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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya talking to Sooraj. Sooraj opens the cupboard and she gets hit. He says sorry, I did not see and cares for her. She says she got hit on forehead, and thinks Mohit had head injury, she has to find out the reason of his wound, if he jumped, he would have got hurt on forehead, not back. She says she is fine now, she has to go for some urgent work, meet in hospital. She says she is going to investigating site and leaves.

Sandhya comes to the site. The inspector tells her that its suicide case, post mortem report has come, Mohit was in drunken state. Sandhya says we will repeat this incident with dummy bodies and see. The staff gets the dummy. She says don’t throw till I say. She asks them to throw and she sees how dummy fell in water. She asks them to throw again, with belly facing on ground. She says throw it upside down. She says if Mohit did suicide, he would jump in well, straight in water, if any stone hit him, it would be on forehead, but back, it means things are not like it appears, its not suicide case, check everything again. The constable praises her smartness. She sees a wood platform and cart with blood marks on it. She recalls Mohit and asks inspector to send samples and send in forensic lap.

She goes to lab and asks for blood sample reports. She waits and thinks this blood sample is related to this case. The doctor gives the reports and says samples matches with Mohit’s body. She thanks him and checks reports. She thinks it means Mohit was murdered and thrown in the well, there was someone who has hit on his head, killed him and threw him. She calls her senior and says new things came up, which proves Mohit was murdered, its not suicide case. She tells about sample reports. She says we have to see this case with new angle. He says permission granted, but will you be able to handle this case, Mohit was your brother in law. She says be assured, a police officer is handling this case, not Mohit’s Bhabhi. He says fine.

The media troubles Babasa by asking about Mohit’s case. Sandhya comes and asks them to move away. She makes Babasa sit. He asks what are they saying, Mohit’s murder? She says its true, He says I cursed him for committing suicide, I did not let anyone cry for him, but now I understood he was murdered, he wanted to live, someone killed him. He cries and goes to Sooraj and Vikram. He says Mohit was not a coward, someone killed him, They take Mohit’s body in van. Sandhya says I will come in jeep, you go with Babasa.

The media questions Sandhya about not securing her brother in law, how will she save public now. She says no need to worry, everyone is safe, expect the murderer, I promise to find that person. She asks inspector how did media know this. The inspector says this became high profile case, as Mohit is related to you. She asks him to keep media way, and she wants all belonging found with Mohit’s body. He says phone is not working, after falling in water. She says get it repaired and give me. She leaves.

The pandit tells about soul leaving body. Everyone cry seeing Mohit’s dead body. Meenakshi sees some man coming and refusing to take flowers. She says who is he. The man holds the lighter and looks at Mohit’s pic. Kaki says I heard its murder, not suicide. The lady says Sandhya will find the culprit, as someone killed her Devar. The man looks at everyone. Meenakshi hugs Chavi and cries. Bhabho asks Lalima to go to Pari. Meenakshi apologizes to Mohit, as she has always scolded him. The pandit says its time for final rites. Sooraj and Vikram lift the body with other’s help. Everyone cry.

The men leave and women stand crying at the door. The officer asks them shall we start. They women look at him being puzzled.

The officer talks to Bhabho and asks did she not know about danger coming on Mohit, and why is Emily not having any sorrow on her face for her husband’s loss.

Written Update By Amena


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