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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with people doing arrangements. The man says this time police officers will be felicitated and honored in holi function. Sandhya checks the place and sees someone. A man keeps an eye on her, while working there. Sooraj calls Sooraj and asks him to meet her neat town hall. Its Gul in disguise there. The kids look for Chulbul and ask a man by showing the photo. The man says he has seen him here, and they get glad. Sandhya and Sooraj see the kids. Sooraj asks what are you doing here. Ved says we are finding Chulbul. Sooraj says he is at home. Pari says no, its fake Chulbul at home. They get shocked.

Sandhya asks Pari are you with them. Pari says we lost real Chulbul and got another one. Sooraj says how did this happen, he looks same. Golu says we painted him black. Pari says we did this so that Arzoo does not get sad. Sandhya says see kids are bunking school now. Sooraj says its their mistake. Sandhya says I will see them at home. The kids apologize. Golu sees Chulbul and shows them. Sandhya stops Golu, and asks Sooraj to be with kids. She goes to get Chulbul. Chulbul goes to the same house where Arzoo is staying. Sandhya takes Chulbul and goes. Arzoo calls someone and could not connect. She goes on terrace to get network. Chulbul runs away. Arzoo sees Chulbul and smiles. Chulbul runs back to the same house again.

Arzoo runs downstairs and opens the door. She takes Chulbul and talks to him. She hugs Chulbul. Sandhya looks for Chulbul. Arzoo sees Sandhya and gets worried. She recalls Sandhya’s words. She leaves Chulbul and hides inside the house. Sandhya takes Chulbul and asks why are you coming here again and again. She gives Chulbul to kids and thinks whats in that house. Arzoo calls someone. Sandhya gets Bhabho’s call. Bhabho says Arzoo called, she reached hyd. Sandhya says fine, and informs this to Sooraj. They leave. Arzoo sees Sandhya and says its all fine till now, Sandhya is infront of me, I was getting caught, don’t know how she came here suddenly. Sandhya looks at that house and leaves. Arzoo looks on.

Sooraj tells the kids that they should have not lied and told truth to elders. Bhabho gives him butter milk. He thinks I m teaching truth to kids and what am I doing, first I have to make Arzoo win Bhabho’s heart. He asks Bhabho is she missing Arzoo. Bhabho says yes, I miss her, she would do any mistake and break anything at home. He tells how Arzoo reached border to find Gaumata and tries to know Bhabho’s fear.

Bhabho worries recalling someone’s death and asks Sooraj to forget all that. Sooraj asks what is the matter, that you can’t speak out your pain after hearing about border, I know you don’t want to tell me. He asks her to tell him, as no matter is hidden between them, why this matter then, heart’s burden gets less by sharing it, will you not tell me. She says no, I can’t tell you, don’t ask me, nothing happened. She goes. He thinks what is the matter that Bhabho gets scared hearing about border, how to find out, I have to do something.

Sandhya asks staff to keep an eye on everything, if there is big money transaction then inform me soon, don’t be careless. Gul talks to someone in south Indian accent, as he is in disguise. Sandhya looks on. Gul asks the man to go out and smoke. The man refuses and argues. Sandhya asks whats happening here. Gul tells the problem of smoking. He says its my responsibility to check safety of this place, I m explaining him that fire can catch this place by cigarette. Sandhya announces no one will smoke here, and asks them not to fight. She asks whats your name. Gul says Swami, thanks for your great work. She says its okay and goes. Gul smiles and sees the board smoking is strictly prohibited here…

Gul goes to meet Arzoo and signs her. She gives him a tiffin. Later, Gul is checked by police. Sandhya looks on.

Written Update By Amena


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