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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho talking to Babasa on phone. She asks did he take medicines, is he fine. He says yes, Arzoo is here to take care of me. She asks is everything fine, I will come home. He thinks how to tell about Chotu and Piya. He says Arzoo is not letting me eat chaat pakodis, that’s why I m sad, there is nothing else. She asks are you saying true. He says yes, can anything be hidden from you. She asks him to take care of Arzoo, everything should be fine when I come there. He says yes, come soon. Bhabho ends call and rushes hearing sound.

Binny and everyone rush to Riddhi in kitchen and ask what happened. Sooraj covers Ved’s eyes. Riddhi hides her face. Everyone look at her. Riddhi shows her face. Riddhi sneezes….. Ved says she is fine. Binny says you scared us. Sooraj sees the cloves on the ground and says some spices smell make us sneeze. Riddhi asks how do you know. Sandhya says Sooraj is big chef, he won international cookery level award. Riddhi asks him to help in home science. He agrees. Bhabho says nothing happened. Binny asys yes.

Sandhya gives water to Binny. Sandhya asks Binny not to be annoyed with her, else she can’t be happy. She convinces Binny and smiles. Binny says you are very stubborn, just like your mum in law. Bhabho says afterall, she is my bahu.

Emily recalls Maasa’s words. She rushes out of the room to see Pari and Sparsh. Om looks on. Emily says both are sleeping well and goes to her room. She lies down and gets up again, thinking about kids again. She goes and checks mosquito coil. She comes back to room and again worries for Sparsh. Om asks what happened. She says I hear Sparsh crying. Om holds her hand and asks her to sit. He pacifies her. She says thanks for making me realize I m not careless and know to keep my responsibility. She gets teary eyed and gets Purvi’s pic. She says this Purvi’s pic…. When I got silver plates from Maasa’s cupboard, I got this, our room did not have Purvi’s pic, I will keep this at your bedside. Om switches off lights and asks her to sleep.

Ved takes water and hears some sound. He says how is door open and asks who is there. He goes out to see. Someone looks at him from behind the bushes. Ved asks who is there and gets scared…… A boy comes out. Ved asks who are you. The boy says I came to teach lesson to Sandhya Rathi, Mukeshwari’s Jhanki went back, my mum is so hurt. Ved says its not miracle, its by science. The boy says lie, I went to that temple when I got neelvish, I have seen Mukeshwari, she made me fine.

Ved asks how does she look like. The boy says I could not see her, there was much light. Ved says I will prove my mumma is right, I will go to temple and prove that there is no Mukeshwari. The boy says don’t be mad, just neelvish patients go there, if anyone goes, they die by the snake. Ved says I m not scared, take me there. The boy says Mukeshwari is Lord, if you want to go there and die, come I will take you. Ved leaves with the boy.

Arzoo is sad. Chotu says I know what you are going through, try to understand. Piya comes there and apologizes to Chotu. She says I don’t know what happened to me, and cut my wrist, I did not think Aryan will feel bad, afterall you love me, I was shattered. She says Arzoo would be tired by working all day, come, we will talk outside. She asks Arzoo can I take Aryan for some time. She asks Chotu to come and he goes with her. Arzoo gets sad. Piya smiles and comes back. She sees the bike keys and asks Arzoo to give Aryan’s bike keys. She takes it herself and says its fun to sit on Aryan’s bike, he drives so fast, you would know it, as you sat with him for the first and last time. She hoes.

Ved and the boy go in jungle. They get tensed seeing someone. They put light on that girl. Ved gets shocked seeing Riddhi….. The boy says Riddhi got neelvish as she did not give chadava to Mukeshwari. He runs from there. Ved cries and says mumma…..

Sandhya tells Riddhi that she will get her cured. Sooraj says she has neelvish. Sandhya says I will lie down in Riddhi’s place. Bhabho goes to see Riddhi and there is Sandhya in her place.

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