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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lokesh declaring a tie. Sandhya gets annoyed with Sooraj and leaves. Bhabho worries. Meenakshi tells Chaturi that this went very far, you will leave tomorrow, Sandhya and Sooraj’s relation can get bad. Chaturi says no, fights just make relation strong, you see they will unite. Meenakshi says I wish so, but will anything wrong happen. Chaturi says they are eternal lovers, we are playing this game to make Sooraj get rid of his guilt, so that love comes again in their lives, everything will be fine. Meenakshi says I m scared. Chaturi says lets bet between your fear and my trust, if you win, I will give what you say. Meenakshi gets glad. Chaturi says if you lose, you have to give what I ask. Meenakshi says I have nothing to give, fine. Chaturi says now my magic will work, I will win and your fear will end.

Its night, Sooraj makes jalebis at his shop. He recalls Sandhya’s words. Sandhya sees her police uniform and recalls Sooraj’s words. They recall each other and think what they said was not true and was meant to hurt each other. They think did they really mean it and get sad.

Bhabho asks Meenakshi did she make envelopes ready. Meenakshi says yes. A man comes and greets them. Bhabho asks who are you. He says I m jeweler, I got new designs for you. Meenakshi says Bhabho is a great mum in law. Bhabho says I did not call him. Babasa comes and says I called him, I want to give special gift to my life. He asks Bhabho to say her choice. Babasa thanks Chaturi for this.

Bhabho sees the jewelry and tries. Babasa signs her and helps her in selection. Bhabho accepts his choice. She asks Meenakshi to call Vikram, and get jewelry too. Meenakshi gets glad and calls Vikram. She asks him to buy earrings for her. He says you already have many. Bhabho asks Chaturi to call Sooraj and Sandhya. Meenakshi says I called Sooraj, he will come, Chaturi get Sandhya.

Bhabho asks Sooraj to come. Sandhya comes and Bhabho asks them to choose jewelry. Sooraj likes maang tika and says this is good. Bhabho asks this one, and shows Sandhya. Sandhya thinks this bracelet will suit Sooraj. She says its good, and smiles. She suggests bracelet for Sooraj and gives them. They pass it to Sooraj. Sandhya thinks Sooraj will wear this bracelet in evening. Emily comes there. Bhabho sees her. Emily smiles and leaves. Bhabho asks the man to show a costly necklace. She goes. Sooraj signs Vikram to come. Vikram asks what are you thinking seeing this. Sooraj says if Sandhya wears maang tika, it will be proved what she said was a joke. Sandhya tells Meenakshi and Chaturi, that if Sooraj wears that bracelet, it will be proved that he did not say that by heart, I will wear this maang tika. Chaturi thinks only if we let you wear it.

Bhabho goes to Emily with some clothes. Emily says you here, you would have called me. Bhabho says this mum wants her daughter to wear this clothes. She shows the clothes and jewelry, and says you will not wear these ordinary clothes from today. Emily accepts it and brings Bhabho inside the room. Emily says even when I don’t get any happiness, I m happy that I got my family’s love, my happiness is by your love and scoldings, I don’t want anything else Bhabho. She speaks her heart out and hugs Bhabho. She recalls Bhabho’s words and they cry.

Bhabho goes to Lalima and says you will never be Parayi after your marriage, and blesses her and Pramod. She says Pramod and his family will love you a lot, don’t forget me and this family. She hugs Lalima and cries. Sandhya comes there and smiles, thinking Bhabho is very happy for Lalima’s marriage, this love should always be same. She sees her maang tika in mirror and smiles.

Babasa tells Bhabho that all guests came, we did all arrangements. Lalima comes there. Everyone smile seeing her. Bhabho says she looks beautiful. Sooraj wants to see whether Sandhya has put the maang tika. Lalima and Pramod sit in mandap. Meenakshi and Vikram sign each other and stop Sooraj from seeing Sandhya. Meenakshi signs Chaturi to remove Sandhya’s maang tika. Chaturi asks Sandhya to come, and takes her. Chaturi says there is something in your hair and removes the maang tika. Vikram tells Sooraj to see, Sandhya did not wear the maang tika. He makes Sooraj busy. Chaturi asks Sandhya to see, Sooraj did not wear her gift. Sandhya thinks Sooraj never did this before, it means he is annoyed and what all he said yesterday was true. He thinks Sandhya did not wear maang tika, did she tell that by her heart.

Sandhya says maybe Sooraj forgot. Chaturi asks why, you gave it by love. Sandhya says I will meet guests and leaves. Meenakshi gives money to some man and asks him to do the work. Chaturi says its big work, and gives him 1000rs to do work well. Meenakshi says it was little work. Chaturi says I paid from your purse. Meenakshi shouts Chaturi. Someone stops that man and takes the money from him. He says I will do this work now, don’t worry, take this money, I have settle old scores with Sooraj and Sandhya. Sandhya asks Sooraj why is he making issue. He says its thing to be understood. That guy sees Sandhya’s name plate and enters Rathi house. Sandhya looks at him.

Sandhya tells life that she is happy and living life well, she kept all relations, now hold my hand more tight, as I have started walking on a new journey.

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