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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking where are you Sooraj ji, Vikram called and said you did not reach home. He says I m fine, we were passing by and this happened, don’t worry, I have sent Bhabho and Arzoo in police van. He sees a police car coming. He falls down and some black cloth falls over him. He gets hidden inside and just his hand and leg fall out. Sandhya feels restless and holds her tummy/baby. Sandhya’s car passes through the same lane. Bhabho comes home. Everyone make her sit and give her water. Babasa asks where is Sooraj.

Bhabho says Sooraj made us sit in the van, and said he will come later, but I feel restless that I left him there. Arzoo says Sooraj made a lady sit in his place. Vikram says city state looks bad, don’t know what will happen. Bhabho says nothing can happen to Sooraj. Vikram says I will call Sooraj. He calls Sooraj and can’t connect. Sandhya sees someone and stops the car. She asks the officers to check the lane well, is anyone trapped here. She sees Sooraj’s hand and before she could help, she gets alert from control room about firing going on in the nearby area. She asks inspector to take Sooraj to hospital, and does not see Sooraj’s face. Sooraj is taken in ambulance. She feels restless. She leaves from there. Bhabho waits for Sooraj, and asks Vikram what happened, did you call Sandhya. He says network jammed. Bhabho says I will go and get my son. Vikram stops her. She says if its curfew, then what, my son is in trouble, he would be in problem that he did not come home, I can’t sit here at home. Vikram says no, stay here, I will go. Babasa says no one will go. The phone rings.

Babasa attends call and asks Sooraj where are you, we are worried for you, tell me how are you. Om says its me Om, Sooraj is with me, he is fine. Om has treated Sooraj at the hospital. Bhabho asks how is Sooraj. Babasa tells Bhabho that Om is with Sooraj, they are fine. Bhabho takes phone and asks Om to bring Sooraj home, I would get peace seeing Sooraj. Om says its curfew, its tough to reach home, I will come home with Sooraj home. She says Sooraj is fine, nothing can happen to him. Om looks at Sooraj, lying on the ward bed. He says sorry Bhaisa, I had to lie to everyone, I would not have courage to tell everyone that you are in this state here. Sandhya feels restless and thinks to talk to Sooraj once. She calls Sooraj. Om attends call and says Sooraj is with me, he is fine, don’t worry.

She ends call seeing some little kid. She stops the car and goes to the kid. She asks where is your mum, and rescues him. She gets busy in her duty. Its night, Sandhya is still on her duty. The police officers talk about being busy and tired by all day work. She asks constable to go home, city is under control now. Constable says when my senior officer is not complaining after all day duty, how can I leave, you are our inspiration. She says we have to work, we get duty with this uniform. Inspector says yes, city sleeps with peace knowing police is awake for their safety. She gets alarm recording. Sooraj asks her to take medicines for her baby and her. The staff smiles. She thinks Sooraj is not with me, but his voice always makes me feel your presence.

Sooraj recalls the incident and cries. He sees Sandhya on news channel, asking citizens not to worry and call police for help, its SSP Sandhya’s promise to them.

Its morning, Vikram tells Bhabho and Babasa that I spoke to Om, he is getting Sooraj home. Bhabho says ask Meenakshi to cook breakfast. Sandhya comes home from duty. Bhabho says you worked 24 hours, go and freshen up. They wait for Sooraj. Bhabho asks Sandhya to have food. Sandhya says I don’t want to have food, I want to eat Jalebis made by Sooraj. Bhabho says Sooraj is coming home with Om, have hot milk till then. Sandhya says no, I will eat just Jalebis. Sandhya says you are adamant like a kid, I can’t cook like Sooraj, when he comes, ask him to make jalebis, power went here. Vikram says I m finding electrician number, Sooraj used to note all numbers, I think power will come when Sooraj comes home.

Maasa comes there and hears them. Maasa tries to tell Bhabho and Sandhya. Ved and Golu come and argue. Ved says he will show cricket kit once Sooraj comes. Maasa gets Om’s call and tells them that everyone is waiting for Sooraj here. Om asks her to tell them the truth, they are leaving now. She says I m trying to say, I did not get a chance. He says don’t hide anything, it won’t be good if they get shock. Sandhya asks Ved to show the kit. Maasa says Sandhya is strong among all of them, I will tell her. She goes to Sandhya and says I have to talk something.

Sandhya says I will open shop shutter. Maasa asks her to listen. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Sooraj. Bhabho, Babasa and everyone also get shocked. Sandhya cries.

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