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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya checking the medicines. Chavi comes and gives Sooraj the one week’s earnings. Sandhya takes it and thanks Lord. Sooraj says this is not earnings Chavi, it’s the support of a sister, I did not know when Chavi grew up. Chavi says you have to keep this money to Bhabho, like you always do. He says I want you to give this to Bhabho, Bhabho will be glad and will realize even unexpected people come to work in bad times. Sandhya says Sooraj is right, take this money, go. Chavi goes. Sandhya says its one week, it passed so soon.

Sooraj says yes, its one week you did not go out, I spoke to Om to arrange a nurse. She asks why, am I not doing work well, this is my work, I will do. He says no, your work is bigger, your duty. She asks how can I do on duty leaving you like this. He says I don’t want anyone’s work to stop because of me, only then I will get happy, please don’t refuse. She asks him not to be stubborn. He says you will go on duty for my sake, for the country’s sake. He calls Ved. Ved gets her uniform. Sooraj tells Ved that Sandhya will go on duty every day now. Bhabho comes and asks Sandhya not to worry about Sooraj, I will be with Sooraj, go on duty. Ved and Bhabho ask Sandhya to agree. Sandhya takes her uniform. She goes to change.

Sandhya comes wearing her police uniform. Sooraj thanks and wishes her best of luck. He smiles seeing her. She asks him to take care and leaves. Sooraj thinks I don’t know whether I can support Sandhya or not, but I can’t break Sandhya’s dreams, this uniform is your dream, move on in life.

Arzoo stops Sandhya and asks will you go for work like this, there is no smile on your face, you look worried, we will take care of Sooraj, Om said the caretaker sent from hospital is good, don’t worry. Sandhya says fine, call me if there is anything to say. Sandhya goes out and sees Chavi cleaning the table. She recalls Sooraj making the jalebis. That man sees Sandhya and leaves. Chavi asks Sandhya how did she come here. Sandhya says I had some imp work, and hugs Chavi thankfully. She cries and says you are managing the shop so well and working hard. Chavi says Sooraj managed all of us so well, we did not even thank him, we felt its his duty, this is a try to return his love. Sandhya says this shop is Sooraj’s dreams, this is alive because of you, you have grown up, I don’t know how to repay this debt, I wish everyone gets a sister like you.

The man goes to the other shop and tells the shop owner that I got all info, you opened your sweet shop near Sooraj’s shop, you can’t run down his business, Sooraj’s younger sister is managing shop well, there are many customers. The man says but Sooraj is not here, I found out about Chavi, she left her fashion designing work in Mumbai and is managing the work here, such love for brother… there is something fishy, truth is something else, my target is not Chavi, I want to ruin Rathi sweet shop’s benefit, I have dreamt and set up this shop, my dreams will fulfilled. Sandhya says I don’t know much about this shop, even if money gets less, its standard should be good, quality should not be compromised, Sooraj has run this shop by his heart. Chavi assures her the same and hugs her.

Maasa asks Emily did she sent laddoos for Sooraj. Emily says yes. Om comes and says Maasa, there is good news, groom’s family is coming to see our Ritu. Maasa says I wish Ritu gets a good family. Ritu says sorry Maasa, I don’t want anyone to see me, I m fed up hearing their no. Emily says don’t worry, pairing is made from heaven, the day you get a right guy, there won’t be no. Ritu says I feel Lord did not make anyone for me. Om says its not like this, give this a chance. Ritu says I don’t agree, but I m saying yes to keep your words, this will be last guy. She goes. Maasa says Ritu is not wrong, many guys came to see her and said no, people gossip about her, this time relation should get fixed. Om says society will always talk, I m worried for Ritu, she is blaming herself, this is not right for her. Emily says don’t worry, I will do all arrangements, this relation will not go out of hands, this time Ritu’s relation is my responsibility.

The man takes care of Sooraj. Bhabho says I got mustard oil, its massage is good for Sooraj. The man says this is old remedies now, medicines are effective. She says even parents get old, but they love a child, I have belief on this oil massage remedy, it is very effective. The man says I will do this. She says no need to do this if you don’t have belief, I will do this, it will have mum’s love, then why will this not affect my son. She massages Sooraj’s feet. Sooraj says I don’t like this, that you touch my feet Bhabho. He recalls how he used to sit taking care of Bhabho before. He thinks what days is Lord showing him, he should have taken care of Bhabho, and Bhabho is taking care of him at this phase of her life. The phone rings. The man puts it on speaker and makes Sooraj talk to Sandhya. She says I have a surprise. Sooraj says you would be getting an award. She says no, you fail in guessing surprise. Bhabho and that man hear her. Sandhya says this is surprise for me too, that I can do this too, the surprise is I have written something for you.

Vikram slaps Chavi infront of everyone. Chavi argues with him. Babasa tells them that Vikram could not even become a small Deepak, leave about becoming Sooraj. Bhabho and Sandhya cry. The other shop owner looks on and thinks I did not do anything till now, what will happen when I do something.

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