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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lalima coming to Rathi house. Babasa refuses to have it. Meenakshi asks Vikram to do something. Babasa is not eating food and he has to take medicines too. Lalima thinks don’t know whose bad sight caught them. Ved and Golu playu, and water glass falls. Ved asks Meenakshi why did she not scold Golu. He asks Babasa and everyone why are they sad. Emily says there is nothing like that. Golu says there is something, you stopped us from watching tv and playing outside. Emily gives excuses. Ved asks whats the matter, Meenakshi got cable disconnected. Meenakshi sends the kids and says what shall I tell the kids, I m not able to lie. Lalima cries and thinks she can’t see Bhabho in this pain.

Its morning, everyone come to court. Meenakshi worries for Bhabho’s health. The prosecution lawyer presents some witnesses. The jeweler says Bhabho has gone from his shop at so and so time. The lawyer says Mohit’s death was around that time. The other witness tells about Sooraj coming to get puncture repaired and he told me to hurry as his mother is waiting in field. The lawyer says we know Bhabho has done this murder and asks her does she have anything to say.

Sandhya wishes Bhabho says something. The lawyer says congrats, you are brave to accept this crime, where was you till now, why was your soul sleeping till now, it can’t be digested that a mother can kill a son and come to save another son, why this confession now, for what shubh mahurat was she waiting to confess. Everyone look on. Bhabho stays silent. The lawyer says its entertaining family, the bahu is investigating, her husband tries to divert the matter and kept his wife as hostage for one night, this family has all cheats and lies, they did so much and the Maa is silent, when the elder son accepts the crime, then Maa appears and confesses crime, and does not say the murder motive. She says mother is first teacher, and look here, she has killed her son instead making him right. Sandhya thinks to do something to make truth come out. Judge says the decision will be announced at 2pm. Sandhya takes Bhabho and talks to her. She asks Bhabho not to tell anything, she is doing right, she should not tell the truth, you are covering up Mohit’s doings, which made his mother kill him, it will bring insult, you should not tell anyone, more Mohit will be born and more will be such helpless mothers, don’t tell the truth.

The lawyer suggests this scenario is clear, Santosh Rathi presented a bad facial area of mom for the Modern society. Bhabho recalls Sandhya and neighbors’ words and phrases. Bhabho cries. The choose asks Bhabho does she need to say anything. Sandhya’s phrases occupy Bhabho’s brain. The decide asks all over again. Bhabho commences stating. She claims she was returning to Pushkar in addition to her son Sooraj. The scooter stopped on just how. FB demonstrates them travelling. The scooter tyre punctures. He asks her to attend, he will just go and find out any mechanic. Bhabho sees Lalima there. Bhabho follows Lalima. Lalima goes to meet Mohit inside the fields. Mohit is drunk and stares at her. He walks to her, and she moves back. She asks precisely what is he performing below, exactly where is Pramod. Mohit catches her neck. She asks him to leave her, did he go mad, precisely what is he accomplishing. Bhabho sees him forcing Lalima.

Bhabho suggests then I have observed one thing by which my soul shaken up. Mohit pushes Lalima around the well and she receives hurt. She falls down. Bhabho calls out Mohit and runs to her. Mohit drags unconscious Lalima. Bhabho calls him out and asks did he go mad, cease. She stops Mohit and states don’t do that, halt. Mohit pushes Bhabho and he or she alls. Sooraj arrives there and will get stunned looking at this. Sooraj calls out Mohit. FB ends. Emily and everyone cry in shock Listening to this truth of the matter during the courtroom.

Sooraj tells judge that Bhabho wanted to say truth to police the same day, but I stopped her. The lawyer says court will decide who is the culprit.

Written Update By Amena


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