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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Sooraj to say the truth, Bhabho is crying here. He pretends to talk to Bhabho, while she is unconscious. Vikram says Bhabho wants to know did you really kill Mohit for money, is there any reason and is Lalima the reason, tell her. Sooraj cries and shouts you are lying. Vikram says no, I m not lying, I m here with Bhabho. Sooraj says you are asking me, Bhabho can’t ask me this, and ends call. Sooraj sees Sandhya’s reflection and turns to her. He goes to Sandhya and asks why is she doing this, he has told her that he has done this crime, how to assure her now, this is the truth that he has killed Mohit. Sooraj goes. She thinks how did Sooraj know that Bhabho can’t ask this question.

Satya comes to Sandhya and says you are still playing games, your hardwork will go waste, Sooraj is the culprit, you have just 7 hours, we have the evidence and reason, and also Sooraj confessed the crime, you are not ready to accept this, keep thinking, just 7 hours. He leaves. Sandhya gets teary eyed and says Sooraj has confessed his crime, he is hiding something, my heart can’t believe that Sooraj has killed Mohit, even if this is impossible, I will find out the truth.

Sandhya calls the staff man and asks about Lalima. The man says we reached here, and Lalima threatened us that if we get inside the house, she will commit suicide, she kept condition that she will talk to us if you get Lokesh here, we can go inside from back door, but we are not sure that she will commit suicide or just threatening. She says no, don’t take risk, she is imp witness, I m coming there.

Lalima worries seeing the police men. Sandhya reaches there and talks to that man. The man says we tried to talk, but she is not listening. Sandhya asks does she have any weapon by which she can commit suicide. He says she has big knife, and she is asking you and Lokesh to come here. She says we can’t get Lokesh here, get someone like Lokesh’s personality, dim lights here, cover his face, he will look similar to Lokesh.

Sandhya asks Lalima to open the door. Lalima refuses and says I won’t open door till you get Lokesh. Sandhya says I got him, open window and see. Lalima says no, show me Lokesh. Sandhya says we can sit and talk, see Lokesh. Lalima opens the window and sees the guy, assuming he is Lokesh. Sandhya asks done? Now open the door…. Lalima opens the door. Sandhya stops her from harming herself. Sandhya asks her to leave the knife, and not get mad. She tries to snatch the knife from Lalima. The staff looks on. She makes the knife fall and kicks the knife away. She asks Lalima did she get mad. Lalima says leave Lokesh, punish me. Sandhya asks what happened, that you are lying, Lokesh and Sooraj are getting punished, Sooraj will go to jail tomorrow, tell the truth. Lalima asks what happened to Lokesh and Sooraj. Sandhya says Sooraj is arrested for Mohit’s murder, all evidence is against him, but I m sure he did not kill Mohit, don’t lie, tell me what is the matter.

Sooraj is in lockup and thinks his punishment should be announced before Bhabho comes, Sandhya is still investigating. Satya gets a lawyer and says I know Sooraj, you don’t want any lawyer, but according to legal laws, govt. appointed this laywer, he is Shukla. Shukla asks Sooraj is there anything you want to tell me. Sooraj says no.

Lalima says I will the truth, I did not know this happened with Lokesh and Sooraj, the truth is…. Shukla asks Sooraj again to tell him the reason for the murder, was it just money or anything else. Sooraj replies no. Lalima says I lied, as I was afraid, I did not know what to do, Lokesh is my younger brother, I did not know Sooraj will be stuck in all this, else I would have told the truth, don’t worry, I will come with you to court and tell the truth, I m not afraid now. Shukla asks Sooraj is he not helpless and scared, that he is hiding anything. Sooraj says no. Satya says this is our last chance, this case will be submitted in court tomorrow, then nothing can happen, was there anyone else that day in the field apart from you and Mohit. Sooraj says there was no one. Lalima says I will tell you who came in the field and what happened. Sandhya says it will be big help by your statement, don’t be scared, I m with you, what you do will be right, our travel will take 2-3 hours, so we have to leave now. She thinks her doubt was right, Sooraj did not call Mohit.

Its morning, the media at the court, covers the murder case of Mohit Rathi, and the police has arrested Sandhya Rathi’s husband Sooraj Rathi. Sooraj is brought to the court. The media asks Sooraj questions. Satya asks them to move. Emily and Babasa come there, and media asks Babasa what does he want to say seeing his elder son killing his younger son. Sooraj wishes he gets punished soon, he is afraid that Sandhya brings the truth out, where is she. Sandhya and Lalima are on the way. Sandhya asks constable to drive fast, just 15 mins are left. Sandhya asks Lalima will she give same statement what she told her. Lalima asks her not to worry. Babasa is troubled by media. Sandhya’s car gets out of control.

The judge is giving the final verdict, and Bhabho enters the court. She stops the judge, Sooraj gets tensed seeing Bhabho. 

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