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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishabh driving and telling Sooraj and Sandhya that we showed many doctors, no doctor could catch this disease info, once we know truth about this, the superstition will get end. Sandhya sees her hands. Sooraj asks is everything fine. She says yes, my hand got more blue by sunlight, than other hand. She says I think neelvish gets more by sunlight. Sooraj asks Rishabh to see. Sooraj says we can tell this to some doctor. Sooraj calls doctor. Sandhya tells doctor that her hand turned more blue by sunlight, I thought to tell you this point so that this can help in your research. He says we will check this angle in our research. She asks him to find out soon, I have to know about this disease.

Arzoo tells Babasa that we all have to find out about neelvish disease, maybe we can help Sandhya and everyone. Babasa says sure. Vikram comes and says Meenakshi called me, she said Sandhya got neelvish. They get shocked. Vikram says this disease is not known by any doctor, Sandhya was against this superstitions, she won’t go to temple, I m sure. Arzoo asks Babasa to be strong, they have to stand together and become strength. He asks her to call Bhabho, he will talk to her.

Om goes to Maasa and gives the sindoor box. She asks this sindoor box? He says Emily got this with this belongings in storeroom. She says yes….. He says lie to cover another lie, we can’t hide the truth, Emily is close to your secret, he will know what we have hidden from her. Maasa says no, Emily should not know Purvi is alive, you do something. He asks what shall I do, its enough Maasa, I m lying a lot, I can’t do this now. He moves the cupboard and sees Purvi. He shouts Emily to call her there. Maasa stops Om. Om says we should tell Emily that Purvi is alive, she is in coma, we are using her innocence and goodness, we should tell Emily that Purvi’s accident happened three days before she came here, she is in guilt, why are we doing this. She says no, let this secret be a secret. He says no, I will tell everything to Emily. She says fine, go, we won’t go better mum than Emily for Sparsh, if you want Sparsh does not get a mother, then do what you want. He sees Purvi and locks that room. He keeps cupboard back and leaves.

Babasa talks to Bhabho and asks about Sandhya. She says Sandhya is stubborn. She is not ready to go to temple, her tests are done, there is nothing in tests. He says I will come there. She says no need, this place is not good, I will try to explain Sandhya. He asks her to come back soon. She says yes, I think Sandhya came and ends call. He says Sandhya explains everyone and now who will explain her. Sooraj makes Sandhya rest. Ved gets juice for Sandhya, and asks her to have it. he sees her state. Bhabho cries.

Sandhya drinks juice and thanks Ved. He says now you have shown to doctor, there is no use, you can go to temple now, Devi made Riddhi fine, she will make you fine too. Meenakshi says yes, he is saying right. Ved says I can’t see mumma like this. Bhabho says don’t lose courage Ved. Sandhya says I m feeling hurt seeing a science student like you saying so, I m feeling sorrow seeing my son saying such things. Ved asks will you not go to temple. She says no. Ved gets angry and runs. Bhabho cries and asks Sandhya not to be adamant.

Ved angrily tears his book and burns the science book. Everyone get shocked. Sandhya looks on and rushes to stop him. She says these books give you knowledge and make you know right and wrong, books are Saraswati Maa, how dare you insult books. Everyone look on. Sandhya cries and says did I teach you this. She recalls her dad and says what her dad used to say, books are a bundle of knowledge, but you did this. She says I got these books for Ved’s exams and pocks all the books with respect. She keeps books over her head and cries.

Ved takes books from her hands and keeps over his head. He cries and says I m sorry. Sandhya hugs Ved. Ved says I want to see you fine, go to temple once, I was scared seeing your state, if anything happens to you then, I don’t want to lose you, I can’t stay without you. Everyone cry. Ved says please for my sake, agree. She says nothing will happen, I won’t go leaving you, don’t be scared. She hugs him and cries. Ved says I will do what you say, if you agree to your son and go to temple, just once. Bhabho asks Sandhya to agree for their sake, Ved is saying by love. Meenakshi says yes, agree for Ved’s sake. Sandhya agrees as Ved wants her to go to temple. They all get relieved. Sandhya says I will go to Mukeshwari Mata temple. Ved hugs her and says you are really very good. Sandhya looks at Sooraj and signs. She thinks I will go to temple, not because I gave up, but to expose the truth, last time Dakshak temple did not let me get inside temple, this time I can go there and see what is this Mukeshwari, tonight I will face her.

Sooraj asks Sandhya to take the gun along, she may need this. Sandhya takes the gun. Binny tells Sandhya that people don’t believe you and want to check you. Sandhya gets tensed.

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