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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj going to Chotu. Chotu gets shocked seeing them. Sooraj says you here Chotu, and who is this with you. Chotu thinks I can’t lie to them more. He says this is Piya, my… She says I m Aryan’s friend, we studied in college, he forgot friends, I came to know about his engagement from others. Sandhya says Chotu tells us about all his friends, he did not say about Piya. Piya says I m a girl, so he will be shy to tell you, he was hesitant to buy gift for his fiancée, so I was taking him. Sooraj says Piya is saying right, he is shy, look at him, see to it that he buys good gift, as the first gift for his life partner will be special. She says yes, I will see to it that all the gifts are good. She leaves with Chotu.

Sandhya says I don’t think she was just a friend. Sooraj says these days, such friendship is common, if there was something, Chotu would have told us. She says yes that’s right and they leave. Meenakshi tells Vikram that there is marriage in my relatives, I want to go. Resham’s card falls and she does not see. She says Bhabho will not permit me. Vikram says why should we do, if they did not come in our marriage. She says they are rich people, its chance to stay in five star hotel. He says no. She asks if you get car. He asks what. She says they said they will gift car to all guests. He says we will go, which car will they give. She asks are you with me in this plan. He says always…

Resham comes home. Arzoo hugs and lifts her happily. Aunty looks on as the place shakes, saying Arzoo would be running around so this place is shaking. Arzoo thanks Resham for getting Salman’s DVD. Resham asks is this the only thing, you are glad that marriage date is fixed. Aunty comes and asks what, this Mushtandi from Pakistan, did they not check. Resham says there is no understanding, Rathi family is very nice, I met them well, the guy is very nice, I spoke to them and finalized things. She shows the anklet for Arzoo, which is her first gift from her inlaws. Arzoo likes it. Resham says now you will wear this anklet and step in your new life. Arzoo could not wear it, as anklet gets short for her. Aunty starts laughing and takes the anklet. She says if this anklet did not fit, how will you fit there, this is first abshagun, you maybe insulted and come back here. She gives anklet to Arzoo and goes. Arzoo gets upset.

Chotu comes home and helps Bhabho. She says no, what will your wife think seeing you doing work. Sandhya says she will happy, the men who do work at home keep their wives happy. Sooraj says we got tickets, we have to leave tomorrow morning for Hyderabad. Sandhya says Chotu helped me and Sooraj a lot, and now its my turn, what is he sending to Arzoo, gift or love letter. She says your Arzoo is Salman’s big fan, send Kabutar jaa jaa…. Babasa says call her directly, I will also talk to Resham. Bhabho looks at him. He says I thought to inform her. Meenakshi comes. Bhabho asks for Resham’s card. Meenakshi says I have it, I kept it in my expensive clutch. She checks and does not get the card. She thinks Bhabho will kill me, where did card go. She says I have some imp work, I will come back and runs out. Bhabho asks what happened, she has run when I asked about card, I will not leave her.

Meenakshi looks for the card. She recalls card falling in the bin and checks the bin. She sees the card in bin and tries taking it. She gets it finally using the wooden sticks. It gets spoiled and torn. She worries and thinks what to do. She notes the number and address in her phone. She throws the card back in bin. She praises her smartness and goes home. She says Bhabho, I want to say…Bhabho says take a breath. Meenakshi says card can get torn, so I noted number in my phone, why are you staring like this, I will call Arzoo.

Aunty answers the call. Meenakshi introduces herself and says I had to inform that Sooraj and Sandhya are coming Hyderabad by train. Aunty thinks how can this happen that they come by train and asks how so soon. Meenakshi says Sandhya is IPS officer. Aunty thinks how did they get visa so soon, there is something fishy.

Sandhya talks to commissioner and tells Bhabho that I have to go Pakjstan. Everyone get shocked.

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