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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya getting restless and thinking whats wrong in all this. The guys say we knew police will get praise, we have stolen idol, kept money at trustee house and kept idol back, they all forgot how did this happen so soon, its not their success, but… They laugh. A guy shouts enough of laugh, I had a bet that people will keep idol in temple, I won bet, now its your turn. He throws a toy phone and says you will know what this toy can do, its four hours for ghaat aarti, and count downs.

Ved talks to Vansh and asks him to come soon, it will be surprise for everyone. Bhabho says I did mistake to send Meenakshi to get puja items. Arzoo asks Ved to talk soon. Ved ends call and goes. Arzoo reminds Bhabho that you have to come with me to Dubai tomorrow, make Kanak habitual to drink and at on her own. She plays Bhabho’s video. Kanak comes there hearing Bhabho’s voice and drinks milk. Bhabho and Arzoo smile. Arzoo asks Bhabho will she come with them. Sandhya comes and asks what about us, we will miss Bhabho. Bhabho asks Sandhya to change and come. Sooraj says no, she will be wearing uniform, her duty is there at ghaat aarti, we will take her chunri along, she will do bahu duty and police duty. Bhabho says this is good.

Meenakshi comes home and says I got all items, you will say I m smart. She shows everything. Bhabho asks Meenakshi why did she get roses, she asked for lotus to give Devmata. Sandhya asks whats significance of lotus. Bhabho tells how Devmata saved everyone from Asurs and Rakshas and protected people inside lotus. Meenakshi asks how is this possible, lotus is so small, how can Devmata protect everyone inside lotus. Bhabho asks her to stop it now and get lotus. She asks Sandhya to get ready.

The strange guys are on the way in the car and laugh seeing devotees going for ghaat aarti. Their car stops. One of them checks car and says engine is hot. The first guy says we have 25 mins to reach ghaat aarti, we have to be on time to do our work. Sandhya is worried. Sooraj and Ved see her. Sandhya thinks what am I not understanding, what can anyone get by increasing devotees. Sooraj asks what are you thinking, share with me. She says this robbery is a riddle for me, I feel the thief has other motive. He asks what, trustee has idol and money, I can’t believe he has done this. She says no, I feel trustee is used, its not like it appear.

Ved tells them that trustee refused them to see devmata idol, and he has seen neon light inside temple. She asks was there someone in temple. He says no, I just saw neon light. She says blame on trustee is wrong, there is something fishy, I will inform about thief. She calls to make security tight, there is some danger.

Ankur, Ankita and Vansh are on the way. She asks Ankur shall we tell Sandhya we are coming with Vansh. He says no, Vansh will feel bad, we will reach in sometime. The guys wait on the road to take lift. They stop Ankur’s car and ask for lift. Ankit asks where are you going. A guy says graveyard. The other guy says he is joking, we have music band, if you can drop us ahead, it will be help. He takes out knife and his friend stops him. The guy says we got this chance by difficulty, please help. Ankur asks them to sit, and they leave.

The people gather for ghaat aarti. Rathi family is also present there. Bhabho asks Sooraj from Vikram and Meenakshi. Sooraj says they are coming. Sandhya says who has worn watch with neon light, we have to find the thieves, their motive is linked with ghaat aarti. The guys are seen in CCTV footage. The guys smile and are on the way with Ankur and Ankita.

The guys aim gun at Ankur and Ankita. Sandhya gets the bomb inside devmata idol and informs Arpita about it.

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