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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lalima being shocked hearing Sandhya. Sandhya says I know you met Mohit in the fields on your engagement day. Lalima thinks Lokesh is in danger, if I say the truth, Lokesh will be trapped. Sandhya asks Lalima to say the truth. Lalia thinks she can’t say anything and ends call. Sandhya gets angry and calls back. Lalima switches off her phone. Sandhya thinks Lokesh and Lalima are hiding a big truth, its about innocent Sooraj’s life and she has to find truth. She calls her staff to get number location and catch Lalima. She thinks to save Sooraj before matter goes in court tomorrow.

Bhabho says Meenakshi…. Meenakshi cries and was trying to switch off the tv. Bhabho says you are still interested in watching tv, even here. Meenakshi gets relieved seeing the tv off. Vikram says don’t worry Bhabho, come.

Satya hears the criminals’ arguments and asks constable whats happening. The constable tells about the criminal arguing and fighting in lockup and Sooraj is in same cell. Satya asks him to keep Sooraj alone and sends him. he tells Awasthi that this is high profile case and they can’t make any mistake. Sandhya hears him and asks him to come out. Sandhya tells him about Lalima’s lies, and she has found out everything, maybe Lalima is involved in this murder, and Lokesh knows this, so he was hiding this. The constable brings Sooraj there. Sooraj says Sandhya, I have admitted I killed Mohit, why are you dragging innocent people in this case, I m ready for my punishment, don’t do this with anyone innocent. Sooraj is taken away. She says I had doubt before, Lokesh is hiding Lalima’s name, but Sooraj got so angry hearing Lalima’s name, I got sure now, Sooraj wants to save Lalima, it means Lalima has killed Mohit. Satya says but…

Sandhya says I know Sooraj, he can kill his brother for money, he can’t even imagine doing that. Satya says finally the wife in the police officer came out, you are trying to prove Sooraj innocent by keeping every protocol aside, you made a criminal talk to his mother in the fields. She says the phone was on speaker. He says you are ready to hang an innocent person to save her husband. They argue. He reminds her duty and says Sooraj has accepted his crime, I know you are related to this case emotionally, but I m not, just accept that Sooraj is the murderer, you can come if you want, I did not want you to become a part of this case, as your family is involved in this.

She reminds saying that you told this is good factor, as I know my family well, I know Sooraj did not kill Mohit, I will prove Lalima’s truth and Sooraj’s innocence, even if you don’t support me. He calls her adamant and asks her to try, she has just 10 hours, till court opens and this case gets submitted in the court. He leaves.

Sandhya gets a call. The man says the number was traced and constable is sent to catch Lalima. Sandhya says she has to know what is Sooraj hiding. Lalima recalls Sandhya’s words and worries. Lalima recalls what happened in the fields, when she went to meet Mohit.

FB shows Lalima going in the fields and seeing Mohit. FB ends. Lalima drops the water glass and says Lokesh is in big problem, what shall I do. She cries. Sooraj worries for Bhabho and asks constable can he make a call, his mother’s operation is there. The constable does not help. Sandhya looks on and thinks this news is on all news channels, Bhabho may know this. She calls Vikram. She asks about Bhabho’s operation, did it finish, how is she. Vikram looks at Bhabho and says her operation is done well, but she did not get conscious, doctor said she will get conscious till morning. She asks did Bhabho get to know about Sooraj… He says no, we have hidden it till now, but tell me, Bhabho will know truth after coming home, how will she bear this. She asks for his help. He asks what. She says listen to me carefully and tells her plan… He agrees. She thanks him and ends call. He sees the news on tv and cries.

The constable asks Sooraj to come. Sandhya tells Vikram that Sooraj is coming. Sooraj comes there. She tells Sooraj that Bhabho’s operation is over, she got conscious and wants to talk to you. She goes and takes the other line receiver to hear them. Vikram tells Sooraj that Bhabho’s operation is done, she is conscious, she is weak and doctor asked her not to talk so soon, she is with me, I will put phone on speaker, talk to her. He asks Bhabho to talk to Sooraj, and asks Sooraj to talk to her, he has put speaker on. Sooraj says Bhabho, are you fine. Vikram says Bhabho is saying she is fine. Sandhya thinks she does not like to like to Sooraj, but she is helpless, and this is only way to make him tell the truth.

Vikram says there is one more thing, Bhabho has seen the news on tv, she knows the truth, she is not ready to accept, she is adamant and saying she won’t take medicines. He asks Bhabho not to cry and pretends to console Bhabho, to make Sooraj emotional. He tells Sooraj that Bhabho is not agreeing, tell her the truth, then Bhabho will take medicines. He tells Bhabho that Sooraj will say the truth. He asks Sooraj to say…. Sandhya cries and thinks Sooraj is hiding some truth, it will be known now.

Satya says Sooraj is our culprit. You can prove the truth in 7 hours. She says I will find it. The man informs Sandhya that Lalima has committed suicide. Sandhya gets shocked.

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