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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th October 2015 Written Update

Narayani telling Sandhya that Garjana men are finding her. Sandhya requests her to save Sooraj. She says you are a Ved, please save him. Narayani asks how did you think I will help a police officer. Sandhya says Sooraj came here to save me and got shot to save my life. She cries and says he got shot when the bullet was for me. Narayani asks her to stop it. She says Garjana’s enemy is my enemy too, how could you think this, I can’t forget you have cheated us. Sandhya says you are mistaken, I did not come to cheat you, we have come to do our duty towards our country, innocent people are getting sacrificed who do their duty, whats my husband’s mistake in this, he is innocent, he is not a police officer.

Bhabho prays at home. Sandhya asks Narayani will she let Sooraj die. Narayani says I won’t hear any story. Sandhya says your hatred towards police officers show your love is still alive for that police officer, you have killed him but could not kill your love, save my love. Narayani says I could have killed you now if I had any weapon. Sandhya asks her to take the gun and shoot her. She says if you get any prize from Garjana after proving your loyalty, then kill me, if you don’t have love in your heart for your husband. She says I will die with my husband, kill me. Sooraj looks on and says Sandhya…………. Narayani cries and holds the gun. Someone knocks and she stops.

Emily asks Meenakshi to stop Bhabho from the Tapasya. Meenakshi says she will not stop till she gets any sign from Lord, now Lord has to do some miracle. Narayani opens the door. The man tells her that Sandhya and Sooraj are hiding here, Shekhar gave shoot at sight order, did you see them. Narayani hides them and says I did not see them, if I see them, I will kick them out. Sandhya smiles. Narayani asks Sandhya to make Sooraj lie, poison has spread and she has to remove bullet soon. Sandhya thanks her. Narayani says that murder was big guilt on my heart, I m tired bearing it, maybe after helping you, I can lighten my guilt. She goes to get few items to remove bullet.

Bhabho gets tired and bends down doing her Tapasya. Narayani removes the bullet from Sooraj’s arm. Bhabho and family prays. Narayani ties cloth to his wound. Bhabho gets dizzy. Narayani removes the second bullet from Sooraj’s chest. Narayani says his life is out of danger now. A flower falls and Babasa sees it. He says Lord has given the sign and everyone see the flower. He says Sooraj is fine. Emily asks Bhabho not to worry, Sooraj will come home fine. Meenakshi says yes, Bhabho’s prayers are answered. Bhabho cries and thanks Lord.

Sandhya thanks Narayani and says you did big favor on me by saving Sooraj. Narayani says you did favor on me, by making me rid of my guilt, I felt my crime was something that I m be proud of, I was wrong, I understood love is most imp, I will pray your pairing is always intact like this.

Sooraj says Sooraj and Sandhya are like diya aur baati, we have to do our duty towards our country, I will come with you. Sooraj and Sandhya come to the lab and see the missile missing. She asks how did this happen, it means Shekhar and commander have taken it, just one hour remains now. Shekhar and Garjana men take the missile in a big carrier truck. Shekhar says just one hour left for the missile launch, no one can stop it now, everything will be Swaaha.

The commander talks to Shekhar. Shekhar suggests Sandhya tried really hard, but now mission mahabali is around, the region is going to be ruined, the missile will start immediately after one hour. Sooraj suggests I m regretting we got late due to me, Shekhar and commander took missile. She claims We have now to halt this missile. He says We now have just 55mins now, we don’t know the place they went. She states we have to find them, set alarm inside your look at to alert us each and every 5mins. He sets alarm and suggests 10 alarms are established. She claims We’ve to halt the missile. Shekhar and Commander join hands. Sandhya and Sooraj observe Shekhar inside of a jeep. Shekhar says this Sandhya Rathi…. Jai hanuman…………..plays…………

Sandhya and Sooraj are in the jeep. Garjana men fireplace at them. The jeep blasts. Sandhya is noticed in helicopter even though Sooraj shouts viewing her.

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