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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the video. Sandhya says she has hidden her face, once this chunni moves from her face. They all get shocked seeing Riddhi in the video. Sandhya says Riddhi…. Sooraj says it means Riddhi is involved in this game. Meenakshi asks how can Riddhi get involved, she refused to give chadava, she had neelvish. Sandhya says there are many minds behind this game, Riddhi was give neelvish so that we don’t doubt on him. Bhabho says she is young, she does not look clever, how can she do this, maybe Riddhi has touched your chadava plate before going to temple. Sooraj says no, we applied the ink when we were going to leave Sandhya to temple, it means Riddhi’s hand got on that chadava after reaching temple. Sandhya says yes, she has gone to temple. Meenakshi says congrats, you will now expose Mukeshwari’s secret soon. Sandhya says no, we have to solve many things, we should check Riddhi’s hands first.

Rishabh says Ved plays great chess, such smartness in this age. Ved says even you play well, you don’t believe in Mukeshwari’s miracles right, even then Devi is not annoyed with you, you did not get neelvish till now. Rishabh gets speechless. Binny comes and asks for Sandhya. Ved says don’t know. Binny says she left jhanki, don’t know what she is doing. Ved says mumma changed, she will not do anything now. Rishabh says yes, now Sandhya has changed, she has become Devi Maa’s devotee, don’t know why Binny has habit to worry without any reason, get any other game, we will play. Ved says yes and goes.

Rishabh asks Binny whats the problem when Sandhya is believing Devi, they are just few days guests. She says I also want them to leave soon and Sandhya does not do anything again. Riddhi mixes some haldi in gram flour. Sandhya and Sooraj go to her. Riddhi gets tensed seeing Sandhya. Sandhya asks why did you get shocked seeing me. Riddhi says nothing, I was making pakodi. Sandhya washes her hands. Sandhya and Sooraj get shocked seeing Riddhi’s hands normal. Riddhi asks what happened, why did you wash my hands like this. Sandhya sees the cloves kept in spices box there. She recalls Riddhi has allergy with cloves and thinks Riddhi has allergy and is working well here like cloves has no affect on her. Sooraj says nothing Riddhi, make pakodis, come Sandhya. They leave.

Emily asks Om what is he doing, Maasa is his Dadi, what if she scolds him. Om packs bag and says you are my wife, and this house’s bahu, you should get respect, Maasa does not believe you, my wife’s insult means my insult. Emily says try to understand. He says pack your bags, we are leaving, this is my last decision.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that Riddhi’s hands were normal, we saw in video that her hands were yellow, you said that ink effect will be for 3 days, I don’t understand. Sandhya says this game is very big, Riddhi’s hands are not yellow, I think we missed something. She sees Riddhi’s reflection in the photo frame. She tells Sooraj that we can check that ink by this liquid, we have this. She signs Sooraj to see Riddhi. She says I will catch that person soon. He says oh this liquid, Its priceless, I don’t think anyone can get this in market, keep this safe. She says yes, I will keep this in cupboard, no one will know that liquid is hidden in this simple blue box. They leave from the room. Riddhi looks on and goes.

Sandhya and Sooraj hide and wait for Riddhi. Sooraj says I don’t understand when Riddhi has cleaned her hands, why will she get trapped now. Riddhi comes there. Sandhya says she has come, Riddhi will give its answer. Riddhi goes to kitchen. Sooraj says she went to kitchen, it means your trap went waste. Sandhya says she has come out again, she is going to our room. Riddhi opens the room’s lock and gets inside. Sandhya and Sooraj look on.

Riddhi gets that blue box. She shifts that liquid gel in another box and leaves from there. Sooraj says Riddhi got trapped, for whom did she take this gel. Sandhya says we have to find out, come. Riddhi goes in the jungle. Sandhya and Sooraj follow her. Riddhi goes and meets someone. She shows the gel to someone with yellow colored hands. Sandhya says who is she….. Riddhi says see this special medicine, this will get off the yellow color from your hands, I heard it when Sandhya was saying Sooraj. She gives the gel to the other girl. Sandhya and Sooraj get shocked seeing the other girl is Riddhi’s lookalike. The other girl/Riddhi’s lookalike applies the gel to her hands. Sooraj says two Riddhis, it means they are twins.

Sooraj says seeing both of them, its tough to find difference in them, it means they both saved each other, so that we saw Riddhi with normal hands in kitchen. Sandhya says yes, Riddhi did not had allergy with cloves. Sooraj says they are twin sisters, like Mukeshwari has two heads, if they were standing in temple as Mukeshwari, who was that Riddhi after whom Ved went. Sandhya gets thinking. Another Riddhi’s twin comes there and slaps the girl with yellow colored hands. Sandhya and Sooraj get shocked seeing three Riddhis.

Ved gets shocked as Mukeshwari Devi appears on his laptop. She says I decided to give you special powers, you can jump down the mountain cliff.

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