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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maasa saying Sandhya could not answer any question right and Sooraj had to eat many chillies. Sandhya asks for one more chance. Sooraj says no, my stomach is burning. He runs to have water. Sandhya says I m annoyed with you. He says you are annoyed, I had to eat chillies. She says you should have messaged me. He asks cheating would be fine. She says this is not cheating, everything is fair in love and war. Meenakshi asks Vikram who is that heroine whose pic you kept in wallet. He says don’t worry, there are still two rounds. She says Sandhya and Bhabho lost, and Emily is leading now, I think Emily will win over me.

Maasa says now we will start second phase of competition. Ved asks Maasa where did the award go. Maasa says I kept it there, where did it go. Meenakshi says its stolen. Sandhya says it will be at home, where will it go. Maasa says someone has stolen it. Sandhya says its not gold or silver, and we are family, who will do this. Meenakshi says I did not do this Maasa, I swear on Vikram. Sandhya says don’t worry, we will get it. Vikram asks Meenakshi not to do anything, tell me where did you hide it. She says I know if there is robbery anywhere, my name will come, I did not steal the trophy. He says then who has hidden it.

Maasa says who has done this. She looks at everyone. Arzoo says Emily and I are winning, we don’t need to steal it. Maasa asks Sandhya what does she think, who has stolen it. Sandhya says they all are family, leave about trophy. Maasa says I think its a woman and have courage to do this infront of me, I m giving this responsibility to Sandhya. Get the thief infront of me, I want to see who is it. Sandhya says calm down, I will find out. Maasa says I will stand here and not get peace till you get the thief. Sandhya says I will check and come, don’t worry. She goes.

Sooraj goes to Sandhya and says you have hidden that trophy right. Sandhya says what are you saying, why will I steal that trophy. He says this is just best wife competition, in my eyes, just you are best wife of the world, and will always be. She asks really. He says yes. She shows the trophy and asks how did you know I have this trophy. He says its 12 years, who else will know, I read everything on your face. Meenakshi sees the trophy and shouts to everyone to see trophy.Maasa, Bhabho and Meenakshi see Sandhya with the trophy. Meenakshi says Sandhya is the thief.

Bhabho asks Sandhya why did she not do this. Sandhya says I m best wife, even if I did not give answer, I don’t know answers well, but Sooraj told me I m best wife, right Sooraj ji. He gets speechless. Sandhya says this is my trophy, it should be with me, how did I become thief. Maasa says come with me and takes her. Meenakshi shouts that Sandhya has stolen the trophy. Family can’t believe it. Maasa asks everyone to come and says according to competition, one wife can get this trophy, but I feel all the wives are best, so this trophy, I give it to all of you. Everyone clap.

Babasa says all bahus of Rathi family are best bahus. Maasa tells the men you know why I gave them to your wives, because their wives control them. She praises all her bahus. She says Emily showed that she got linked to Om in few days. Meenakshi says all this don’t go well with Sooraj, he is still the same halwai, and Sandhya became IPS officer. Maasa praises Sooraj and says Sandhya is very lucky to get a husband like Sooraj, who has covered all her weaknesses with his love, he did not think his wife to be a cook, but gave her equal right. Sandhya smiles. Maasa says so every bahu is best wife, such house is not less then heaven, I want to give you a good news, Om is transferred to Pushkar hospital, we got a house in Hanuman gali, so we will stay here. They all get glad. Maasa tells Bhabho that she got chance to keep an eye on her, now Bhabho can trouble Babasa. They smile.

Arzoo and Chotu have a talk. He tells her the benefits to staying alone, she can meet her superstar too. She is upset and says I don’t want to meet Salman, I don’t have any greed. She cries and says I don’t want anything else, except you. He holds her close and kisses her on her cheek.

Om tells Emily that there are many things to say, don’t know how to start, you can ask me anything, I don’t want anything to be hidden between us, I will answer truly, just speak out whats in your heart. She asks shall we go our home. He nods.

Sandhya recalls Maasa’s words and tells Sooraj that you did a lot for me till now, you had shown me this way and supported me always, but I did not get chance to do anything for you. He holds her hand and says I was so incomplete when you came in my life, you gave me happiness, I can’t forget those memories till I die, you gave me two sons, I m waiting for the little baby to play in my lap. She says when best husband is talked about, your name is taken first, but I could not become best wife. He says so you are thinking this, you are world’s best wife. She says I have to see myself, tell me what to do that you are proud that I m your wife, he says nothing, if you want, you can do one thing, take rest now. He kisses her and asks her to sleep. She smiles. Diya aur baati……………plays…………

Sooraj saves Bhabho and Arzoo in the city riots. He gets hurt as huge shopboard falls over him.

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