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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya asking for kurta blood marks and stone marks reports, as its high profile case and he wants results soon. Sandhya thinks what is Sooraj hiding. Emily comes to meet her. Sandhya asks how is Babasa. Emily says fine. Sandhya asks how are you. Emily sees her pain and holds her hands. She says I m fine and I can understand what you are going through, you always supported us in every tough time, you have to be strong. Sandhya hugs her and cries. Emily says everything will be fine. Satya looks on.

Sandhya says I can’t believe Sooraj did this. Emily says even I can’t believe this, Sooraj can’t do this, he has given importance to relations all his life, he can’t kill his brother for money. Satya hears them and thinks. Sandhya gets the call from the laundry man. He says Lalima’s lahenga has come from dry cleaning, I have to tell something. She says I will come. She asks Emily to come with her, she will drop her. They leave.

The man shows the lahenga and says the red soil marks did not go completely. Sandhya thinks the red soil was that in that field, if she got ready wearing this, she would have gone parlor too. She takes the lahange. Satya tells the senior that all evidence is against Sooraj. They get the forensic report and blood sample found on kurta is matching with Mohit’s blood, and that stone is used in murder. Satya says now its clear. Senior asks for Lokesh’s story. Satya says Lokesh reached crime spot late, and Mohit was already dead. Maybe Lokesh has seen him dead and put him in well, Sooraj went back there again and threw the stone inside the well, then he also left from crime spot. Lokesh said he fought with Mohit, I don’t understand, it means Lokesh is lying, but why, we are finding out. Senior says find out why is Lokesh lying, real culprit will run away if any link is missing, I m proud of you and Sandhya, you worked hard and did not let the case go to CBI, else department would have lose name, but its bad that Sandhya’s husband is the murderer, we will present this in court, we will inform to media too, their lost trust will be back on police.

Sandhya goes to parlor and shows Lalima’s pic. The lady says yes, we have her pic too and shows Sandhya. Sandhya sees it and thinks Lalima has worn Meenakshi’s given lahenga, it means she is lying, she has hidden this as she may have gone to field that day. She asks when did she leave from here on that day. The lady gives the time, she was talking to someone on phone and said she will go to field after getting ready, I felt it strange and remember this. Sandhya thinks Lalima would have reached there in 15mins, it means she met Mohit when he was alive, what is she hiding, can she be Mohit’s murderer or linked to the murderer?

Satya gets papers from the lawyer. Sandhya thinks to find out why Lalima lied. Sandhya is on the way and recalls Lalima’s lies and her behavior on engagement day. She thinks is there connection of Sooraj’s statement with Lalima, just Lalima can tell the truth. Meenakshi cries and talks to Vikram. She says Bhabhi is going for operation, I spoke to Emily, Babasa is in shock, what did this happen, I can’t believe Sooraj can kill Mohit, why are you silent, say something. She asks did Sooraj really kill Mohit. He gets angry and shouts, saying he does not want to talk at this time. Bhabho looks on from the ward and calls Vikram.

Vikram and Meenakshi go to Bhabho. Bhabho asks them what happened, why was he shouting. He says Meenakshi was saying this and that. Bhabho says call Sooraj, else he will worry. Vikram says yes, I will tell him. He asks Meenakshi to come with him. Sandhya comes home and calls out Lalima. Emily says Babasa just slept, talk slowly, Lalima has gone to village, Lokesh said her aunt is ill, Lokesh has gone out, he will come, I will see Pari and goes. Lokesh sees Sandhya and hides. He leaves. Sandhya sees him and runs to catch him. She catches him and asks what is he hiding.

Vikram and Meenakshi are taking Bhabho for operation. He signs her to go fast. Meenakshi sees news and rushes to switches it off. The reporter tells about Mohit’s murder case solved, and Sooraj Rathi is arrested. Meenakshi mutes it and tries to switch it off, as Sooraj’s pic is shown on it. the remote falls. Meenakshi tries to switch off and prays. Sandhya asks Lokesh is he playing games to save his sister. He says no, I told you everything. She says say the truth, don’t lie, and sends him to police station. She takes his phone and calls Lalima. Lalima says I was waiting for your call Lokesh, did Sandhya doubt on you, if Sandhya knows our truth, what will we do. Sandhya says I know half truth and called you to know complete truth. Lalima gets shocked.

Sandhya calls Vikram and asks for his help. Sooraj talks to Vikram. Vikram tells Sooraj that Bhabho is very annoyed with you and wants you to tell the truth.

Written Update By Amena


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