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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya’s car stopping. The constable says its tyre puncture. She asks him to hurry. She says I will go and sits to change the tyre. The court hearing starts. Sooraj thinks where is Sandhya. The lady lawyer tells the blame on Sooraj, that he has killed Mohit, Sooraj has accepted the blame, he has given statement that he has fought with his brother for some money, and then he has hit a stone on his brother, by which his brother died, the evidences are against Sooraj. She shows the evidences, that stone by which Mohit was killed.

Daisa and other neighbors look on, along with Babasa and Emily. The lawyer gives the kurta, which police got from Sooraj’s shop, it has Mohit’s blood stains. She gives the forensic reports to support the evidence. Sandhya fixes the other tyre and thinks she has to reach court on time. They leave. Sandhya says its late, we have no time, we have to reach soon.

The lawyer shows the PCO records. Sooraj thinks Sandhya can bring out the truth. Sandhya asks the man to move the cart off the car’s way. She sees the time and worries. Shukla says Sooraj has accepted his crime, I want to tell court about his background, he has fulfilled all responsibilities since the age of 14 years, he is known as Shravan in Hanuman Gali, he did not get educated but got his siblings educated, and also made his wife IAS officer, he became an ideal husband, considering all this, you give the judgment. Sandhya is on the way. The judge says seeing all evidences, the court has come to a decision that….. Sandhya stops him and comes inside the door.

She says I m Sandhya Rathi, investigation officer of this case, some truth has come out which will change direction of this case, just hear that witness once, sorry to be late. Sooraj says no, this is a lie, I have accepted my crime, all evidence is here, there is no need to listen to anyone, I have killed my brother, punish me, I request you. Neighbors talk about him.

The judge says even if you accepted your crime, its against law to give verdict without checking all evidences and hearing the witnesses. He announces half an hour break. Sandhya thanks him. She tells Satya that Lalima was scared to give statement as her engagement was done, she is ready now. Satya says this case is getting complicated, you go to lawyer, I will go to Sooraj.

Sandhya asks Lalima not to worry, she will talk to lawyer and come. Lalima coughs. The lady constable asks her to come with her to have water. Someone looks at Lalima. Lalima goes to get drink. Sandhya tells the lawyer that Lalima’s statement will change this case decision, and tells him how to use Lalima in this case. We have to be careful. He says Lalima has to say all this herself. She says yes, she promised me, she came with me, you also explain her, I will bring her.

Sooraj asks Satya where is Sandhya, who is the new witness, what truth she wants to bring forth. Satya says maybe the truth which you are hiding in your heart. Someone catches Lalima and asks her not to shout. Vikram says its me, don’t shout. She gets shocked. The lady constable looks for Lalima. Sandhya asks where is Lalima. The constable says don’t know, she went to drink water. Sandhya says just 15 mins are left for hearing to start, find her. Sandhya tries finding her.

The hearing starts. Judge asks Shukla to present the new witness. Sandhya looks for Lalima and asks people showing her pic. Judge asks where is the witness? Shukla asks Babasa and Emily did Sandhya tell them anything before leaving. Satya goes to see Sandhya. Judge asks where is Sandhya, she wanted to present a new witness. Sandhya comes there and says I m sorry, I can’t present that witness. He asks whats the reason, court stopped proceedings on your saying. She says yes, witness was with me, I don’t know where did the witness go, give me some time. He says police got much time, so now verdict will be announced. He is about to announce the decision… and Bhabho stops him…. Sooraj gets shocked seeing Bhabho. Meenakshi brings Bhabho. They all look on.

Bhabho confesses that she has killed Mohit Rathi. Sooraj says no, this is a lie, I m saying I have killed my brother, punish me, I did the crime. He panics and cries.

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