happen with Bhabho, promise me the court decision after 3 days will be in Bhabho’s favor.

The judge gives life imprisonment punishment for Bhabho. Everyone get shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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