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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho massaging Babasa’s hair. She says we are lucky to get a son like Sooraj and bahu like Sandhya, they are very obedient, getting a son like Sooraj has made all our births successful, we can leave the house on their shoulders. He reminds her about ghaat aarti, you should go there, I saw your wish to go there. Sandhya calls Sooraj and asks did he do registration. He says I know Bhabho wants to attend this function..

Bhabho says I always wanted to do, but did not get chance, this time I feel like Devmata commanded me to come. Babasa asks her to tell Sooraj. Bhabho says he has many responsibilities, Kanak is young, I could not tell them, but I know if Devmata calls me, I will get invitation on own. Wind blows and form and pic flies. Ved rushes to get Sandhya and Sooraj’s pic. Sooraj stops Ved and sees the pic falling in the pool. Bhabho feels restless and prays for her family’s safety. Sooraj sees the pic gone away. Ved says your and mumma’s pic has sunk. Sooraj says yes, I have another pic, we will paste that, its fine, we will submit form and then you have to see Devmata idol, come.

Sooraj submits form. Ved tells pujari that he wants to see idol. Pandit scolds him and asks him to come in morning, this is not the time. Ved asks Sooraj why did pandit get angry and scold him, he could have said well. Sooraj says he would be tired to stand since morning. Ved sees light inside the devmata place and thinks pandit ji said Devmata would be sleeping this time, whats that light. Sooraj asks what happened. Ved sees light gone. Sooraj takes him home.

Bhabho opens the door and asks them where did they go, she was so worried. Sooraj says we did not hide anything, I know you will know as you can guess it. Ved says Bhabho was scolding and now she is loving Sooraj. Sooraj says yes, she is world’s best mum. Ved says my mumma is best. They argue. Bhabho stops them and says all mothers are best, your mumma ia really good, where did you both go, tell me. Sooraj says I went to ghaat, I submitted form in ghaat aarti function, we are going to become part of aarti tomorrow, you wanted to go there right, that’s why I wrote name. Bhabho smiles happily.
Bhabho thinks Sooraj understands everything without my saying. She tells Sooraj that Kanak is calling him. Sooraj and Ved leave. Babasa tells Bhabho that Sooraj understands everything without your need to say. Bhabho smiles. Sandhya plays rattle and asks Kanak to come. Sooraj talks to Chotu and ends call. Sandhya asks whose call was it. Sooraj says Chotu was asking me to convince Bhabho to stay with Arzoo in Dubai. She says Bhabho won’t agree, she can’t leave without Kanak. He says great, I thought you will wish Bhabho to go. Sandhya says yes, but it will take 4-5 months, family won’t look complete without her, I will tell Bhabho to refuse to Chotu.

He says you got selfish. She says fine, I m selfish to get Bhabho, we can’t imagine house without Bhabho, who will scold me, taunt me and explain me. She says I got habitual to Bhabho, I can’t live without Bhabho. He says what will I answer to Chotu. She says no need to give answer, if you do brother’s duty, your life’s two ladies Kanak and I will get annoyed. He says this is wrong. She says this threatening is wife’s right, I will use wife’s tactics if you don’t agree. He says Meenakshi’s line of giving up life. Sandhya asks him never to say this, her breath is linked to his life, even death can’t come in between. Diya aur baati………plays………. They hug.

Sooraj and other men come to police station. The men say we get worried when police calls us. Sooraj says maybe they called us to talk. Arpita comes and greets them. Sooraj asks whats the matter. She asks about police check at temple. Sandhya looks on and thinks whats Arpita asking Sooraj. Sooraj says there was police check, we reached temple late. The man says I also reached late and saw Devi maa’s glimpse. Arpita asks did they see anything weird there. Sandhya thinks something happened at ghaat aarti temple, and goes. Arpita says any person’s nature which looked strange. Sooraj says Ved was with me, he said he wanted to see Devi Maa, trustee scolded Ved. Arpita says you mean you felt trustee’s behavior looked strange.

Sandhya talks to commissioner, and says what Devmata’s idol got stolen. He says yes, pandit informed me, why are you shocked, did Arpita not tell you. Sandhya thinks Arpita did not inform me and did not tell about investigation. She says I will find out. He asks her to be careful that this matter does not get weak, else people will get aggressive.

Sandhya meets Sooraj and he asks about the investigation. Arpita thinks how Sandhya will tell everything to Sooraj and starts recording. Sandhya does not tell Sooraj. He says we will meet in evening, we have to do for ghaat aarti. He leaves. Sandhya goes to Arpita and asks why did she not tell her about this case. Arpita says you were already tired by last case, if you are not there, police department will not get locked. Sandhya says I know, police dept has best officers, I did not join to take rest, its not hardwork for me, its joy of my life, till I m here, I will do my duty well and protect every citizen.

Arpita says temple’s trustee is the thief. Sandhya says I don’t think this case is simple, there is something we are not able to see.

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