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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Arzoo walking away with the puppy. Resham smiles seeing Arzoo and Chotu’s pic. She says Arzoo and Aryan, such a beautiful pair. Meenakshi boils milk. She puts milk in glass and wants to remove the Malai. Bhabho comes and says add this pista and badam in Chotu’s milk, its for him. Bhabho goes. Meenakshi says Bhabho does limits, Chotu is not her own son, I won’t add this. Meenakshi adds water in the milk glass. She takes glass. Bhabhi stops her and asks are you taking milk for Chotu. Meenakshi says yes. Bhabho says you do so much for us, I don’t care for you, you got slim, you need this badam milk, you drink this. Meenakshi says no, I will give this to Chotu. Bhabho says no, this is my command, drink it fast. Meenakshi makes faces and drinks. Bhabho smiles and asks did you get energy now. She goes to kitchen and sees dry fruits milk glass hidden in jar. She stops Meenakshi.

Meenakshi says I was just …. Bhabho asks her to give this milk glass to Chotu and stop all this tricks. She asks her to treat Chotu well, as I regard him as my own son. She sends Meenakshi.

Sandhya looks at Chotu and combs Ved’s hair. She makes Ved ready and puts socks to his hands. Ved asks what are you doing. Sandhya sees the socks. Chotu talks to Sooraj and says everyone is fine here. Sandhya wants to talk to Sooraj. Chotu says fine, I will make you talk to someone else and gives phone to Ved. Ved asks him when will he come, and asks him to get gifts. He says love you, miss you and returns phone. Ved hugs Sandhya and says love you. She says love you too and asks him to wear shoes. Chotu asks what happened. She says nothing. He says your nothing reminded me of your old days, when you married Sooraj and I used to pass messages between you and Sooraj. They recall that time. Chotu says fate has give me chance to become postman again, Sooraj is missing you like always, he is coming back today. She asks really, why did you not tell me before. She smiles and looks at her bangles. He thinks Sandhya and Sooraj’s pairing is like Diya and Baati.

Scene shifts to Pakistan….. Arzoo sees her and Chotu’s pics and smiles. Resham comes to her and takes Chotu’s pic. She says I m going to meet him, so you keep this pic. Arzoo smiles. Aunty looks on. Resham jokes. Aunty taunts them and asks Resham not to work hard in this age, this fat Arzoo does not have marriage in her fate, she did not get guy here, will she get guy in India, changing country does not change fate, she will come back from there too. Resham tells Arzoo that when your Chachijaan/aunty says this work won’t happen, then it happens, her curses gets changed to blessing by Lord. She gives hope to Arzoo and sings. Arzoo smiles.

Aunty comes to taunt them and throws belans/rollers there. She asks Resham to praise Arzoo and say her qualities/talents. She says tell the guy’s family that Arzoo breaks belans while making rotis. Resham says Arzoo breaks belans, not anyone’s heart. Aunty says maybe Arzoo can get married by the 10 lakhs she has on her name. Resham scolds her for eyeing that money. She says Arzoo will get married and get her share, its her fate. She asks Arzoo to come with her, and scolds aunty. Aunty says yes, go to India, there they will name Arzoo as terrorist too. Resham and Arzoo worry. Aunty says yes, this will be the name she will get as her Meher. Arzoo goes.

Sandhya attends the meeting. Commissioner tells her about terrorism spreading. He says we got report that Pakistan is sending people here, they will come in any look, as any common man, so that we don’t target them. He asks all officers to be alert, we have to make our strength their fear.

Arzoo gets sad and recalls her aunty’s words. She asks Resham does Indians think of every Pakistani as terrorists, don’t they see us as humans, I have lived with Mushtandi/physically heavy built tag, but I can’t live with terrorist tag. Resham says its not like that, you are lucky, don’t care about aunty’s words, tell me how did you like Chotu, he is handsome right. She says you are princess, I wish your parents were alive and cheers her with Salman’s lines. She says I want to come back from India in 2 days and get your happiness. Arzoo asks her to bring Salman movie DVDs and Salman’s shirtless pic. Resham promises. Arzoo hugs her. Resham says I will bring that. Arzoo says Salman’s DVD should be there, even when you don’t get groom.

Sandhya asks her staff to increase security and be alert, check everyone, old, young, women, whoever, we have to stop them, we learnt to teach lesson to devils.

Arzoo calls someone and asks him to pick Dadi from Delhi airport. He says I m at airport, there is no flight here. She says Dadi called me from airport and tells terminal he says I was at wrong airport, I m here as Hyderabad flights come at domestic one. Arzoo says I m talking from Hyderabad which is at Pakistan. Aunty gets annoyed. The man says there is famous Hyderabad in India too. Arzoo says I did not know this, forgive me, I m sorry, you go to international airport, take her to Ajmer dargah. He says don’t worry, I will go now.

Ajmer dargah is shown. Bhardo jholi meri……….plays………. Resham comes there and thinks Sita promised to meet here, she would be coming. She hears someone saying Sita and goes to that lady. She covers her eyes and says their childhood lines. The lady turns and asks who are you. Resham says sorry, I thought you are my friend Sita. Resham talks to another lady and says I m sure Sita will come, she never breaks promise. She sees Chotu’s pic and says very soon Arzoo and Aryan’s proposal will be fixed.

Chotu talks to Bhabho and says yes, I m at Ajmer Dargah, I m doing this as you said, for my Dadi Sita’s soul peace. Bhabho makes halwa and talks to Sandhya. She says Sooraj is coming today, so I made gajar halwa for him, my hand touched hot kadai. Sandhya asks her to apply ointment. Bhabho says its fine, such small wounds do not matter. Sandhya calls driver and says I m coming. She leaves. Resham thinks where is Sita and asks lady to tell Sita that I have gone to drink water. Aryan takes water/ juice glasses and Sita’s pic is there. Resham passes by.

Resham and Sandhya are at same shop, buying something. Chotu’s pic falls by Resham’s hand and Sandhya picks it.

Written Update By Amena


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