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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Sandhay defending Emily and clearing Chavi’s doubt. Bharat phone calls her many times and fears the mission will arrive if Sandhya won’t appear before long. Sandhya tells Bhabho that she understands Emily, she can hardly ever make this happen, its one particular sided love from Zakir’s aspect, Mohit has created false blames on her. She claims when Chavi recognized she likes Zakir, she did not know before, he realized he has emotions for Emily, he was genuine and instructed me, he didn’t want Everybody to grasp this and took promise from me that I won’t explain to any individual, I did not would like to inform this as of now, I did not know this issue will arrive out like this.

Emily cries. Bhabho claims Zakir is outsider, but Emily is like her daughter, she made Mohit depart house, it means Mohit was indicating legitimate, she has snatched Chavi’s pleasure much too, she has ruined my family. She asks Emily to go away from her residence and ends ties along with her. Everyone is shocked. Bharat phone calls Zakir and says he doesn’t understand about Sandhya, she is not using my phone, Himanshu Dubey will be listed here anytime, uncover. Zakir thinks how to return there In fact this, and tells him that he will see out.

Bhabho drags Emily out. Sandhya stops her and suggests its injustice with Emily, I is not going to let this happen, you regarded her daughter and mentioned you may give her daughter’s place, how did Chavi’s tears make this relation weak. She asks Chavi to think if Zakir loved Emily considering the fact that commencing, why would he inform them that He’ll marry her, they didn’t pressurize him to say Indeed, he realized it late, if he failed to provide you with enjoy right after relationship, what would come about. Sandhya hears her cell phone ring and sees the time. She operates from there and checks her cellphone. She sees twenty missed phone calls and thinks she forgot to go there, Himanshu would’ve come there.

Bharat modifications his appear and opens the door. He sees Himanshu and greets him. He welcomes him. Himanshu states you could be Shantanu Das, Sagarika’s father. Shantanu claims he won his coronary heart by his values. Himanshu states he bought this values by his mum and will come inside of. He appears to be all around. Bharat thinks he may be very intelligent and sees almost everything by question, now I must fail him in his match.

Bharat talks in Bengali. Sandhya is on the way and asks driver to just take by brief way. The driving force says the route is blocked by some accident and takes her other way. She thinks she may be very late, she should prepare as Sagarika, maybe Himanshu attained there. Bharat asks Himanshu about his family. Himanshu asks about Sagarika, his mum explained she likes new music. Shantanu claims she likes it a great deal. Himanshu says even I like it, I would want to hear her voice, where is she. Bharat sees time and will get tensed.

Sandhya is on just how and anxieties. Bharat suggests He’ll Engage in tunes for him. Himanshu claims no, I will leave. Shantanu asks why, devoid of meting Sagarika. Himanshu states Sagarika might be in this article if she wanted to fulfill me, maybe she is not Prepared for this proposal, I did not truly feel poor, I m towards relationship without the Female’s would like, I will depart. Bharat thinks each of the labor got waste, because of Sandhya. Sandhya arrives there as Sagarika and suggests she’s here.

Himanshu sees her and stops. She seems gorgeous in her Bengali attire. Sooraj asks Bhabho why is she accomplishing this. He states he has not witnessed her executing injustice with anybody. He reminds how Emily loves them, and didn’t go away them when Mohit left her, how can she Consider lousy about them. Zakir involves them and asks about Sandhya. He suggests she didn’t arrive at Place of work till now. Sooraj suggests she has left. Zakir claims great, I’ll leave. Emily stops Zakir. She goes to him and slaps him. Everyone get stunned.

She asks how dare he think this about her, what did she do this he had thoughts for her, who gave him suitable to think about her, he has broken Chavi’s dreams in addition to ruined the household’s trust on her, she is emotion a offender when she did not do something, why did he try this. She cries and sits down. Zakir appears to be like at Everybody and goes to Bhabho. He says Emily will not be liable, I am aware this did not transpire correct, I concur but Emily did not know anything, I spotted my thoughts late, I didn’t wish to harm anybody’s coronary heart, I regard you all my loved ones.

Bhabho claims no ought to regard us family members, its my oversight to believe in you as my son, I really should get punished, so I got it. Zakir states if I did not say no, It will be wrong with Absolutely everyone. He says he has damaged Chavi’s heart, if he married her, would she remain satisfied with him. Zakir asks her to forgive him. He asks for her next daughter emily’s hand. Anyone get stunned. Sandhya says sorry father, I went out without having inquiring you, I went to govt Workplace and work didn’t get carried out. He asks her to fulfill Himanshu. Himanshu checks her bag. Bharat thinks did he doubt on us. They get anxious.

Himanshu says he has noticed her someplace. She states ten years in the past, in certain marriage. He says no, I did not go in marriage and asks did she go law enforcement station just before. She receives stunned.

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