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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya thinking Sooraj is here, he is in danger, if he can come here, I should have courage to stop nuclear attack and prays. Sooraj thinks he did not get any clue about Sandhya till now, don’t know in which state is she. A man sings and asks Sooraj why is he looking sad. He says he is worried, as everyone is asking for the dancer. He talks to Sooraj and says I feel you have some deep pain in your heart, music has power, get your pain out by music. He asks Sooraj to come and sit. The man plays music. Sooraj sings diya aur baati hum……….Sandhya hears him and cries. She tries to get up and gets restless.

She thinks she can understand Sooraj’s pain, how can she tell him she is close to him. Sooraj cries and gets sad. Sandhya tries to open her ropes off her hands and struggles. The man tells Sooraj that his voice had pain and entered heart, he has really sung well. Sooraj wishes Sandhya comes to him. Bharat shouts Shekhar is lying, and asks minister not to get in Shekhar’s words, he is lying and doing drama here, they can’t b trusted. The minister says our country has always given priority to peace opportunities. Bharat says I agree, but we should not trust him.

Shekhar says right, I told minister about planning a big bomb blast, but Sandhya has shown us the right path, the credit goes to her. Bharat thinks Shekhar knew we will attack on them, so he played safe, I have to show Shekhar’s true face to minister by any way. Bharat says fine, good, I would like to talk to Sandhya once. The minister says Bharat is saying right, its simple, make him talk to Sandhya. Bharat asks what to call him, Shekhar or Chandu. Shekhar says Chandrashekhar. Bharat asks what did I ask, make me talk to Sandhya, is she alive, what happened, did you kill her like Officer Agrima Singh, where is she. He gets angry and confronts Shekhar. The minister looks on.

Sandhya frees her hand and thinks she can’t call Sooraj openly, as garjana men can see him. Sooraj wishes she sends some sign. She thinks what sign to send him. She sees her bangles and smiles. She makes the bangle sounds and he turns to see. He thinks its bangle sound, from which direction is this coming and sees the wall. He says Sandhya… and thinks the sound is coming from the wall, it means….. and thinks Chote Raja keeping jalebi there and man telling about Garjana’s order. He recalls Bharat’s words that one wrong step can get dangerous for everyone. He cries.

Shekhar says talk about peace, I assure you Sandhya is fine, think with a cool mind, its about trust, so I have come here risking my life, if I come here by trusting you, then why can’t you trust me, I will return Sandhya safe. He requests the minister not to insult his trust. The minister says we trust you, and decides that Shekhar and his men can surrender on 2nd oct, he will help them in getting their demands fulfilled and this enmity between them will end, he can get Sandhya along with them. Shekhar thanks him and thinks no one can stop mission mahabali now.

Sooraj is going on the wall structure seeing no person about along with claims Sandhya….. This individual claims I know you happen to be in this article along with yowls. This individual asks can certainly your lover pick up them, along with asks the girl to express one thing with regard to his full satisfaction. Your lover claims Sooraj ji….. diya aur baati………. Plays……….. Bharat argues while using the minister along with claims at this time there won’t become any give up, they will find any bad information, it’ll be too later. Your minister claims it is his conception, in the event his think will get drastically wrong of course, if that they get any actions next to Garjana, many more Garjana is going to be created, mission mahabali ends, this can be my own sound decision, give up is going to be massive punch about weight along with typical people can trust your celebration.

Bharat says I hope this turns true. The minister explains him and says we have nothing to lose, and much to gain, we can try. Bharat says we are going to lose a lot, Sandhya, country’s security and pride, you are doing this to strengthen your party, this country may pay the price for your greed. The minister asks does he know what he is saying and asks him to leave. Bharat says Jai hind…. And leaves.

Sandhya and Sooraj try to hold hands through the open brick space and finally reach out. They smile. Diya aur baati…………….plays…………. She asks him to free her from there asap.

Shekhar tells commander that its 16hours and no one can stop us now, not even Sandhya. Commander smiles. Bharat is preparing. Sandhya is glad that her mission will get completed.

Written Update By Sahir


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