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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya sending nurse by that man. She then goes to meet Arzoo. Constable asks her to go, she can’t meet Arzoo, else he has to take action. She says fine, I will go. She leaves. She signs that man. He shows thumbs up. The investigation team talk to commissioner about Sandhya. Commissioner says we did not reach any point, Sandhya gave statement and then I have seen the inquiry committee result, doctor said Arzoo will get fine, whatever statement she gives, we will take action based on him.

The man says Sandhya was missing for two days, her family did not know this, then she gave this shocking statement that Arzoo is innocent, can you tell us whats going on in Sandhya’s mind. Commissioner says Sandhya is tensed and has pressure. The man says she had left that man who attacked the minister, she did not stop the criminal, then she leaves house at night, gives gold chain to thief, then goes to bajpaas village, and lands in police station for not paying fare, then she sits with beggars in temple, I have video clip.

Sandhya and the man are on the way in ambulance. They take Arzoo. The man says I m a reporter, the minister killed my wife, I wanted to kill him that day, when I saw your statement in media, I had hope that you are very honest and bold, maybe I can take your help. I wanted to tell you that minister is real culprit, I kidnapped you to tell you truth, but trust lost once again. She says trust wins at last. He asks what did you think now, you took big risk by taking Arzoo out of hospital, you can lose your uniform and get punished. She says I accept any punishment to save an innocent life, I have to plan that minister can’t harm Arzoo, take care of Arzoo, don’t go till I don’t come.

Commissioner sees the video of temple scene. The thief says I was shocked seeing her, she gave all her jewelry to me. The inspector says I felt she is losing her mental balance, don’t know what happened to her. Sandhya is stopped as seniors meeting is going on. The man asks commissioner to say now. Commissioner says this is not true, I know Sandhya, she is responsible officer, and mentally strong, we should not forget she saved townhall, her hands does not shake when it was about her duty. She has shot her Devraani Arzoo for her duty, about mental stress, its not new thing, after a big encounter, officer goes through post traumatic stress, it does not mean you regard the officer mad.

Sandhya goes inside and says sorry Sir, I got big info, I got to know who helped Gul, that’s why Gul is away from us, that’s a corrupt politician Purushottam, he has helped other terrorists too, Arzoo got to know about him, and came to inform me at townhall, I shot her being mistaken and Puru’s truth was covered, I did mistake that time, now Puru is trying to kill Arzoo, I saved her in nick of the time, come with me. The man asks what, you shot Arzoo, then said she is innocent, now you are blaming minister.

She asks them to come along, she has to show Arzoo, they need help. They all go downstairs. She sees the ambulance missing and thinks where did ambulance go. She says ambulance is missing, I came by ambulance, Arzoo and that man was with me, I m saying truth, Puru has done this, I was afraid of this, Puru kidnapped them, we should take action against Puru, that man is a reporter, his wife was also a reporter, they made sting operation against Puru, that’s why Puru killed his wife, this is the same man who kidnapped me, he wanted to tell me everything. Puru and his men reached there, so he has run away, take action against Puru please, its not any story, I m saying truth. The man says agreed, any evidence to prove this.

She says I don’t have evidence, but I belief that man. Commissioner and others do not trust her. She says I m saying truth, I remember ambulance number, I will prove it. She calls control room and asks them to trace ambulance and take it in custody. The man says ambulance is there in hospital. She asks what, ambulance is parked at hospital. She says how can this happen. They call hospital to check if Arzoo is in hospital.

Arzoo is taken back to the hospital, and Puru’s helper nurse is hidden. Inspector goes to check Arzoo. Inspector comes there and sees sends those men out. He sees Arzoo and informs commissioner that Arzoo is infront of him in hospital. The man asks commissioner to accept now what Sandhya lost her mental balance. Sandhya gets shocked.

Puru tells Arzoo that she is in this state because of Sandhya. He gives her a gun and asks her to kill Sandhya.

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