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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

Bhabho asking Sandhya to prepare lunch for everyone. She says she will go for shopping. Sooraj thinks why did Govind not come till now to invite us for lunch. Bhabho asks her to prepare solid curd tied in cloth. Sandhya thinks she don’t know how to do this. Babasa wants to say, but Bhabho stops him. Meenakshi asks Babasa not to act clever. Bhabho says Meenakshi is my spy, she will keep an eye on Sandhya and Babasa. He says I was just going to get water. Bhabho says Sandhya will lose if anyone helps. Sandhya thinks how to tie curd. Babasa thinks how to help Sandhya, she does not know to tie curd.

He tries to sign Sandhya. Meenakshi says much yoga happening today. Babasa thinks to help Sandhya by any way. Sandhya tries to ask Babasa, He shows her the cloth. Sandhya says cloth. Meenakshi turns to see, and Babasa turns. Babasa shows Sandhya to tie curd in the cloth and drain the water. Meenakshi sees Sandhya doing same as Babasa is signing. Sandhya could not do it properly. He holds his head. He acts like doing neck exercise and screams. Sandhya and Meenakshi come to him. He thinks to send Sandhya to Lalima. She brings the ointment. He says La La La Ma… Meenakshi says people say Aa Aah in pain, why are you doing La La, tell me. Babasa signs Sandhya. Sandhya thinks yes, Lalima can help me, Bhabho said family can’t help me, Lalima can help me.

Mohit comes to Lalima’s sweet shop and lowers the shutter. He calls her clever, and taunts her for changing her colors, but he knows her truth, if Rathi Family knows this, they will not see her face. He says he has the video even now, and blackmails her asking for money. Sandhya talks to a lady in the lane. Mohit says its Diwali, you know the expenses, just 50000rs. Lalima slaps Mohit. She says she has just this for such cheap man, she can’t believe he is Sooraj’s brother. Ved stops Sandhya and asks where is she going. Sandhya goes to Lalima’s shop, and till then Mohit is gone. Mohit thinks Lalima has to pay big price for this slap. Sandhya asks Lalima to help her and asks how to keep curd tied to make Shrikhand.

Lalima smiles and asks her to see carefully. She brings the curd and cloth. Sandhya attends the call and takes order. She notes the address. She tells Lalima about order and packs the things, till Lalima helps her. Lalima asks what is she going, jalebi is weighed to give, not counted. Sandhya says sorry, I get confused, I used to do like this at Sooraj’s shop too. Lalima laughs and says even someone else used to get confused like this. Sandhya asks who. Lalima says P… and stops. Sandhya thinks whose name was Lalima taking. Lalima shows the curd tied in cloth and curd milk drained. Sandhya thanks her and leaves. Lalima smiles. Emily taunts Mohit. Sooraj thinks how is Sandhya managing alone at home. Bhabho shows puja plates. Mohit sees her face in plate and recalls Lalima’s slap. Sooraj asks shall I go if shopping is over.

Bhabho knows he wants to help Sandhya and sends him to get candles. Mohit thinks Lalima will regret a lot for what I m going to do now. Sandhya sweeps the floor and says Bhabho will praise me, I have done everything, I managed all works before 4pm, I will go and dry clothes. The kids come home laughing and ask for food. Sandhya says she will just come. She thinks to make popcorn. Babasa asks Meenakshi to do situps. Pari drops the Kancha/shooting stones. Meenakshi and Sandhya fall, and all the popcorn fall over the kitchen floor. Babasa says just 10mins for Bhabho to come. Babasa sees the popcorns falling over him. Sandhya and Meenakshi are unable to get up. Babasa goes to manage kitchen. Sooraj comes home and gets shocked seeing this scene.

Sooraj aids Sandhya and asks them to scrub the mess, Bhabho will get to whenever. Meenakshi states I’ll say what kids did and everybody helps Sandhya. Babasa tells Meenakshi that if she tells their magic formula, they can say her magic formula of having chaat leaving perform at home. She agrees to be tranquil. Anyone get the job done in Specific method and cleanse your home. Sandhya hides every one of the messy factors in the cabinet and shuts it. Bhabho and Emily arrive house and have great shock seeing the house really correct.

All people sit carrying out their get the job done. The kids analyze. Meenakshi attempts to say Bhabho. Babasa controls her. Sandhya asks Bhabho to find out, she did all the perform, she cleaned every thing, she has washed outfits and built machine thoroughly clean, its vacant. She states she has lit diya for evening, Young ones are finding out, even Babasa received his tea. She says she was generating baati for your Diwali diyas. Bhabho sees the cupboard. Meenakshi receives happy. Sooraj signals Sandhya. Bhabho opens the cabinet and everything fall in excess of her. They all get tensed.

Mohit thinks Lalima will regret, she has to pay price for this slap. He burns the sweet shop. Everyone come there and look on shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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