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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Meenakshi to find that lady. A lady Padma comes and asks Meenakshi about saree sale at the shop. Meenakshi says we don’t have sale, we have fresh sarees, come. The lady leaves. Meenakshi says the ladies want sale items. She gets an idea. She tells Vikram that she got an idea to catch P named lady. He asks will it work. The boy looks for Chulbul. Ved and kids ask him about Chulbul. The boy says Chulbul run away that way. Kids go to find Chulbul.

Chotu says why did Arzoo call me here to meet, don’t know what she wants to say. Arzoo comes there and thinks why did Chotu call me to meet, am I looking good. She smiles. The box falls and they both bend to pick. Their head strike. He thinks why is she not saying anything. She thinks to ask him why he called her here. He asks her why did she call him here. She says no, I did not call you, you called me. He asks me? No…. Sandhya asked me to give you sweets box. He gives her sweets box. She says Sooraj Bhaijaan also asked me to give this to you, strange.

They exchange the sweet boxes. He checks bike keys in his box and gets note that bike is parked there. She checks her box and sees desert safari tickets, with message in urdu. Chotu asks whats written. Arzoo says congrats for first outing after marriage, it means first date… She says Sandhya and Sooraj take care of me so much, and I do mistake unknowingly, you also feel bad right. He says no, everything will be fine with time. She asks really, give me high five…. He smiles and taps on her hand. He goes. She smiles and waits. He gets the bike. She sits on the bike and holds him. They leave.

The bike stops. Chotu checks the bike and says tyre got punctured. She says I sat lightly, even then… Sandhya brings Sooraj outside, and reminds the first tea she made. FB shows those moments. She says I will make tea now, I learnt a lot. Sooraj looks on and smiles. She puts ingredients and tries igniting the stove. Sooraj helps her. Few men see Arzoo and comment on her, while Chotu is checking bike. They ask Chotu did bike punctured, if he takes such heavy woman, bike and life will be punctured. Chotu gets angry. The men taunt him. Chotu catches the man’s neck and asks don’t you have manners to talk to girls, if you do such thing again, I will bury you in soil. The other men get worried. They leave. Arzoo looks at Chotu. Chotu asks her not to get sad, I know dealing with such men. She says I m fine. He asks what to do of this bike. She says we will leave this here and take it in morning. They walk ahead.

Sooraj asks Sandhya is there any special reason. She says we are together, what will be more special thing, I have to say and listen a lot. He says I m ready, you say first. She says tea is made. Chotu and Arzoo sit near bonfire. Chotu thinks its strange problem, time is not passing. Arzoo smiles and asks shall we play any game to pass time if you are okay. He agrees. She holds him. He asks what are you doing, she says its game, I won’t play if you dislike. He says fine, do again. She makes something on his back with her ginger. He shows the moon and says you have drawn moon. She says your turn. He makes something and asks her to say. He asks her to say, its easy. She says round like sweets at Sooraj’s shop. He laughs and says you are like Meenakshi, Sooraj’s sweets fan, I will make again.

Sandhya writes Sorry on Sooraj’s back and asks him to say. He says sorry. She says I m really sorry. He asks why. She says I doubted on Arzoo, I forgot your promise to Resham, that you will give bahu respect to Arzoo, maybe because Disha, Prema and Rajkumar cheated us staying in our home, that’s why I doubted Arzoo. He says I understand.

Arzoo feels cold. Chotu covers her with his jacket. Saiyyan…………plays…….. He says I will get more wood and goes. Sandhya tells Sooraj that Arzoo does not know hindi, afterall she is Pakistani. Arzoo writes Chotu on the sand. Sandhya says all doubts got cleared today, I will never doubt on her now. Sandhya thanks her for this and says I have to say something.

Bhabho asks Sooraj and Sandhya to send Arzoo back to Hyderabad. Arzoo gets some rope and says now my mission will start.

Written Update By Amena


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