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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing a man. She recalls gul and thinks even Gul’s forehead has similar mark. She goes and checks that man. The man asks what happened, did I do any mistake. Gul looks on. Sandhya says nothing, how much time will this take. The man says half an hour. She says fine and thinks she felt he was Gul. Babasa is unwell and Bhabho gives him kada. Meenakshi says Babasa is eating spicy food a lot. Babasa says let me do what I want, its short life. Meenakshi thinks she understands what Babasa means. She tells Babasa that Bhabho loves him a lot, she is his cure. Babasa says stop it, she gives me pain. Bhabho asks him to drink kada. Meenakshi worries. Bhabho says there is satsang daily till holi, I will just attend satsang and come.

Babasa smiles seeing the mobile. Meenakshi thinks he is messaging Poonam after Bhabho left, this is wrong, I have to think something for Bhabho. She stops Bhabho and says Babasa is unwell, you need to take care of him. Babasa asks Bhabho to go, why to leave satsang for him, he will get fine. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to take Babasa in satsang, he will get fine. Babasa says no, I don’t have to do anything with satsang. Bhabho argues with him and says I will go alone. She goes. Babasa sings song and goes. Meenakshi thinks what is Babasa doing, Vikram asked me not to tell Bhabho, how to tell Bhabho that Babasa has gone out of limits, how to control him.

Sandhya recalls Gul’s words. Arzoo makes food and tea. Someone knocks at the door. Arzoo looks through the window and smiles. She signs and goes to open the door. She says you came, I was waiting for you. Bhabho comes to meet Arzoo. Bhabho asks Arzoo to shut the door. Arzoo asks did anyone se you coming here, and hugs her. Bhabho says no, I said I m going for satsang, do you have any problem here, room is small, but what to do, I got this one. Arzoo says you did a lot for me, you kept me here by hiding me from Sandhya and everyone, I should thank you, I made ginger tea for you. She gives tea to Bhabho.

Arzoo thanks Bhabho and says you are like my mother, you agreed to me and permitted for my stay here. Bhabho says you cried to stay with us, any other bride would have cried to go to her Maayka. FB shows Arzoo crying and telling Bhabho that she does not want to go, Sandhya would have told Maasa, why did she do this, what problem she has, I thought to celebrate first holi with you all, I would get a chance to get close to family, don’t I have a right to celebrate festival, I wish there was some way. Bhabho wipes her tears and says you will celebrate first holi with Chotu and us. Arzoo asks how, what about Sandhya and Maasa. Bhabho says it will be between us, Sandhya will not know this. FB ends.

Arzoo says I m eager to celebrate holi. They have tea. Someone knocks door and Bhabho looks at Arzoo. Bhabho says who can it be at this time. Arzoo opens the door and its Gul. Arzoo says you….. and he nods to her. She says wait, I will just come. Bhabho thinks who is this man. Arzoo gives tiffin to Gul. They sign each other and he goes. Arzoo shuts the door. Bhabho asks who was that man and why did you give him in that tiffin. Arzoo says a program is happening closeby, he works here with others, I get bored here and give food to them to help. Bhabho says you like helping others. Arzoo says if I was at home, I would have made food for everyone. Bhabho asks her to pack the tiffin. Arzoo says sure, make Chotu eat it too, and tell me tomorrow whether everyone liked the food.

The workers are checked. Sandhya is still there. Gul asks whats all this, why so much checking. Constable says big program is happening here, so checking is compulsory. Gul is checked and looks at Sandhya. He takes the tiffin and asks can I go now. Constable says wait, this tiffin will also be checked. Gul asks what, its food, I got this for the workers here, they work all day, they will get energy by homemade food. Sandhya says its for safety, you said there should be obedience of rules here, it will be good if you obey rules. She checks the tiffin. Gul recalls Arzoo giving him the tiffin. Sandhya looks at him.

Gul washes his face and says I have come SP Sandhya Rathi, in your country. Sandhya walks in there. He says we will celebrate blood holi with you.

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