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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj recalling Mohit’s words and deeds. He cries. Sandhya comes and says I told you, the relation is not good between Mohit and Emily, we have to do something. Emily talks on phone and says she can’t bear it now, its about her self esteem now, I decided, I have to do something after Lalima’s engagement tomorrow. She cries and sees her and Mohit’s pic. Sooraj says how can anyone fall so low, why did Mohit vent out his anger on Lalima, what did Lalima do. Sandhya says I did not know Mohit got his anger on Lalima, which he had for Emily. I have seen hatred in his eyes for Lalima. Sooraj says I think its some other reason. She says Lalima would know, we will take these diwali gifts and give them, we will ask Lalima.

She gets an envelop, with diwali wishes for Sooraj and Sandhya. She checks the paper, and says its Lalima’s shop papers, she has gifted you her shop as Diwali’s gift. He asks what and checks the papers. Bhabho asks Ved to call Lalima and Lokesh. Lokesh tells Lalima that we will go home, your engagement will happen in our home, I will invite Rathi family. She says no, we can’t go because of one person, once engagement happens, we will go from this house. Ved comes and asks them to come.

Bhabho thinks to do something and asks Misri to see why did Ved not call Lalima till now. Bhabho smiles seeing Lalima coming with Ved. Sooraj asks Lalima about the papers. She says diwali’s gift. He says sorry, I can’t accept it. Bhabho asks why Sooraj, it’s a gift. Meenakshi asks Sooraj whats the gift which he can’t take. Sandhya tells them that Lalima is gifting her shop as gift to Sooraj. They all get glad, while Bhabho looks on.

Sooraj says Lalima, I m working hard and will make my shop soon. So you keep this shop. Lalima says I m going to marry and have to manage a home, I want rest, the thing should be with someone who values it, you value it, so you keep it. Sooraj refuses. Lalima says fine, I will give shop to someone else. Meenakshi asks Vikram to try to get shop. Vikram says I don’t know making jalebis. Lalima asks Sooraj to think. Lokesh says I will go abroad for further studies, you will have shop some day, think once, you can keep this shop.

Sooraj agrees to accept gift, and asks Lalima to take the price for shop. Meenakshi tells Vikram that he can ask money from us. Sooraj says I don’t have money now, but I will pay in installments every month, tell me if you agree. Lalima says I agree, and asks Sooraj to make sweets for her engagement tomorrow, by inaugurating his shop. Sooraj looks at the keys.

Bhabho says Sooraj, the shop came back to you, I wish Lord makes you prosper, and gives him his old Karchi. They all congratulate him. Ved asks for their gifts. Sandhya gives the gifts to everyone. They all get glad. Its morning, Sooraj makes the sweets and asks Sandhya to taste. Sandhya likes the sweets and asks for the sweetest one. Sooraj says sorry, no sweet is sweeter than you.

She gives the order and money. He returns the money and says sweetness meets just sweetness, and holds her hand. She calls him naughty sweet maker and laughs saying you flirt well. She shows Kurta for him, and says I will wear matching lahenga in Lalima’s engagement, we will take pic and keep in our special album. She asks did he talk to Lalima about Mohit. He says its happy moment, we will talk after her engagement.

Bhabho talks to jeweler and hurries to get the gold chain. The man says 5 mins, you have juice, till then it will come. The man gets a call and says fine, it will be a problem. He ends call and says sorry, the chain is ready and is at Ajmer’s shop. Bhabho gets angry and asks for address, she will get it herself. He gives her address and she goes.

Komal meets Mohit and asks for money. She says token amount will go, if I don’t pay total money for flat. He asks her for some time. She says I will come on road. He says listen… They hear some sound and turn to see. They see someone and get shocked.

Sandhya gets shocked seeing Mohit’s body brought out of the well, while the media question about Mohit’s suicide or murder possibility.

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