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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj taking Ved and leaving from the village. He hides Ved’s face as some people pass chanting Mukeshwari’s name. Sooraj gets shocked and stops the car seeing something hanging in the air. He wonders what is that dummy and gets down the car to check. He goes close to the dummy and sees some man’s dummy. The dummy falls over Sooraj. Sooraj gets shocked and gets away.

His car starts and gets back. Sooraj shouts Ved and runs after the car. He holds the car from going backwards. He sits in the car and stops the car. He sighs relief. He sees Ved sleeping and starts the car again. He wipes his sweat and drives ahead. He gets a call from Sandhya. Sandhya asks where did you reach, is everything fine there. He says yes, I told you, we will leave from here in some time, we are fine, you manage yourself. She says I was much scared. He says there is nothing to get scared, I told you I will leave with Ved in night, we are fine.

Ved wakes up and looks around. He asks where are we, where is mumma. Sooraj says she is at home, I m with you, you sleep. She turns and drops the phone in shock, seeing her face in mirror. She gets shocked seeing her face blue. Meenakshi comes and says power went, take this lantern. She screams seeing Sandhya and says Sandhya got neelvish. Sooraj hears this on call and gets shocked. Sooraj asks Sandhya how did you get neelvish. Sandhya sees her hands and face. Sooraj calls out Sandhya, and waits for her to answer. Ved says I want to go to mumma, please Papa, she got neelvish, take me there. Sooraj says yes, we will go back. He takes a u turn and goes back.

Vikram says its our mistake to stay here, all women went with Bhabho, our family got stuck there, Mukeshwari Devi and Dakshak snake, don’t know how will Sandhya manage. Babasa says Vikram, we will also go there, our family is stuck there, we shall leave. Vikram says I will get taxi. Arzoo says wait, we should not take decisions in hurry, Bhabho asked us to stay here, there will be some reason. Vikram says whatever reason it is, but our family needs us, its strange place and dangerous disease, I have seen that neelvish. She says we can increase their problems there, we should stay here and help them, we should find what is this neelvish. Babasa says Arzoo is right, I will ask my friends. Vikram agrees. She says I will go with Chotu, and meet teachers and doctors.

Ved asks Sandhya to come with her to temple, Devi will make you fine. Sandhya says you know I don’t believe all this, I will get fine. He says you got neelvish, just Devi can make you fine, you can show to any doctor, but come with me once, please agree. Bhabho asks Sandhya to agree. Sandhya says I will be fine. Ved cries. Sooraj says we will take Sandhya to big hospital, don’t worry. Ved says take her to hospital, but Binny and Bhabho prepare to take Sandhya to temple. Binny says we are ready to take her, but will Sandhya go there. Ved says yes, she has to go temple to get fine soon, see she got so weak. Sandhya refuses. Binny says see Ved, she said she won’t go. Ved asks them to explain Sandhya. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to agree and go to temple. Bhabho cries and tells Sandhya to meet any doctor, but whats harm in going to temple, agree once for Ved and my sake.

Sooraj says if not temple, I will take her to hospital. Rishabh says I will get car. Bhabho consoles Ved and says nothing will happen to Sandhya.

Rishabh takes Sooraj to Sandhya in his car. They are on the way. Sooraj holds Sandhya and says Ved is scared seeing you, we can’t see your state, Vikram took Riddhi and what happened then. Rishabh asks what. Sooraj says there was no report about neelvish. He tells Sandhya that her thinking is not wrong, but nothing should happen to her, she should stay fine, once they go to temple, Ved and they all will get relieved, we will go there. Sandhya refuses. Sooraj cries and says I can’t lose you at any cost. She says your love is weakening you at this time, if I go temple today, I will not explain right and wrong to Ved, my son will get superstitious forever, its fight of belief and superstitions, we have to fight. Sooraj asks Rishabh to driver fast. He makes Sandhya lie in his lap.

Ved prays to Lord for Sandhya’s recovery. Binny goes to him and says you are very smart, you love Sandhya, you prayed to Devi Maa right. He asks will Sandhya get fine. She says yes, but she has to go to temple, you have to explain her that neelvish disease can’t be cured by Mukeshwari’s blessing. He says she won’t go, she does not believe that, I can’t see her like this. She says don’t cry, children can convince parents always, you know how to convince Sandhya. Bhabho hears her and asks what are you teaching him. Binny says I m teaching him for Sandhya, did you see not Pradeep’s state, we felt he will die, but he got fine, can you see Sandhya die by suffering….?

Its morning, Rishabh is still driving. Sandhya and Sooraj are in the car. Sandhya sees her hands turning blue and shows Sooraj….

Ved asks Sandhya to come with him to temple, Devi will make him fine. Sandhya says no. Ved goes outside and burns something. They all get shocked.

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