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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Lokesh talking to Sooraj. Sooraj says I know what your sister did, and your worry for her, I m afraid for her, but I love Sandhya, how can I give wife’s right to anyone else, if your sister does not get happiness, will it be not wrong, a married woman is suhaagan by her soul when she gets all rights of a suhaagan. Lokesh asks about Lalima’s future. Sooraj says I assure you I will take care of her, I will talk to her, I will explain her everything, give me some time, trust me. Bhabho asks Sandhya to see herself. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Sooraj’s unstable mental state and how the family used to calm him. She cries.

Bhabho says when you went to do your duty after sacrificing your family, see what was Sooraj’s state. She asks her to see the medicines. She says I used to give him these injections when he got attacks, he used to scream and his screams used to injure my heart, I had no way to calm him. She says Ved lost his mum, his 8 years old young shoulders got burden of his dad, he did not know where did his childhood go. She cries and says you have left every promise and duty, but Sooraj just took your name Sandhya, this family has died 1000 times each day.

She brings Lalima there and says every girl wants her husband is good looking and smart, but this girl took the responsibility of that man who was mad in his wife’s love, she has healed Sooraj with her selfless love, she did Tapasya, her brother used to stop her, I stood against her too, but she did not stop her Tapasya, she did not leave Sooraj’s hand, she jumped into fire and gave Agni pariksha to end Sooraj’s fear towards fire, what did Lalima get, tell me what shall I do, shall I welcome you leaving Lalima?

Sandhya goes to her room and looks for something. Sooraj asks Sandhya, what happened. She says I m not getting anything, I lost everything by my mistake. He asks what. She hugs him and cries. She says I m finding my place, love in Bhabho and Babasa’s heart, I lost it, I left all this and went, I will not get it again. She says Lord has punished me, as I have hurt you all. He hugs her and consoles her.

She says I lost my place in this house. She apologizes to him. He says calm down, come with me. Babasa asks Bhabho whats all this, Sooraj regards Sandhya as his wife, and whats the meaning to give bahu place to Lalima, what did Lalima do? Bhabho says eldest bahu should get our love, I know my decision has no meaning without Sooraj’s decision, I could not explain him right thing, but our respect is linked with Lalima, Lalima did all this for Sooraj, I will not give anyone the chance to point finger at Lalima, I will do her mu dikhai today, I will give her right to be my bahu, till I m alive, I will make Sooraj value Lalima and make him realize what Lalima did for him. She asks Meenakshi and Emily to inform all relatives about Lalima’s mu dikhaai……….

Sooraj brings Sandhya someplace and asks her to determine people today all around. He asks her to view Children, These are so pleased. He claims Absolutely everyone has hope about daily life, dropping and getting points are A part of existence, you are the reason at the rear of All of this, in case you didn’t do your duty to save this nation, then daily life would’ve not been listed here, there will be silence of Dying listed here, even the spouse and children, me, Ved, Bhabho and all relations would’ve not been right here. Sooraj suggests that time will arrive quickly when Bhabho will know about your sacrifice, you didn’t drop anything, You should get Bhabho’s heart, I m constantly with you. She smiles and suggests but We have now An additional identify concerning us, Lalima, we could’t deny what she did, How about her.

Bhabho delivers the shagun for Lalima. She asks her to put on this garments, no one will connect with you by any identify, you will be often called Rathi’s eldest bahu, This really is my guarantee, I can get you your legal rights, I’ll see till when will Sooraj not hear me. Sooraj and Sandhya appear on. Bhabho turns and sees them for the doorway. Sooraj asks Bhabho exactly what is she executing, it’s not correct for him, don’t try this. Bhabho leaves. Sooraj and Sandhya arrive at Lalima. Lalima suggests Lord has designed me drop in dilemma, I understand your enjoy and know you both of those are created for each other, I have cured Sooraj, but I’ve performed that by turning out to be Sandhya, I respect Bhabho lots, and could not say her just about anything, I don’t want to come back amongst you equally. Sandhya says we respect you, we thought lots….Sooraj says we will see a fantastic residence and a good… Lalima claims this isn’t essential Sooraj ji.

Mohit says Lalima is intelligent, she built Sandhya bad in Bhabho’s eyes and got near Bhabho. Lalima tears Sandhya’s pic and suggests Sandhya should go away from Sooraj’s everyday living.

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