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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th November 2015 Written Update

Mohit seeing the family members busy in helping Vikram at his shop. He says its good chance to do his work. Vikram, Sandhya and Misri show the sarees to customers. Vikram says Sooraj makes A1 jalebis and sells sarees well. Two girls come and one of them says I run an NGO. Vikram says great, but you drive slowly. She says no, I mean I work for social welfare, your shop is big, will you give donation to our NGO. Vikram says donation… Sooraj looks on. Mohit goes to Sandhya’s room to steal money.

Vikram says we don’t know this donation work. Pari says we should give donation to do good work. Vikram says we are doing good work by selling sarees. Pari insists. Vikram says his shop is small and profit is less. The girl says your heart should be big, see your daughter has such good values and big heart. Vikram says fine, I will give donation. Everyone look on. Vikram gives money for someone’s good. The girls thank him and leave. Vikram says when Meenakshi knows this, she will not leave me.

Mohit gets the cupboard keys. The lady compliments Sooraj and the saree. Sandhya look on and makes excuse to send Sooraj away. She asks Sooraj to get her phone from the room, she will show saree. He asks now? Sandhya says yes. He goes. Sandhya says he is my husband, he is very sweet. Mohit gets the cash from cupboard and turns. He gets shocked seeing Sooraj. Mohit says you are great, you will understand me, I m helpless. Sooraj asks is he not ashamed to steal money from family. Bhabho and Babasa have kept this money for Lalima, how can you cheat family. Mohit asks what family, they all just think for you, not me. Sooraj says we are lucky to have such parents and family, you want money, I m there, I will arrange, if Bhabho knows her son has stolen money, she will break down. Mohit cries. Sooraj says he will solve his problems, being his elder brother. He asks for 10 days time, he will arrange 50000rs, promise me you won’t do anything that will hurt Bhabho and Babasa. Mohit leaves that money and leaves.

Sandhya notes what things to pack for Bhabho and Babasa. Sooraj comes to her. She says she is glad seeing Bhabho and Babasa happy. He says I knew this would happen. She says its Diwali tomorrow, I m going to do something special. He asks will she take challenge to manage home again. She laughs and says no, I will manage Lalima. He asks what. She says there is something in her heart which I will bring out tomorrow, diwali will shine her happiness.

Its morning, kids make rangoli. Lalima says she will help them. Pari and Emily ask her so sit. Meenakshi tells Vikram that she can’t wear matching things because of her. He asks her to stop it. Lalima offers to help Vikram and Meenakshi. Vikram says we don’t need help. You can help Bhabho. Lalima goes to Bhabho. Bhabho asks the men to decorate home well. Babasa asks how many people are coming today. Lalima says she will make tea for Babasa. Babasa says you need rest, I will have tea made by Bhabho.

Lalima goes to help Sooraj. He asks her to rest. Bhabho gives the saree to Lalima, and says I got this for you, wear it for Laxmi pujan. Sandhya asks Lalima to wear this jewelry and get ready well. Lalima says yes, but why. Sandhya asks Sooraj to help her in packing sweet boxes. Bhabho signs them and goes. Emily gives nail paint and asks Lalima to apply it. Lokesh comes and smiles seeing Lalima. Lalima asks him, and he also goes making excuse. Lalima thinks whats happening, what is there in evening.

Bhabho thinks Lalima gave numerous checks for me, and wishes finest for her. Lalima leaves. Sandhya will get Prepared. Sooraj delivers a beautiful Kamarbandh and says That is my really like that has bound you. He will make her put on it and hugs her. She states I really need to go. He stops her and asks for a single min from her precious time. He displays the album, which Sandhya has shown him prior to leaving for her mission. He claims he would like to present her something and remind her. She smiles observing the pics. He claims from this diwali, new Reminiscences will add inside our relation, which our children as well as their kids will see, they can try to remember Sooraj and Sandhya’s really like Tale is true and eternal. She cries Fortunately. Diya aur baati………..performs……….. she hugs him.

Every person have a chat. Sandhya states Lalima has appear. She compliments Lalima and asks her to use black dot. Bhabho says Certainly, she appears to be like lovely. She asks Sandhya to return and get puja products. Sandhya says Of course, arrive. Bhabho asks Sooraj to come. Meenakshi compliments Lalima and asks her to carry out some perform. Lalima states I was expressing I would like to operate. Meenakshi asks her to get diyas and lightweight the house very well. Lalima thinks wh y are they jogging away because early morning. She spots the diyas. She will get shocked viewing somebody.

Mohit comes to Lalima’s shop and remembers the slap. He states any reduction at diwali time is inauspicious. Lalima needs to shell out the cost for this slap. He places kerosene and burns the shop.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that maybe puja diya has caused the fire. Sooraj says no, Mohit has done this intentionally. He slaps Mohit. Bhabho and Babasa get shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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