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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling Puru and commissioner that he spoke to Sandhya, and she said few things. He says she is weak and could not talk more. Commissioner asks what did she say, tell us. Sooraj says Sandhya thanked Puru for saving her, and said she does not want his security and commandos, she does not need him, she said all Pushkar residents are like her family, and she does not need any protection. Puru says if she got saved once, it does not mean she will be saved again, don’t worry, we are here with you to protect her.

Sooraj brings Sandhya back to Hanuman Gali. She says everyone will be worried at home, don’t tell them about my kidnapping. He says don’t worry, I m worried about your statement given to media, what will Bhabho go through. She says I got peace now, I m not scared. They go home. Sandhya holds Bhabho’s hand. She asks are you annoyed Bhabho, talk to me. Vikram asks why did you do this, why did you say you did mistake, did you not know result, people are taunting us, none is coming to my shop, the city and country will spoil our family name, see Bhabho, tell me what is Bhabho thinking, I will say, Bhabho is thinking did she make you IPS for this day by changing all rules and traditions, I know you worked hard, but not just you, we all worked hard to fulfill your dream, we all made sacrifice, your one mistake ruined our Tapasya/efforts, what changed by your truth, did Arzoo get fine, she is in hospital, we have to face humiliation now.

Sandhya says I m ready to answer your every question, I know you all sacrificed and supported me to become IPS officer, you all have stood with me always, that’s why I had courage to say truth, I did not get this truth out because I was guilty, but because the pain which Bhabho is hiding in her heart since long years, I don’t want to give that pain to Arzoo and Resham, I did not wish they go through same pain. Bhabho cries and looks on.

Emily recalls Maasa’s lie and thinks why did Maasa lie. Pari teaches Sparsh. Emily feeds food to Sparsh. Maasa looks on and asks Emily to give tiffin at Om’s clinic, he left in anger, he would not be able to work well. She asks are you still annoyed, Sparsh and Chandni don’t have habit to stay in hot environment, so I asked Om to repair generator, I know you are feeling bad that I lied to you. Emily says its fine, forget it, I will go and come. She leaves.

Sandhya says Bhabho has hidden her pain since many years, Sooraj and I know that truth, you lost your brother at border in childhood. Bhabho recalls it and cries. Sandhya says mistake was of some mad man, not of entire Pakistan, but your heart is still bitter for Pakistan, I don’t want any Pakistani to have this bitterness and hatred for our country. She cries and says you were in pain, how would I give this pain to someone else, country’s respect is more than my own respect, how would I ruin that. Bhabho wipes tears and turns to go. Sandhya stops her. She says I did a crime, am I culprit for you? Whatever world thinks about me, I don’t care about it, what Bhabho thinks about me matters to me, am I culprit in your eyes? Bhabho looks on.

Sandhya hugs Bhabho and cries. Bhabho says you are not guilty. you didn’t do any mistake. Sometimes circumstances forces a person. She says I don’t have any complains with you. Don’t worry.

The man comes and says there is Fir against Sandhya, she has come soon and meet investigation team for inquiry against her. Everyone look on. Sandhya says I will be present there.

Sandhya faces investigation team. They ask about her statement in media, was it by her wish or any pressure. She says its true and without any pressure. The man says it means you have shot Arzoo intentionally. She says no, there was no bad intention to shoot Arzoo, I received information and I have interpret it wrong, I was mistaken by situation that Arzoo is from that terror group. The man says you believe you reacted angrily and did not use sense. Another man says we have powers, we can’t shoot by just having doubt, if you had doubt on Arzoo, you would have told seniors, you did not inform seniors and did everything on your own.

The man says if Arzoo is proved innocent and anything happens to her, you may be facing severe punishment. Nurse says Arzoo’s heartbeat stopped. Sooraj and Sandhya look on.

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