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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya delivering the child. Bhabho comes out of the shop, with the baby in her arms. Sooraj looks at his daughter and cries. Bhabho hands over the baby to Sooraj and says she is our Kul Deepak, who has made everything fine in our house, she is very auspicious for her parents, she made her father fine before she came in the world. The neighbors agree that girl is very lucky, Sooraj stood on his feet with his daughter’s birth. Everyone smile. Sooraj takes his daughter and smiles.

Doctor checks Sandhya and baby. She asks Bhabho and Sooraj to come and talk. She asks who did such delivery. Bhabho says I have done that, it was in hurry, did anything go wrong. Doctor says no, you took right step, mother and child are fine, take care of them, if there is any problem, you can get them to me. She leaves. Bhabho takes the girl and says she is shadow of both Sooraj and Sandhya. Meenakshi says she made you do left and right, she will trouble you. Bhabho says even Sandhya troubled me, this is my granddaughter, whom will she trouble then, I allow her to do anything, because my biggest problem went away with her coming, my Sooraj got fine, her steps are very lucky for our family.

Sandhya says Sooraj ji we got two happiness, you got a daughter and you got completely fine. He says yes, our daughter is lucky, I will make jalebis for you and our daughter. She asks how do you know baby will like jalebis, if she does not like it. He says how can this happen, when you cooked jalebis all the while in your pregnancy, I m famous halwai, and if my daughter does not like jalebis, this can’t happen. She smiles. He says I want to thank you, this gift is fulfillment of a promise, you came in my life as a hope, its my good luck and matter of pride, promise me that you will stay with me in every birth. She smiles. Diya aur baati…..plays………..

Meenakshi says you both are Laila majnu of modern times. Bhabho asks Sandhya to take the baby, I had taken her to get Lord’s blessings. Sandhya says she looks so innocent, Meenakshi said right. Sooraj says daughter’s happiness is great. Ved comes to play with the baby. Bhabho asks him not to touch the baby, you can’t take him in your lap. Ved gets sad. Bhabho and Meenakshi leave. Sooraj asks Ved do you want to take your sister in lap, will you sit sad. Sandhya says she is very little, Ved can’t manage. Sooraj says Ved is his brother, who else will take care of her. He gives baby to Ved. Sandhya asks Ved to be careful. Ved smiles. Sooraj says this is not just your sister, I m giving you a responsibility, always be there for her and don’t let tears come in her eyes. Ved promises and plays with baby. They smile.

Bhabho, Sandhya, Arzoo and baby come to temple to get blessings. A mad man snatches the fruit baskets. Arzoo argues. Bhabho says he is mad, don’t argue with him, come. They go inside temple and sit praying. Pandit asks Sandhya to pray for baby, so that no bad sight catches the baby. Bhabho asks Arzoo to take baby out, its hot here. Sandhya asks Arzoo to be careful. Arzoo goes out and sits on stairs in open air. The mad man comes there and takes the baby from Arzoo. He runs away with the baby girl. Arzoo gets shocked and runs after him. Sandhya and Bhabho sit praying. Arzoo shouts for help. The mad man hides. Arzoo looks for him and runs back to temple. She tells Bhabho and Sandhya that mad man has run away with our girl. Sandhya and Bhabho get shocked. Sandhya asks what are you saying. Pandit says that mad man is very dangerous. Sandhya asks ladies about the mad man. The mad man sharpens the knife. Arzoo says Bhabho, this happened because of me. Sandhya asks the man. The man says I have seen the mad man taking a little girl. They all look for baby and see the cap fallen there. They go ahead and see the mad man with the baby. Sandhya cries. They all get shocked.

Sandhya pushes the mad man. He gets the knife. Sandhya looks at him.

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