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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

Sooraj asking Sandhya about Lalima. Sandhya says Lalima said what we wanted to know from her, Mohit was blackmailing her, Lalima lied about marriage, Mohit knew this and was asking money from her. Lalima slapped him, that’s why Mohit burnt her shop, I did not think this, don’t worry. Babasa finds Bhabho upset. Bhabho recalls Mohit. Meenakshi asks shall I give Mohit’s clothes to poor people. Bhabho holds a shirt and cries. Babasa says don’t know who had enmity with this house, who has killed our Mohit.

Bhabho says wine has killed him. Mohit has killed bad deeds pot, and Lord has shut his book. Meenakshi says Bhabho is right, reports showed Mohit was drunk at the time of his death. Sandhya promises Bhabho that she will find Mohit’s murderer. Emily is cutting vegs and looks at Sandhya. Sandhya says she will get justice for Mohit. Emily tensely hurts her finger while chopping the vegs. She screams. Bhabho asks them to get medicines. Emily says I m fine.

Emily cries seeing Pari and asks her to say something. Sandhya holds her and says we understand your pain, but you know we both respect you a lot, now you have turned great, we respect you lot more, the way you have held your strength, everyone can’t do this, Pari will get fine. Sooraj says yes, we all should move on, I told Vikram and Meenakshi to run their shop, I want you to go to parlor. Emily says Satyaved will think that…. Sandhya says I will manage him, I m also part of investigation team.

Satyadev calls Sandhya and asks her to meet him immediately, as a commoner. She asks where we have to go. He says I thought to go for new movie. She says I don’t like cheap jokes. He replies he does not like silly questions, its related to case, come soon. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she has to leave, there is some clue found,and Emily take care.

Satyadev disguises as commoner and asks people about Mohit. Sandhya is also there. The auto driver says I have dropped Mohit that day, there was a woman with him too. Sandhya asks what did he say, does he know Mohit. He says yes. Sandhya asks the man to come along. Satyadev shows his face and says Sandhya has heard right, Mohit was in his rickshaw and there was a woman with him. Someone looks at them.

Satyadev asks what relation you felt concerning them. The person says spouse and wife, they were arguing. Satyadev suggests I realized his spouse is responsible for his murder. Sandhya displays Emily’s pic and asks was this what lady. The man states no, she was some other person. Satyadev asks him to discover effectively. The person says no, its not her. Sandhya suggests it was not Emily. Satyadev says Mohit was flamboyant, and thanks the man. He asks the man that will help them by obtaining that girl’s sketch made in law enforcement station, they are law enforcement officers, he will get free right after sketch is made. The man agrees.

The person describes Komal. Komal sees the news and Sandhya’s words and phrases to locate the culprit. She thinks she should really operate away, if anybody knows about her relation with Mohit, It will probably be difficulty, that ought to have not happened, if I go away without having saying any person, police will question on me. Komal packs her bag and says why should I fret, I did not do anything at all, I’ll say truth to law enforcement. Another person wearing chawl seems to be at her. Komal thinks law enforcement can sense she is murderer, and greater she really should leave a clue for law enforcement. She normally takes lipstick and writes around the mirror.

Satyadev asks the man to examine the sketch. The person states yes, she will be the one particular, she was with Mohit, I m sure. Satyadev thinks how will she get saved now. Komal leaves and Emily gets in her home. She sweats looking at the message to the mirror. Sandhya and Satyadev demonstrate Komal’s pic to folks. Emily sees Sandhya outside and hides. She erases the concept partially. The store vendor states she lives there. Sandhya knocks the doorway. Emily receives shocked.

Sandhya sees the message and name of culprit erased. Satyadev guesses Mohit Ki Patni….

Written Update By Amena


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