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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

This Event commences with Sandhya looking for Manjari. Your lover states where by did your woman get, in the event he or she actually reaches Garjana, every little thing are going to be above, Used to do not necessarily know about Garjana’s approach, I’ve got to give details to Bharat. Your lover recognizes Garjana associates presently there. Your lover considers Manjari offers informed her reality as well as receives tensed. They get the girl stating commander is calling the girl, as well as move the girl to Shekhar as well as commander. Your lover receives tensed seeing these searching upset as well as looking at the girl. This commander questions where by is Manjari.

With Rathi residence, the man questions Lalima the reason why your woman promoting a new crazy man, while Meenakshi offers recognized this. Lalima defends Sooraj as well as questions these to tell in the event Sooraj offers damage anybody until finally today. Your lover states Sooraj seriously isn’t crazy, he is with trauma to reduce a family member. Your lover questions Meenakshi to express did Sooraj harm the girl or perhaps call up your family associates by simply drastically wrong name. The person states we requires Sooraj to medical professional as well as complete his test out to have the reality out there, plainly l drastically wrong, I am going to apologize, plainly l suitable, we need to mail Sooraj to psychological medical center pertaining to society’s wellbeing. Meenakshi blames Lalima for carrying Sooraj out there.

Bhabho problems. The person states the reality is Sooraj is crazy. Lalima states it is lie, I am aware he is very good. They ask the girl to get test out performed. Meenakshi states Sooraj’s medical professional went out associated with metropolis. Your lover informs Bhabho that will Lalima cornered these, now I’ve got managed the matter Sooraj. The person states very good, we may wait for 3 days. They opt to wait and acquire test out performed, with very same conditions. Each will leave. Meenakshi scolds Lalima. Your lover questions what is going to take place with 3 days, will you help to make Sooraj very good, are you experiencing bravery to generate the particular assessments suitable, would you quit Sooraj through going to psychological medical center. Lalima states of course, I am going to conserve Sooraj instead of let them head over to psychological medical center, I’ve got 3 days, I am going to help to make them very good. Meenakshi states Lalima went crazy, who will conserve Sooraj today. Bhabho seems to be with.

Shekhar questions where by is Manjari. Sandhya states My partner and i don’t learn. This commander receives his gun as well as questions the girl just how did Manjari flee, if they equally travelled collectively, there’s no-one to be unfaithful Garjana, tell the reality, where by did an individual leave Manjari. Sandhya recognizes the particular loot bag presently there as well as considers Manjari offers arrived at here, as well as Shekhar as well as commander learn my reality, so that they tend to be upset. Your lover recalls the girl promise pertaining to authorities duty, family, as well as Bharat’s words and phrases. This individual contains the particular gun disguised . in the girl returning as well as meows.

Your lover puts a stop to seeing Narayani calling out there Shekhar. Narayani states Manjari’s body received paralysis, since your woman fell into through the cliff, the girl returning is a lot damage, your woman can’t talk today. Sandhya considers Manjari arrived at here, and may even not necessarily tell concerning everyone. Your lover commences crying and moping as well as indicates the girl get worried. Your lover states Manjari Maa as well as questions Shekhar just how did this take place. Your lover states she gets nobody different as compared to Manjari Maa, as well as questions these to conserve Manjari. Shekhar questions the girl to settle down, all of them are nervous also, Manjari offers chronic wounds, just as if your woman conducted with someone, probably Garjana opposing forces. Sandhya states I am going to not necessarily leave that person. Shekhar states we will likely not necessarily leave that person, consequently we called you to ask, Manjari was with you suitable.

Sandhya states of course, protection safeguard was soon after everyone, My partner and i afforded loot bag to the girl as well as Manjari remaining on your own, My partner and i was chance yet I got preserved, My partner and i arrived here by simply problems. Shekhar states Manjari was wanting to inform us anything, it is imp. Your lover states help to make everyone meet Manjari, My partner and i don’t include anybody else, please. Shekhar questions the particular males to get Manjari. They take Manjari lying about the mattress. Sandhya seems to be with.

Bhabho pacifies Ved as well as states almost nothing may happen to Sooraj. Meenakshi questions the reason why your woman providing fake wish to Ved, precisely what magic may happen today. Vikram states don’t meow Ved, I am going to not necessarily let anybody get Sooraj, how do they get Sooraj while his a pair of siblings tend to be here. Meenakshi scolds Lalima. Lokesh occurs as well as questions Meenakshi in your thoughts the girl tongue. This individual defends Meenakshi as well as your woman argues. Your lover questions them to ask Lalima the reason did your woman get Sooraj out there, she’s grounds for Bhabho, Babasa as well as Ved’s holes. Lokesh questions Lalima into the future alongside, no need to be here using them since they can’t comprehend the girl health benefits.

Sandhya meows seeing Manjari as well as questions who may have performed this, tell everyone the particular name I am going to not necessarily leave them. Manjari recalls fighting with Sandhya as well as receives upset. Manjari considers your woman can’t let Sandhya have great results as well as take the girl reality, yet she gets to get very good. Sandhya considers I am aware Manjari wishes to tell my reality. But Manjari’s wish won’t come true since your woman won’t be in existence.

Sandhya informs Shekhar that will she gets love with Devi Maa as well as asks for them to allow for the girl for taking Manjari to forehead to complete Mrityunjay jaap, she’ll test the girl best to find joys as well as help to make Manjari very good. Shekhar states very good, it is possible to get the girl to forehead, yet we can’t get almost any threat, consequently Garjana
‘s affiliate marketer are going to be all-around forehead to ensure that almost nothing drastically wrong comes about with Manjari. Sandhya considers to destroy manjari, yet 1st she gets to share with Bharat.

Bharat does the puja and asks something in the water. Shekhar asks Sagarika to stop and asks pandit to drink the water. Bharat drinks the water. Sandhya gets shocked.

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